Happiness in the Pursuit of Life - Ep: 16

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 31.05.2012

Lizzie: Well I’m back.
And I’m not going anywhere ever again!
You know that annoying feeling you get when you’re swamped for a week and your best friend cons your older sister into highjacking your video blog?
Okay, you probably can’t relate to that.
But you know what…I’m not mad at Charlotte…
Good for her.
Way to take initiative.
But Charlotte, please don’t do that again.
And do not do any of your “cute” annotations on this video. Like your devil drawings. Or your voice over commentaries. Funny mustaches. Or any other ideas in that brilliant mind of yours.
Don’t do it!...eh eh.
Okay, now that everything is back to normal.
Let’s get back to the video blog because…after all…
My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is-
So as you saw in my previously hi-jacked video, Jane and Charlotte…
But really Charlotte
Went a bit “creative” with interpretations of last week’s events.
Oh Charlotte, always dramatizing.
But of course, totally untrue.
Like completely utterly impossible.
I mean come on…
I’ve been thinking about the pleasure a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.
But I do love Charlotte.
Someday she’ll be a great and talented film making person of some sort and fulfilling all her dreams.
And then there will be these crowds of admirers and I’ll go…
Make way, make way for the best friend! That’ll would be me…
this girls.
So a lot of you are probably wondering,
Hey! Where is Charlotte?
Well fortunately, she’s not here. No I didn’t mean it like that.
I mean it’d be totally weird if she was just standing there by the camera while I was talking about her like I am.
But my dear Charlotte is on her way over here, because we are about to go out to lunch so she should be here any moment…
That’s weird, she’s usually unnervingly punctual,
Charlotte: Hi!
Lizzie: Hi!
Charlotte: Are you shooting without me?
Lizzie: Don’t worry, only nice things…come say hi.
Charlotte: But I’m starving.
Lizzie: But, it’ll just take a second.
Charlotte: So what are you talking about today?
Lizzie: You actually.
Charlotte: You’re talking about me?
Lizzie: Well your life and your future career success and happiness.
Charlotte: Ahhh…your imaginary fantasy land again.
Lizzie: I do know what’s going to happen. You’re going to be famous, and successful, and most of all happy.
Charlotte: Uh, that’s very sweet, but no you don’t.
Lizzie: I know you. I know how your mind works. I know how hard you work. You brain plus your skills, plus your attitude, plus your annoyingly perfect skin equals 100% success.
Charlotte: I hate to burst your bubble Lizzie, but success is mostly luck. Luck, hard work, and more luck. I’ve seen it.
Lizzie: when did you become such a Debbie downer?
Charlotte: It’s just that no matter how prepared you are, no matter what sort of person you are, you can’t predict happiness. Too many variables.
Lizzie: Wow…how robotic of you.
Charlotte: By robotic, do you mean practical?
Lizzie: Cynical?
Charlotte: Sensible?
Lizzie: Clinical?
Charlotte: Hungry?
Can we please go to lunch now?
Lizzie: Yeah, let me wrap up. I’ll meet you downstairs.
Charlotte: Okay.
Lizzie: Okay, I love you Charlotte, but that is ridiculous.