She looks back in time to see stars be born

Uploaded by ChalmersUniversity on 28.03.2012

When I was a child, probably about nine or ten,
I looked up at the sky and was really fascinated.
What were the stars and what was beyond the stars?
somehow that lingered with me for the rest of my life.
I thought of other career opportunities but astronomy was my call
so this is where I am.
Onsala is a great place to be.
It combines technical development and the scientific development.
There are great scientists from whom I get a lot of motivation
and inspiration from through regular discussions about scientific topics.
And on the technical side Onsala being the national facility
for radio astronomy in Sweden provides world leading telescopes
both located in Onsala and located in other places in the world.
Before coming to Chalmers I was in Germany where I was a postdoc
in Heidelberg and later on in Bonn.
in Bonn I also became a scientific staff member.
Now I actually have the opportunity here to develop my own research programs
my own research projects.
And through the group of assistant professors which I am associated with
I have established a really good network.
This is the newest telescope that we have here in Onsala.
It is part of a huge European collaboration
and there are telescopes similar to this all over Europe.
You see big dipole antennas and they are all combined
through a huge network of cables that transfer directly to The Netherlands.
There all the data from the telescopes in the different countries is combined.
We have an assignment where we help the management
with implementing the Areas of Advance across different levels
of the whole organisation.
Within this we have had the opportunity to explore different questions
and issues that concerns the university and the academic world.
I think that gives an extra source of inspiration
aside from just doing my regular research.
When I saw the advertisement from Chalmers
I looked at it and thought this is exactly what I want at this time in my career.
It had, besides the possibility for me to establish myself as an independent scientist,
the opportunity for me to supervise a PhD student,
the opportunity to follow leadership courses,
and to grow within the academic environment.