Stupid Game Show Answers - Clue Me In

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 13.01.2008

[SGSA theme music]
'Cause you're very attracted to the person. Because he's your husband.
Why you marry someone?
Because it's your wedding night.
Because you, you're horny as hell.
[Audience laughs] Why you make love to someone.
[Host]: Rubber.
Rubber or rub her? No, rub... [Audience laughs]
Uh...your gential organs.
Things you touch?
Your, uh...
Things you stroke?
Knees. Your thighs, your knees, your ankles...
Rub. Things you rub, massage?
Pass it!
[Allen]: You gonna pass, you gonna play?
Oh, I'm gonna play.
[Allen]: OK, good.
Cigar. Oh (BLEEP)!
[Audience laughs]
[Audience applauds]
You're getting married. Wedding ceremony.
[Audience chuckles]
You're, uh, giving a ring to somebody. You're getting engaged. Oh, it's a Hawaiian, it's a lay. It-it's a hula.
[Host]: OK, switch actors.
Uh, it's a ring, it's a wedding ring.
[Audience laughs] Oh, it's a honeymoon!
Uh, I'm playing my...
Yes. Um, uh, uh, I take...wrap rubber bands around my t-shirt and stick it in...
Yes. Um, uh, these are the ugly sandals that lesbians wear.
Er, birkenstocks.
[Audience laughs]
Describe for Patti these things associated with yoghurt.
It's got stuff that's good for your bones.
Uh, calcium.
Uh-huh. And er, hmm...
[Laughs] [Audience applauds]
Uh, where you go to have a trial.
OK. Um, if you're very wealthy, the top building, the top floor is the...
OK. Um, if you're gonna have a good time you go to have a lot have a lot of...
Umm... [Laughs] [Audience laughs]
Er, funhouse.
[SGSA theme music] [Audience applauds]
[Female contestant]: I couldn't think of anything else.
[Male contestant]: I think we...I think we all know the real answer to that one! [Audience laughs]