Funny Videos Mayonnaise Sunblock Prank

Uploaded by funnyd00ds on 22.08.2010

>> Matt: (Explaining the funny prank) Later today in a couple hours, we are going to go golf. Drew, myself, and another friend.
This is Drew's sunblock bottle that I grabbed from his golf bag.
He is a huge fan of sunblock. If he's outside for more than half an hour, he's putting it on.
I don't know why, but you can see he has the sensitive forumula, you know, for a sensitive guy.
Big zinc oxide fan. So he will definitly be putting it on.
So I am going to dump the contents out of his sunblock container and I am going to fill it with mayonaise.
Alright, I emptied the entire bottle into this container.
And I have my mayo. Lets see if I can get this on camera.
Okay, the transfer is complete, and by the way, this stuff stinks.
Oh ya that looks good.
There he is. Looks like he has a score card. I don't know why he bothered bringing it. He's always cheating anyways.
Big mulligan fan right here. Always. Takes seven shots everytime.
>> Andrew: You owe me $30 by the way.
>> Matt: Putting on his fancy new golf shoes. That his mom bought him for his birthday.
Do you like them?
>> Andrew: Ya they are nice, fit well, good grip.
>> Matt: Good comfort? Arch support?
>> Andrew: Ya. They're good.
>> Matt: Still waiting on our friend here. Usually he is always late.
What a beautiful day though. Definitly a beautiful day.
Here you go with your suntan lotion. Everytime.
>> Andrew: You got to keep your skin, you know, in good shape.
>> Matt: Really? What kind of lotion are you using?
>> Andrew: I got some Coppertone here.
>> Matt: Coppertone? Lets see the bottle.
Really. That stuff looks thick.
[laughter] 0:02:38.000,0:02:44.000 >> Andrew: What the hell is this? Is this mayonaise?!?
>> Andrew: Seriously?!? [laughter]
>> Matt: What the hell! [laughter].
>> Andrew: Seriously? That's why you want to do a little video here with the camera.
>> Matt: [laughter] You got me on the shoe!