The Wiz (2/8) Movie CLIP - Scarecrow Joins Dorothy (1978) HD

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[ Sighing ] We can go now.
You okay? Come on! Hey!
[ Sighing ]
l think l'm gonna make it this time.
You sure are.
Just a little self-confidence...
and coordination.
You're gonna be fine.
You mean, all this time the only thing standing between...
hangin' up there and livin' it up down here...
were those crows?
Well, they told you you couldn't do it, and you believed them.
lfl only had a brain, l would have figured that out a long time ago.
Thereyou go with that negative thinkin' again.
Eveybody has a brain. Uh-uh.
Not me, look.
''lgnorance is the night ofthe mind...
a night without moon or star.''
Confucius said that.
l'm on myway to find the Wiz.
He's gonna get me back home.
That's nice. Thankyou.
Good luck.
[ Crows Cawing ]
l thought maybe he could getyou a brain.
[ Gasping ] You think that he could-
And Toto and me, we could sure use some company.
Besides you havĂŠ nothin' to lose.
l don't, do l? Thatwas so smart ofyou!
l wish l thought ofthat.
lndications are it would be vey advantageous for me tojoin you.
[ Chuckling ] Good.