Mass Diet - Meals To Gain Weight

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Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from, bringing you another video lesson on how to
gain weight if you're skinny. And in this video we're answering the question:
"How Many Meals Should You Eat Each Day To Gain Weight?"
And this is a great question, because it's going to shift your focus to a key and crucial
area of healthy weight gain. And that's NUTRITION. And the number of calories
you need to be eating each day to encourage your body to grow, and to put on weight.
Okay, so how many meals do you need to be eating each day to gain weight?
Well, if you want to gain weight, you're going to have to get used to eating more calories
than you're eating right now. There's no shortcuts or getting around this.
Not only do you have to continue to fuel your body with the energy and calories it needs
to function, but you ALSO need an excess of additional calories that your body can then
use to create healthy new muscle, and store that as extra weight.
Just so you know, I've created another video for you on how to calculate your exact calorie
needs. But back to this topic of how many meals you
need: Once you realize you're going to have to eat
much more, you then have to figure out a way of fitting these additional calories into
your day - into your daily eating routine - in a way that works for you.
And what you need to know is that your body can only deal with a limited number of calories
at a time. So it's really in your interests to try and
SPREAD your calorie consumption evenly throughout your day.
That's why I recommend my eating concept of 'Eat Every 3'. That's 'Eat Every 3'.
And all this means is that you want to eat in 3-hour intervals throughout your waking
day. So if you're aiming to get about 8 hours of
sleep every night, that leaves about 16 hours in which you'll be awake for a 24-hour day.
And so when it comes to how many meals to eat each day to gain weight, you want to fit
in somewhere between 5 and 7 meals per day - eating about every 3 hours - in an effort
to evenly spread your calorie consumption throughout the day.
That way you'll be constantly replenishing and supplying your body with the energy and
resources it needs to gain weight. While at the SAME time, making it easier to
manage eating this kind of quantity of foods. It's much, much easier than trying to cram
everything into the typical 3-meals-a-day routine.
So just to recap: You want to be eating every 3 hours of your
waking day - which translates to between 5 and 7 meals a day - if your aim is to gain
weight in a healthy way. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video.
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