Melvin Manhoef - PreFight Interview - Aug.9.2009

Uploaded by K1 on 09.08.2009

Melvin Manhoef
Q: How do you feel right now?
A: I’m not yet ready.I don’t know. You know, on Tuesday I am going to be there. I am going to be prepared 200%. When I get there I will be ready mentally and physically. Q: Usually your tension is very high, but you seem a little blue today so we were worried you were in a bad mood.
A: I’m always in a good mood, even when quiet.
A: I’m always in a good mood, even when quiet.
Q: Have you seen many of Ramazan’s fights?
A: On YouTube I saw only 1 old fight and a highlight, so we trained for everything. We managed to train for everything, and I will bring my game.
Q: Do you think that it will be an easier fight?
A: No, there is never an easy fight. Everyone is dangerous. I’ve made the mistake of underestimating an opponent before, so when I step in the ring now I want to be 200% and bring my game.
Q: Do you feel that as you are the only well known fighter in the Grand Prix, that you are marked by the other fighters as the one to beat?

Q: A while back Badr fought Schilt and beat him, so has this helped give you motivation for the Grand Prix?
A: Yeah, of course. But not only for Badr; for my team, for myself, for my children and the fans. I have to do well.
Q: Are you saving your energy now because you expect to get to fight 3 fights?
A: You know I always give all my energy for every fight. Why be worried? I don’t even need to use energy from myself. I get energy from my team.
Q: After your last DREAM fight…
I started training the day after I got back home. I was in good shape for that fight. I was in great condition for that fight, so after just two days off I kept up my training for this fight.