CGRundertow JOHNNY KUNG FU for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 19.07.2012

What’s that saying about the third time? Something about sugary breakfast cereals or
tiny bracelets? I don’t know, I’ll have to ask the team at UFO Interactive. Because
with this release, they are now officially living the cliché.
If you’re unfamiliar with UFO and their eShop exploits, here’s a primer. First was
Samurai Sword Destiny, a boring Muramasa clone without the Muramasa. Next was Zombie Slayer
Diox, a rhythm game with no freaking rhythm. But one, at least those games were remotely
interesting. And two, they showed UFO is at least trying to release cool stuff on the
Johnny Kung Fu is the third such attempt.
And the third time’s a...third’s time’s **** awesome, is what it is.
A new release to the Nintendo 3DS, Johnny Kung Fu continues the admirable UFO tradition
of trying cool **** on the eShop. In this case, they out-retro everyone who is trying
to be retro. You know how making games that look 16- and even 8-bit is all the rage? Well,
Johnny Kung Fu karate kicks those retro games in their retro faces.
You want retro inspired? How about Game and Watch inspired?
You play as Johnny Kung Fu. His princess has been captured, and you have to save her. Awesome
premise. Timeless stuff. Always works. And in fact, the gameplay goes back even further.
Johnny Kung Fu is inspired not by the NES classics, but by LCD classics. I can’t even
tell you how delightful this is.
The great thing about Johnny Kung Fu is that it’s not even a tribute to a single era.
Johnny Kung Fu is like an interactive trip through lots of gaming’s oldest eras. This
particular stage feels like Donkey Kong, but in LCD form. This stage plays like the Game
and Watch classic Ball. And the cool thing is’s all tied into more contemporary
gaming, as well.
In fact, I really like some of the beat ‘em up levels in which you have to transform the
entire stage and the gameplay from the black-and-white LCD style to a more modern style. You slowly
fill the level with color, and by the end, you regain full animation. It’s just such
an awesome idea.
So what does the game do wrong? Well, honestly...not much. I guess if you’re not too familiar
with the games it’s paying tribute to, Johnny Kung Fu could seem a bit ruthless in its difficulty...even
unfair, in a sense. But back in the day, that was gaming.
For its old-school charms, original premise and frantic gameplay, Johnny Kung Fu is one
the eShop’s coolest new and old games. Why be one when you can be both?