76 How to Make Affirmations Work for YOU - Faster EFT

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So, whatever you affirm...
with consistency...
OK? Now, how do you affirm?
Now, most people think affirmations are what? What are affirmations?
They're words, right?
And so, in order to affirm something, you got to say something over and over again
and hopefully becomes true. Isn't that true? That's basically what we taught.
OK. But guys, affirmations are not just words.
Most people think you got to say something over and over again.
And maybe it'll turn out because you're saying this.
But the real deal is, affirmations are what you do within you.
You know, most people will say, well...
you know, like the Bible understanding, you know, God create the world
the world with this word. And with this word, he created everything.
Of course, they use this word "logos"
which basically means "creative forse".
Now, I want to help you understand something.
It wasn't the words that created it.
But it was the energy before the words ever occur.
It's what you do within you.
For example, if you're sitting here and then you decide you wanna say something,
it's not the words that you said that make it true or not true,
but it was what you generated before the words ever came into your thoughts.
It's the pictures in your mind.
So, if inside your mind, you look at yourself
and you say, "Man, you're just so fat and ugly!".
But inside your mind, you have this picture and every time you see this picture,
and you feel the emotions, that's an affirmation!
Because what are you doing? You're affirming!
Over and over again, with a picture in your mind.
Or, you're affirming over and over again with an emotion!
That's an affirmation too!
Does that make sense?
So, whatever you affirm inside you, it doesn't have to be a word.
It could be a thought.
It could be a certain sound that you say to yourself.
It could be a certain emotion in your body.
If throughout your day, every time you drive to work and while you're driving to work
and you're feeling inside you the dread...
of going to work.
You are affirming what?
You're practising what?
That dread! And guess what you get more of when you practise it?
So, inside you, you imagine, you create and you manifest and produce.
What you do inside your mind is the pictures.
It's the feeling. And yes, of course!
Words do follow after what you think.
Because you can say the words over and over again,
but if you just say empty words, just saying the words over and over again
doesn't necessarily make it true unless before the words, you create feelings.
You create a picture. You create a sensation.
That what truly an affirmation is.
And so, guys! You've got to be consciously aware of what you produce within you.
If you don't like what you currently feel and produce,
change it by creating something new.
And of course, one of the things is, just like I mention over here,
release and affirm - you got to release the negative
change it towards positive and practise within you.
So, another thing that I would wanna put in your Happy Journal.
The first part is definitely: positive emotional states.
And by the way, guys,
if you keep practising those positive emotional states
on a daily bases, get what you're doing.
Not only creating those positive emotional states,
but you're affirming something about yourself.
Aren't you?
If every day you practise feeling happy, guess what happens in your life!
It's easier to feel happy! Because why?
You're practising, you're affirming it, and you're creating it.
Makes sense?
That's why it's so important.
Now, guys, if you're feeling depressed, and you're feeling down
and you keep practising going back to that depression, guess what it's easy for you to do!
Create depression!
Because it's something you're practising, affirming, creating.
So, watch your affirmations.
Watch what you think - and if you think of something negative...
tap that sucker out.
Tap it, change it in your mind to where it has a good picture
and a good feeling with it.
Makes sense?
So, the second part of your book, we want affirmations.
Now, what's really good about affirmations
and I wanna show you how to make affirmations really really work.
Because if, one time, affirmations,
you know, that said, this one guy said, "Well...
affirmations don't work!".
I said, "Well, apparently that one's working for you."
Because he was feeling strongly that affirmations don't work.
Putting all the emotions in it,
and what he is saying is affirming exactly what he feels.
And the more he says it, the more he feels it - guess what?
The more it occurs.
Makes sense?
One of the things that I use to help us heal our bodies... is -
since... how many of you realise that..?
Since I've been talking.
Since the beginning of the seminar.
The premise is...
your mind affects your body.
And the whole seminar is based on this.
Your mind affects your body, and your body is an autobiography...
of what you think.
Makes sense?
OK? So, what we wanna do - and how I use Louise Hay's book
is, say, for example, you have indigestion problems.
Or if you have heart problem, or if you have a pain in your left side,
or you have a headache.
What I do is I use Louise Hay's book, and I suggest getting a Louise Hay's book,
and what we wanna do is, say, for example, if you have...
I'll just use overweight. It's just popped right in.
Overweight. So what does it say here about overweight?
