Motörhead - Ace Of Spades DVD Part 1 (Sub)

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They feed you this stuff every day on TV
and you think it's all different, don't you? All the time!
And it's always the same!
Jesus, l can't go on living like...
You know l'm born to lose
And gambling's for fools
But that's the way l like it, baby
l don't wanna live forever!
The sight of Cliff Richard surrounded by all them girls,
that's what it was.
Cliff Richard on Oh Boy! on the TV.
And before him even, Tommy Steele.
They were always surrounded by all these chicks
baying for their, like, manhood.
l thought, that's the job for me. And it was.
That Ampeg thing can go fuck for a start.
We had no musician friends.
They were all up their own arse - ''look how good l am''.
We weren't even seen as musicians. People thought we were wankers.
Now due to a heavy use of nasal decongestants
since l left the band, l mean, these clothes are all rented.
Look at my shoes.
The great thing about rock'n'roll in all its forms is the attitude.
And if you're coming from a place in the heart where it's genuine
and it's screaming of honesty, that's what makes rock'n'roll special.
Motorhead were the kings of that.
These guys were cool. At that time there were big divisions
between the punks and the metalheads.
But Motorhead broke down all those barriers
and all the kids thought Motorhead were the coolest.
Am l saying enough ''fuckin's'' now?
Hang on a minute. l'll eat that one later.
There's different things, you get a different peak and they change.
First you wanna be... Headline a tour instead of being support
and then you wanna be on the road with dressing rooms and...
You're all cunts, man.
Doing the interview without me, mate.
You're all cunts. l told you you should've signed it.
l don't care, man. Come and sit down, Philip.
- There he is. - Sorry l'm a bit late
- but l ran over two children. - Did ya?
The father was running alongside trying to get me autograph.
''Motorhead, man! My kids were run over by Philthy Animal!''
- Cigarette? - Yeah.
Originally Ace Of Spades was gonna be -
The rest was more or less the same but Lemmy wasn't happy -
he wanted it to be in E and that was based in A.
So then we went over to the E string and made it -
Same sort of tempo. lt fits in the same framework.
l used to play the one-armed bandits a lot, so it was about that.
lt was just another song.
- lt could mean all things to all men. - Yeah, no doubt it does.
- A good song usually does. - lt isn't a clever metaphor.
You know, it's like, it's just to see if you can do a word exercise
and get all this gambling motif into these three verses.
Read 'em and weep The dead man's hand again!
The dead man's hand, yeah, aces and eights.
So it's Wild Bill Hickock's fault.
When he got shot in the back of the head by a disgruntled rival.
lt became known as the dead man's hand.
That's when it was? lt was in the hand of a dead man.
- Before that it wasn't... - Just aces and eights before that.
He should've been called Wild Bill Hiccup.
Wild Bill Pot Luck.
He might have hiccupped and dodged the bullet.
- Like that. - Wild Bill Comeback?
Anyway, Wild Bill Hitchcock.
Or Wild Bill Eggcups.
Come on, for fuck's sake, how long can it take?
Ace Of Spades.
The spoons, you see? There's the spoons.
Don't you remember? The spoons?
- The tap-dancing. - lt was... That was...
Was that Vic who did that? No, it was me, wasn't it?
Not me personally, no. l believe that Phil did.
l wasn't allowed into the studio.
l had to, you see, because the tap-dancer couldn't make it
so l had to do my own tap-dancing.
There was a tap-dancing bit in this one.
ln the middle bit.
See? See what l mean? Sticks. Yeah.
They made me do terrible things.
The wooden trousers were the worst.
- With spikes inside. - Hinged at the knee but...
being in England and the damp weather they used to get rusty.
The termites drove me nuts, as well.
- There's a termite thing. - Yeah.
Tiny Termite found some wood He tasted it, he found it good
And that is why your Auntie May Fell through the kitchen floor today
l first met Lemmy at the Roundhouse in around '68.
l guess it was one of the Middle Earth all-nighters.
lt was where you met most people in those days.
There were the, sort of, you know,
1500-2000 nucleus of what was going on there
and Lemmy was a permanent fixture.
l was in the Deviants and he was in Sam Gopal's Dream
and both taking massive amounts of amphetamines and gravitated to each other.
l was a terrible guitarist.
l was mediocrity squared.
l was bloody awful.
l got away with murder - turn it up, put a lot of fuzztone on it
and move your fingers very fast, you know.
But nobody was really fooled for long.
And then l got hold of a bass - l'd never played one before
and it was great, l went straight into it and then l ended up in Hawkwind.
Dick Mick, who played a ring modulator,
we called it an audio generator because we were so hip, you know.
l met him because we shared a common enthusiasm for
shall we say, buck-you-up-oh.
Dick Mick used to go off drinking with Lemmy
and no doubt taking their powders they used to take a lot then
And he came along one day
and said he'd got this fantastic bass player for us
but he had no bass.
The bass player never showed up at three concerts, and this was one,
and left his bass in the van. Like, you know, ''Please steal my gig.''
So l stole it. Destiny, destiny, can't avoid it, that's for me.
l think it's just dumb luck.
l remember the one where we couldn't go on stage cos we all took LSD.
But we had to. We kept on saying, ''We can't possibly go on yet.''
We were all tripping all the time, so...
Somebody would go off into some jazz improvisation of his own every night.
We used to spike the entire audience,
we'd run out with, like, droppers, you know, and throw it in the crowd.
l was the last nutter, if you like.
l was the last one that did the wrong drugs.
l didn't do the designer drugs, l did street stuff, you know,
so l was massively unpopular for that.