BAMF Girls Club (Ep. 4) Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Buffy, Michonne, and...Bella? SECRETS!

Uploaded by Comediva on 18.09.2012

When Buffy, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth,
Michonne and Bella move into one house

It's an utter BAMFgasm of awesomeness
I did something very naughty this week
I used magic to get revenge
Nearly expected to see a Dark Mark!
Katniss: Lisbeth, did you hack into my Facebook account? Lisbeth: No.
Please. All of their passwords are one two three four.
Really? Then why is my cover photo a picture of Peeta and I cuddling on the train?
I thought it was cute.
She also changed my relationship status. "It's complicated with Peeta Mellark."
She doesn't know!
"Soft, like the fur of a newborn fawn,
your golden tresses tickle my arm."
Wait, where did you hear that?
Spike messaged it to you on MySpace.
Why do you still have a MySpace?
I grew up in the nineties!
That was cool!
Lisbeth, that was private!

Invasive much?
Bella [offscreen]: All of my Instagram photos of Edward and Jacob are gone! How will I ever choose now?
Oh, come on, Lisbeth!
How could she? Edward or Jacob?
Jacob or Edward?

I decided to teach Lisbeth a lesson with a little potion I like to call Veritaserum.
You forgot the sugar.
You are so right, I did.
This one's for you...
I wanted her to see what it feels like to spill all of her secrets!

Can I tell you guys something?
At first, I thought it was Bella.
I really...
miss Edward.
It wasn't.
Dead people, come to life all around me.
I never should've tried to make it home that day.
Should've just stayed at the office.
It was in that moment I realized,
Everyone I knew was probably dead.
I've never seen you so...talkative.
Do you feel, uh...
I walked alone for months
with no one to talk to but my dead boyfriend and his dead best friend
I finally come upon a group of humans, and you think I'm talking too much??!
No, no, that didn't go well at all.
Reducto PTSD!
...are smelly.
They are smelly.
Smelly, smelly, smelly little creatures.
There! I said it!
There is a 99.9% chance that all of my children will be GINGERS.


I have pictured Harry naked.
Oh, yes i have.
I like his scar.
I wasn't surprised.
I found this in her email account.
Wizard! Do you know how much all of these cost??!
I think it looks better!
Did I say Veritaserum?
I meant SILLY SERUM. It makes you say things that are SILLY!

And absolutely NOT TRUE.
After exercising your BAMF-given rights and making sure to vote BAMFITARIAN, tune in and watch
I don't care. She missed a few of my favorites.
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