Seidhadhariyel - Tamil Short Film with English Subtitles

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Kuttaru?? Kuttaru??
The target is set right on track.
I threatened a guy.
Educed his number too.
So, when can we finish him off?
All weekends, he is in the company of two guys.
Other days, he seems to be mostly alone.
That's the perfect time.
No no, first finish off the two blokes around him.
Them? Why?
You dare to ask why? Those guys were roaming with him too.
Only if we bump off those two, the fool will know what pain is.
Did they think they can escape easily after doing such a thing.
Totally fun, Dude.
Why do you strain yourself for those two runs?
So what? We did win the match, at last. - Still, you drag it to the last ball, dude.
Do you not know about him?? Don't let him play the next time.
Get going.
Hey, vehicle's coming. Careful
Don't forget to come by 10 itself.
Yeah sure.
Catch him.
Hey Logu, leave him.
Isn't Mahesh a friend of yours?
Go and tell him.
Come, let's go.
Hello?? - Hello
Mahe, Where are you? -At home only buddy.
Are you alright? You sound weird. - Meet me at the grove.
Why did you sound so upset?
Hey, what happened dude?
Cmon, tell me..
No idea who the guys were. Two of them. They beat me up.
What? They laid hands on you? Who?
They mentioned your name too. - My name was known to them? How?
Hello, Raja
Come to the grove
Why did you call, Mahe?
Hari got beaten up by some rogues.
Hari?? Who was it, dude?
Hey, who beat him?
No idea, but they have beat him to target me.
Targeting you? Did you cause trouble anywhere?
Me? I did not do anything.
Don't start rambling. You must have done something.
Cmon dude, I never did anything.
I can surely guess from the way you talk.
It's okie, drop it. I'm leaving. - Hari??
I'm afraid to go home. I can console even my mom.
But, my dad is sure to question me. I'm leaving.
Hey, wait dude.
Please understand.
Satya, Why did you hit my friends? - Who are you, man?
Didn't we straighten out things between us? Then, why did you touch them?
Why are you talking to him alone? In case I had to, I would have directly dealt with you.
Hey, tell him to bug off. He's irritating me.
Are you trying to mock me as I'm in your place?
Just leave. -Take your hands off me.
If I come to know that you were involved, I'll not let you go easily.
So, Is Raja our next hit? - Yes, it will be him only.
[Stammers] Kuttaru, I'm also coming with you
For what?
Look here, You did not include me in the plan last time. This time, you can't keep me out of it.
I don't think he should come.
Shut up. I'm surely coming.
Logu, Bommai will be helpful. Both of you put down Raja together.
Hello, Hari -Yeah, tell dude.
I'm being chased. Call Mahe and come soon.
Don't joke man. Where are you now?
Come to the other side of the grove. Fast
Huh? Which place?
[Indistinct shouting]
Hello, Mahe? Where are you now? -On the way to your home only.
Raja called. He was freaked out and kept blabbering that someone was chasing him.
Hurry to the grove. - Ok, I'll be there.
Hey Mahe, stop.
Cmon, sit. Which place did he tell you? - Somewhere in the grove only. Go fast.
Bommai, over here.
Which place did he tell?? - He mentioned this area only.
Try calling him. -Number's unreachable.
What happened? - He's not here. Crap, No idea where he is.
Go there.
What did he tell over phone? - I don't know. I couldn't get him clearly. He blabbered.
Check if he's here.
Did you see Raja? - [Guy] Just a minute dude.
[Guy] No. Any problem??
Nothing, nothing
Wait, he said something about the other side of the grove.
[Stammers angrily] Losers! You are good for nothing.
Kuttaru... - Come, Let's go.
Go and tell him, that he'll be the next target.
[Operated Voice on mobile]
He's caught up in some big trouble.
What happened? - If I call, his number stays unreachable.
Nothing would have gone wrong.
No, he is under some problem. - Mahe, He'll be fine.
Hey Raja... What? - Where did you go and poke your head into?
I didn't fight with anyone.
Cool down Raja.
Believe me, I don't know anything. - First, they got him. Now, me.
Is anything wrong?
What will I tell at my home? You roam around and pick up fights.And I get beaten up for it.
I swear I didn't do anything.
Do not get spotted by my family. They'll embarrass you.
Raja, wait buddy..
Mahe.. Mahe..