She has the negative part, which is the emotional driver.
And then, she has an affirmation.
So, what we would do in your spiral notebook.
Or I have heart right here. Heart's a really good one.
Right. So, for example, somebody have heart problems.
Now, of course, if you have heart problems like...
Sue, she came into the seminars, she's maxed out on three major heart
pressure medicines.
And so, basically, what heart represents, it says,
"see blood", heart - and it also says the emotional driver behind the heart.
So, the heart "represents the centre of love and security".
So, what we do is we look at this - OK. "Centre of love and security".
And you may ask yourself - in your spiral notebook, the Peace Journal -
and you say, OK, "what in my life do not I feel love at?".
"Where in my life do I feel no security?"
And what you do is you look for those, and as you find those, you tap them out.
That means you release the emotional charge in it.
Alright? And it also says "heart attack -
squeezing all the joy out of the heart in favour of money or position".
So, then, you look in your mind and you say, OK,
"Where am I lacking in joy in my life?
Do I have money issues? Do I have... I need position in my life."
I mean, some don't accept me or whatever it is about your life.
And then, you find whatever you can emotionally associate to you.
Then, you tap out the emotions, the emotional charge to it.
And then, you say, each one like it says, "heart - see blood",
then you go check out "blood" and you figure out
the emotional charge and you tap it out. Each one. Tap it out.
And then after you get all of them tapped out...
we'll write in the affirmation in your Happy Journal.
So, in your Happy Journal, you write "heart",
and then, you tap in something like this. You could say...
(COUGH) Pardon me.
It says "heart". "My heart beats to the rythm of love."
And that's a great affirmation.
"My heart beats to the rythm of love."
And then, it also says the "heart attack".
"I bring back joy to the centre of my heart. I express love to all."
And that's a great affirmation! Put it in your Affirmation Journal.
And so, how do you do affirmations. One: you find this affirmation,
and I highly recommend tapping out the negative if you can find it.
Try to create it, try to find an emotional association, tap it out.
As you tap it out, your body and your mind is releasing that energy.
And then, we tap in the positive.
Does that make sense?
Alright? Now, here's something. What we wanna do -
and I'm gonna demonstrate exactly how you do this.
First of all, you find - like in this book here, say, heart problems, and it says...
the feeling of not being loved.
OK? And so, then, you think about,
"do I have any emotional reference that I don't feel love?".
Or you may as well say, "nobody loves me".
And then, you see if there's an emotional charge to it.
And then, you tap it out.
Then you pull the emotional strength completely out of it
and then, you say, "nobody loves me" or the emotional reference to it,
and you tap it where it has zero emotional power.
Then, what you do is you tap in the positive.
First, you figure out the resistence, tap it out, and then say it into positive.
You say, "I totally love and accept myself".
And then, when you say that, you listen to your body.
And notice we're always going back where?
To the body.
If there's any resistence saying, "I totally love and accept myself",
if there is, you tap it out.
"I totally love and accept myself." Is there any resistence, to I feel a peace with it?
If it's a "yes", then, you tap it in.
And basically, two ways to tap it in.
You can say, "I totally love and accept myself.
I totally love and accept myself. I totally love and accept myself.
Totallly and completely. That is how I am. That's how I am.
I love and accept myself. Totally and completely.
That's how I am."
And then, in your mind,
imagine something that will represent loving yourself.
Feel it, be it.
Become the it. Make it real.
Does that make sense?
So, what we are doing is, first of all, you have your affirmation,
like a physical affirmation, you find a resistence to it.
We tap out the resistence until there's no resistence.
Then, we say the affirmation,
see if there's a resistence to the positive affirmation.
If there is, you tap it out.
Then, you tap it in.
"I totally love and accept myself.
I totally and completely love and accept myself.
I love and accept myself.
That's how I am. That's how I am. That's how I am.
That's how I am. Naturally and easily."
Create in your mind the image. Feel as if you love and accept yourself.
Totally and completely.
Makes sense?
Alright. Now, what we are doing is, first of all, we eliminate the resistence,
we're finding anything that will prevent it from being true,
and then, we tap it in as if it was already true,
and we feel it to be true.
Makes sense?
Now, of course, I've got this model, basically, from a great teacher,
and the diciple said, "hey, Jesus, teach us how to pray".
He said, "pray and believe in your heart, you already have it.
Give thanks."