סאונד צ'ק עם אביב גפן

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I'm a little nervous. -That's okay.
You know... -Yeah.
I grew up on you. Never mind, come on.
The stage will be here.
We're still setting up, as you can see.
What's up?
When we're finished, the warm-up band will do a sound check,
Do you know "One 2 Many"?
One 2 Many, of course. How's it going?
Hi. -I'm so glad you're here.
This is Ronen, it's his apartment.
How's it going? -He's the contest winner.
How's it going, star? -Hi.
It's a great honor.
It's our honor to be here.
Listen, we have a Maccabi tradition
that whoever wins the contest
plays a song or two with the singer.
It's really cool.
A jam? -Yeah.
Great. -Ronen plays the organ.
Really? -I know all your songs by heart.
When is Mittelman coming? I'd love to meet him.
Is that yours or mine?
Yours. It's Mittelman.
He's getting coffee, he wants to know if you want some.
Are those his exact words? -Not exactly.
What did he write exactly?
"Buying coffee and coming. Want some, Judge?"
You see? Details.
I've already had two espressos,
but last time he brought a cold latte.
I could use a latte.
Could I use a latte?
Text him:
Get me a strong latte, no foam.
And it's not "judge," it's "mentor."
Add a smiley-face...
With a wink.
Can I have a word with you?
Sit down.
Where should I begin? -What do you mean?
The stage should be on the balcony or by a window.
Why? -For the sunrise.
Ever go to one of my sunrise concerts at Massada?
Do you know how critical the sunrise is to a sunrise concert?
This isn't Massada. It's a home concert.
A home sunrise concert.
But the show's at 8:00.
And the apartment faces west.
That's not all.
The warm-up band.
They're a great band. We asked your fan forum.
No one opens for me. I have a cover band.
Text Mittelman: Two shows today.
Okay. Which covers will you do?
Covers of Aviv Geffen.
Most people can't afford to come
to my concerts. -That's where Aviv comes in.
Wait 5 minutes, then come out. -Okay.
Is that Mittelman?
What did he write?
"Large or small," comma, question mark.
The bastard. See what he's doing to me?
He's making me look fussy.
What a jerk.
Text him:
"I'll have what you're having."
Well, big guy?
You won an Aviv Geffen home sunrise concert.
Yeah, I can't believe it's happening.
You're my favorite singer.
You're number 1. There is no number 2.
Yeah, you're at the top of the list
and the rest of the list is blank until 20th place.
Who's in 20th place?
What song should we play together?
My favorite is... -How many of my shows have you been to?
Here's 1,000 shekels.
Don't ask to play with me!
Are you serious?
You don't want me to play with you?
Ten concerts.
Aviv, I'm looking into the sunrise issue.
Can I do anything in the meantime?
Get you anything?
No, I just need peace, silence
Okay. -Thanks.
Where's the antitank missile? Let's blow his head off.
I'm out of ammo, damn it.
Do you have a nail clipper and edible massage oil?
What? -What?
I don't know what to do about the sunrise,
I didn't see it in the contract,
and no one mentioned it until now.
I'm falling apart as it is, so...
This is full of foam.
I hope the "mentor" chokes on it.
I'll drink it. -No, no.
Take off the foam and give it back to me.
I'll drink it.
Don't you think he's going too far?
Too far? -All the...
texting, taking off the foam...
Aviv and I go way back.
Everyone's jealous of me.
Even my friends couldn't stand it and left.
People can't see a real intimate friendship
without looking askance.
Only Aviv and I know the truth.
According to the report
my song for Gilad Shalit is getting less airplay.
Oh, because he came home.
No, of course I'm glad.
Bye. I've been taking my own calls for an hour now.
Did you take off the foam?
What are you doing?
I can't take it anymore!
I finally see things are they are! -Relax.
Nothing's good enough for you.
I give and give and you only take!
Do you want a salary? -I don't care about the money!
All I care about is music.
I thought if I was your assistant
you'd help me get into the biz
and then I'd start performing!
I didn't expect it to take two months. -Two months?
But it's been eight years!
Let's get through tonight and then we'll see.
No! I'll be gone by then.
Okay, okay, you can perform with me tongiht.
But for God's sake, take the call.
Shlomi Shabbat called four times,
that ape.
I'm going
To cry for you, be strong up there
My longing
Like doors that open in the night
Forever, my brother
I'll always remember you
And we'll meet in the end, you know
And I have friends...
Am I late? -No, this is the warm-up act.
What happened with the sunrise?
It all worked out.
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