How to remove the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and install Windows 7

Uploaded by sM4llziE on 04.03.2012

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Hey there guys, Zac here from WinBeta and today we are looking at how to remove the
Windows 8 Consumer Preview and install Windows 7.
men if you have been uh... having trouble that are going to take issue
with the ecpi you don't like it will uh... you have a compatibility issues
with programs
uh... such as that contains the all of his art monk works
office documents on the tour
uh... men if you want to be in store windows seven power and that's pretty
easy going the students
first we'll be back up a little files of his face and say of court couple files
had copied and two-way a usb drive
logical peaked and what you want to do is
insert your windows seven install disk if you don't have one we wanted to do
with our medellin doesn't by itself in the links below
uh... you want to down the disk image to it at the ente clean that dvd disc
points that's an experiment incentive and uh... you'll cut out
you'll get a uh... pop pop
saying that uh... disgusting insert like that toppled that it would say that we
don't get one we want to do is take no action
he will not cut out and you would have had to powell tunes
forget that
we stop and u_v_ study p_o_
you get a messy sane
i think it's good to dvc this person a cake and opening up
once that's done you'll be welcome proved the install windows windows i
don't know that this lecture desired languages uh... client in the united
at next install now
piped set
what you want to pay that what you want to gauge on hit custom not upgrade
upgrade to uh... not welcome sneaky cooperated new version of windows
psa custom
and hey you want to picked live auctions
billy they certainly your witness and consume preview install
and delete this one as well if that's that
and i think they're from you'll be left of one desk
and the however previously hit next
and that was to windows seven gossiping about u_n_ staff
now windows will want to restart
it's time now
that looked interesting
hedonic any cues kind just leave it
let's get them to go in
windows will stop
let them be welcome to the cities uh... windows windows which vacancy windows
ceremonies will be met
and the password
you an n_c_o_ put up a uh...
yeah that should be on the back your windows bookstore in the email full
marks of still
click on what you think that that
so that you are saying
setting a time zone
no internet connection
when there's a finalized the settings and send you straight to the desktop
and that's windows seven been restored uh...
people watching
and i shall see in the indian mix one