Techno City 1993 - Part 1 (with English subtitles)

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More than 1000 records are released worldwide every month.
Even the buying agent and DJ, Rob, has problems to get an overview.
Techno is music that can be made in a bedroom with the help of a few machines, a computer and a mixer.
That costs probably 10000 mark [...]. And to release a record today is very easy which is why many people do it.
Too many of course because a lot of rubbish is published.
You do not need much stuff to produce techno.
A sampler - a computer - a mixer - and a DAT recorder to record it.
These four things are basically enough to produce music.
However old analogue synthesizers are very popular and the most famous is probalbly the TB-303.
Its sound appears in nearly every second techno production.
...modulate the sound to create a typical 3-way effect
add a bass drum
Clap - hi-hat - percussion - maybe a second synthesizer
I programmed this quickly in 10 minutes for TV
and it could be used as a basis for a techno song.
In the beginning Techno was a kind of revolution,
a counterculture to existing dance culture
like "hey this is for the ladys" and soul music
and funk and again soft and hm..
heterosexual people at the bar etc....
And Techno was a complete deboarding from reality
with the help of totally wicked music.
And Berlin is a city which always had space for those people.
Saturday evening, 10pm, she is on her way to work.
Dagma, bar boss in the "Bunker", a techno club in Berlin.
He is still at home, Tanith,
one of the most famous German techno DJs.
His salary per evening: 1500 mark.
She did her A-Levels in summer and tours clubs every weekend.
Susan, 20 years old and an enthusiastic raver.
"Raver" that is how the the fans of the techno music call themselves.
The student Nicole and the graphic artist Tommy
are also ravers who leave for the party.
The first time when I visited a techno club with friends
I was dissatisfied.. I was standing there and
I thought it was hell and left very early.
A month later they could convince me to go again and
this time a sat there and somehow started to bounce
and danced for four hours .. completely soaked..
that is how I started.
1am in the "Bunker", the first guests arrive.
10 mark for a admission and the techno weekend can begin.
It is still early in "Techno City"
because before midnight nobody is on their way to the clubs.
Despite the early time, the dancefloor is burning.
2:05am - good mood here and
those who manage won't sleep until Monday evening.
Going home..
hm not before the end of the weekend.
It depends on the situation..
probably not before midday, 11am.. 12am?
She is djing every saturday from 10pm till 3am.
Marusha with her programme "Rave Satellite" on "Rock Radio B".
Every Saturday, 5 hours techno, non-stop.
For the scene the programme is nearly a kind of duty
because in the normal radio programme techno is never played.
It is always a hot spot.
Every time people come by who
are interested to see how it works,
they visit before or after they go to the clubs.
1am or 2am, do a little break, talk..
There are many young listeners who write to me.
They are 11 to 17 years old
and they have totally different problems.
They like the music but cannot visit the clubs.
They ask me how it passes..
Or they have other problems.
One boy for example wrote to me that
he has a brace and he looks so ugly,
doesn't want to open his mouth...
then I wrote him back that
it does not matter to have one but
but never got it and that it looks really spacy.
Totally techno, a typical evening in the "Bunker".
A staged inferno takes place there every weekend
Many people told me when
they first visited the "Bunker" or the "Tresor"..
they did not know where they are
and they got scared.
You have to do it two or three times untill you enjoy it.
It is the rhythm, the strong base that always makes you dancing.
I must say that I never were crazy about music like this music
although I know many genres.
Maybe it depends on the crowd or certain beats...
I love the community...