Redeeming Free Promo Code for an iPhone App from iTunes

Uploaded by sribatsadas on 25.04.2012

This video demonstrates how to redeem an iTunes Appstore coupon code
from the iTunes app on your computer
first of all click on the itunes store on the left
and then
on the right you see Quicklinks
click on redeem
and then you will be pesented with a text box to enter the coupon code or Promo code
enter the Promo Code now
so we entered the coupon code
it is asking us to enter the
Appstore login and password which we did
and then
it downloads the application
which is downloading in this case Mobile Banker
the computer
and then next
we are done here
the next step is to sync the application we just downloaded to the mobile device
under the devices section, we see our device
in this case it is an iPad device, so let us see
ther are two option
you can sych specific app
or you can actually synch all apps
so we clicked on sync apps ,
we see there are two applications
specifically Mobile Banker which we just
that we would like to sync
so we sync apps,
then the one we would like to sync OK
then we say apply
OK then we say transfer
so this is the process
of going from a copouon code
into redeeming a copoun code and
syncing of the
transferring the application on to the mobbile device
and the process
on iPhone and iTouch is
similar to what we covered for iPad
and for this and for great mobile apps
please visit
thank you very much