Huh?? - What are you doing here?
Nothing. Was just lying down.
Do you know what time it is? Will we not be worried??
Nothing dude.
Your mom has been calling from that time.
It's nothing.
They have gone frantic at your home.
Did you note the time? Lying here coolly.
It's ok. I'll see to it. You keep going. I'll come soon.
Mahe, cmon dude, get up. Let's go.
Did you eat? I'm asking you only. Ate?
[Nods No]
Ok, come.
Hey Logu, you seem to be delaying.
Give him a ring and tell him to come here. - Ok, I'll do it. You come and eat.
No Kuttaru, you were the one who started it. You call him yourself.
But, not today. Tell him to come tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
It's going to be his last day tomorrow. Let him be happy at least today.
[Stammers] Shall I call and tell him to come?
Don't look here. Eat.
Be calm, Bommai.
[Kuttaru] I'll call him myself.
Where are you going? - To the grove.
I need to talk to you. - Ok, hop on.
Mm, Why do you loiter around during the nights? Won't you reach home early?
Your mom keeps calling me. What happened to you buddy? Why are you behaving strangely?
Nothing serious dude. I'm just a little upset. Even Raja's mom misunderstood and reacted angrily.
Chuck it dude. Sooner or later, they'll understand too.
Yeah ok. So, did you see Raja lately?
Don't talk about him to me.
No Hari, his anger is also reasonable only.
Because, both the times those scoundrels lashed out at you, only my name was used.
I must have wronged in my actions somewhere.
F***, If they were that furious, they could have directly dealt with me. You both shouldn't have suffered.
You both had nothing to do with it.
I have no idea who they are. But, in case, they fall into my hands, I swear I may do anything.
Hello? - Hello!
Who's this?
Kuttaru? Whom do you want?
It was me who hit your friends.
Hey, who are you man?
Where are you?
Come to MallipooNagar. Enquire in the name of Kuttaru.
I'll come. I've been searching you only. I'll be there.
You go home. - What happened Mahe?
You leave now. I'll see you later. - Mahe, tell me.
Those guys are done for.
Wait, I'll come with you.
No way, You first leave.
Bro, who's Kuttaru?
Who is Kuttaru? Here?
Me? I'm Mahesh?
Where are you from?
[Swears in local slang]
Come man.
So, i'm here. What will you do now?
How dare you touch my friends?
I have been enquiring in the town without knowing it was you.
Why did you hit them?
What ??? How can you keep silent?
How dare you lay hands on me in my own area.
Bommai, come here.
Don't show off your attitude. Better heed us.
[Indistinct shouting]
Hey Bommai. Catch him.
Come back only after finishing him off.
Wait, Wait
Water. Give me water.
The fool's already half dead and he's asking for water.
Once you remove the noose, I'm gonna kill you.
Logu, give the dog something to eat. - Wait, I will.
Why did you lay hands on my friends? - You don't know why? F***
Look at what he's asking.
He doesn't even have an idea why.
But, still, you are asking now.
It pains, right?? Thats's why.
You must know the reason before you die.
Remember Kavitha?
There's a new tournament. Shall I sign up? - Yes dude, do it.
You are a total waste, dude.
Always showing off...
Don't let him in the next time. - Hey..
Who is it?
That girl, Kavitha.
You still talk with her? - No, only she calls everytime.
He's never going to change.
Hey, she's torturing me with calls everyday. I bailed out long back.
Look here Mahesh, next time she calls, abuse here severely. Or else, she'll keep calling.
Yes, that's the only way. Let her call again, I'll wave her off with insults
Hey, it's her.
Pick up and talk harshly
Attend the call.
Hey, What do you want?
[Kavitha] Why didn't you attend my calls?
Then why do you keep calling?
[Kavitha] Why are you talking like this, Mahe?
What do you want from me, then?
[Kavitha]Did you not promise to meet my father and talk to him about our marriage.
Marry you? That's not possible.
[Kavitha] Don't betray me Mahe. I'll die.
Do that first. Die. I don't care.
I'll really die, Mahe. I'm serious.
Okie, die. Fine.
F***, She's threatening that she'll kill herself.
[Kuttaru] Without her, now, nothing feels right.
What are you looking at?
Did you think she'll leave you even if you were unfaithful.
Now, she's totally gone.
Do you remember now?
