Marketing Management BA (Hons)

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Nick: I’m Nick and I’m studying BA Honours Business Management with Marketing.
Lewis Hi I’m Lewis and I studied BA Honours Marketing management at York St John University.
The Marketing Management course is fantastic it gives you a really indepth view of all
aspects of marketing you look at international marketing, global you look at the strategies
theories and you get a really good hands on approach to the course as well
Nick: I’m doing the Business Management course with marketing and it’s really really
really good it entwines all the different things from other areas of business.
Lewis: The kind of students that would apply for this course are those who either take
a good interest in business in general, people who are very outgoing. There are so many aspects
of the course and there is there’s a lot to take in there’s a lot of reading and
there is a lot of academic theories so as well as always being motivated you have to
make sure that you put the time in Nick: I actually didn’t do any business
prior to coming to York St John and I’ve taken to it really well really enjoying it.
Lewis: In the second year of university you get the option to do a four week placement
or a full summer placement. You can either do it in marketing, HR or whatever route you
want to go down. Nick: The University are really really helpful
to help you get in to a company. Lewis: The support from the teaching staff
in marketing well the whole business school actually is fantastic if you just want to
talk about your work whether its personal or whether it’s after university they’re
there to give you loads of advice Nick: and they are always there you just send
them an email they get back to you quickly and efficiently.
Lewis: My favourite aspect of Marketing Management would be the fact that you can choose whatever
route you want to go down. With each module there is so much that you can choose.
Nick: My favourite aspect of the course has got to be the more practical side to it it’s
that sort of hands on thing that I’m really getting in to and learning from really well.
Lewis: A great aspect of the university is the fact that there are great facilities here
and that they are constantly getting updated in business that’s important because you
always need the most up to date and that’s what you get when you come to uni.
Nick: The advice I would give to someone wanting to apply for the course is definitely come
out and check out the city for itself and the University campus.
Lewis: Come and see the facilities they have got to offer and you will realise what a great
place it is to study here.