Her family cared about her deeply.
Her brother is a friend of mine.
Even he was not considered much, but Kavitha was precious to them.
Her dad treated her like a queen.
[Kuttaru] You spoiled all their dreams.
He's the one who betrayed Kavitha. Finish him off.
Hey, mistake's on my sister too.
Let's stop with her death.
Don't kill him too.
Guna, are you pitying him or you are afraid?
She treated all of us like a brother, noy only you.
Pitying the scoundrel.
If you don't have the guts, leave. I'll do it myself.
Stop, Kuttaru
My sister's not going to come back even if we kill him. Let him go.
You first get out of here.
[Guna] Kuttaru, don't do it. - [Logu] I'll deal with him.
[Guna] Be careful. - [Logu] Shut up, don't over react.
How did you know Kavitha?
Did you study in the same school? Or college?
No. - Then, how do you know her?
Answer his question.
A guy gave her number.
Who? - Friend.
How did he get hold of her number?
He got it through...
Hey dude, How are you? Been a long time.
Wow, looks like you bought a new mobile. - Got it just now dude, been 2 months.
It seems to be a nice model.
Then, How's everyone? - Everyone's fine.
[Mahe] Without his friends knowledge, he randomly picks up girls numbers from their contacts, just for fun.
Guess they have become big shots to come and see me. - Why? I still meet them.
You may.. Hmm.. Then??
Are you in any job?
[Mahe] He doesn't give a damn even if the girl is his friend's sister.
[Mahe] After knowing about him, we guys left him.
The model seems to be tough to operate for me.
Ok, get going. See you later. - Yeah, ok dude. Bye.
His name??
[Mahe] Sakthivel. - Sakthivel??
Where does he live? - [Mahe] Besant Nagar.
Besant Nagar??
What does he do?
Hey Guna. - Hi dude!
Should we only come to see you. Won't you come? - I was caught up in a few works.
Give the cig first. Were you that busy?
Hey, got a new mobile? Let me see.
[Mahe] Same way, he was the one who gave me Kavitha's number.
Mm, looks like a good model. But, too many buttons dude.
You'll get used to it.
Yeah, maybe. Then?
[Mahe] He must have only taken Kavitha's number from your friend.
Should we only come to see you always? - I will.
Logu, tell Guna to come.
You were always roaming around with him.
You even preferred his f***ing company over ours.
SakthiVel. He's the one.
He had only given Kavi's number to play with her.
[Swears] Son of a bitch..
We shouldn't let him off, Guna. We must kill him.
Leave him for now.
Get him. Only then, it will be perfect.
Catch him. Not this fool.
Guna, call and make him come here.
He'll come only if you call.
This is Guna.
Where are you?
Come to my home.
You come, I'll explain.
Come to the shop and call. I'll send my guys.
Okie, see you.
Why did Guna tell me to come? Can't he come and meet?
Walk a little more faster, dude. Come
Hey what are you doing? Walk.
What happened?
Bomma, Stop.
[Shouts in pain]
Please, stop Bomma. No
[Begs] Let me go. Please.
I have to do something. He should die.
Don't you feel ashamed? Wasn't he your friend?
How could you play with his sister's life?
She was like your sister too.
Will you give out a number if it was your own sister's?
You are disgusting. [Swears in local slang] Son of a Bitch..
I didn't stammer. Those two words came easily.
Her family looked after her very caringly.
You killed her, rascal.
Don't you have anything better to do? Any better job?
You have to die.
Your's life going to end in my hands.
You must be the last. The last! People like you must die.
You betrayed all of us.
You are finished.
Bomma, Where is he?
Do you hear me? Give me an answer.
Where is Sakthi?
Bomma, I'm asking you only.
What happened? Has anything come up? Tell me.
What happened to Mahe?
Open your mouth and talk.
I'm asking you only. Is anything wrong?
They cut off Mahe's hands.
What? His hands? Where is he?
I do not know.
Ok, come. Let's go and see him.
[Unknown] Hello? Hello? Hey, she's crying dude.
Did she not think before sleeping with me?
This feels wrong, dude.
She didn't wave me off too.
[Unknown] Don't torture her under the name of love.
Why are you afraid now?
You think there a problem will arise?
Even if it does, who is going to find out?
Who is going to come?
[Shouts] Who will come?
[Song: Dead Man's Gospel]
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