100% Entertainment 2008-07-28 Eason Chan Fans Club 2/5 (Eng Sub)

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Like: You are happy.
Aren't you?
It's an "aren't you."
So it's, "Are you not happy?"
It feels like I'm a student!
Show Luo, stand up!
Then the teacher comes over and teaches me, that feeling.
And it's teaching you really close.
And I'm just "oh, oh."
The more they're teaching, the closer they get.
Professor...Professor, don't be like that...Professor...
This isn't good.
Alright. Next, we're going to listen to a very good song.
This song is collected in the album released in 2007, March:
the album, "Admit It."
A very good song, "Eliminated."
Let's give a round of applause.
Thank you.
A round of applause.
Thank you.
Sounds good.
Sounds good.
It sounds too good.
A lot of your songs are really famous.
Like "Christmas."
That time I went to Hong Kong,
I was Jolin's 2nd concert's guest performance.
That time, the company wanted to give Jolin a surprise.
Oh, that one.
Then he came out from the side.
That time, Jolin thought I was suppose to come out,
so we could sing a duet.
But he came out and sang "Christmas."
But I sang it really bad.
It was a climax.
No you didn't!
Yeah, because I was really nervous too.
Because she suddenly started crying.
Right, because Jolin likes him a lot.
-I scared for females crying. -You're afraid...You're afraid...
You're afraid that she'll suddenly kiss you, right?
Why are you scared for women crying?
Cry, cry. I'm not afraid of kissing.
Kissing, you're not afraid of.
Kissing, I'm not afraid of.
Don't forget to add the tongue!
Who's scared of that?!
Don't add a tongue and I'll get angry.
So you're really scared of females crying.
Why are scared of women crying?
What's wrong? Isn't that right?
Are you okay?
You okay?
I can see, you've laughed till this part's red.
So funny...
Alright. Coming up next, this song is also really good.
We're going to start singing again?
Really. We need to keep singing.
Because after that, we have a lot of fun stuff.
They're waiting for you.
"Love's Transference"
-Let's give a round of applause. -Let's give a round of applause.
A round of applause.
This song is hard to sing.
Super hard!
And that pause later, how do you know when to continue?
Continue singing.
It's super hard.
So sing live is a lot better.
And in the middle, it keeps changing rhythms.
Yeah, this song is really hard.
Like everytime the chorus goes....
You have to change from the real voice to a higher octave.
Oh right. There's that too.
It's not like at KTV,
where there's balls that show you when to start.
Do-Do-Do. Get prepared...Sing!
It'll stop, then it'll show you what to do.
And it's hard for fans that want to sing along too.
So playing [an instrument] and singing myself is much easier.
Of course, because your tempo-
The tempo's a bit better.
The beat is in your own control.
It's live.
And when it's live, there's a click too.
There is?!
Yeah! The teacher'll tell you "5,4,3,2!"
The teacher'll tell you how to sing!
Sarcasm: Remind you of the lyrics too!
They'll remind you of the lyrics too.
When you're performing at your concert,
later on in the song
"YOU GOTTA KNOW, YOU GOTTA KNOW!" (Show's song: "Dance Gate")
"YOU GOTTA...I'm the champion! I'm the champion!"
Yeah. They have to remind you.
So it's like that...
Alright! Immediately continuing on to Fans Club segment!
Hey, hey. Is he laughing at me?]
[No, no! That's not it!
Our Eason...he, he-]
The rules of this game, does everyone know how to play?
We know.
Say it louder. Do you know?
We know!
Do you know how to play?
Alright. Hold this for me.
You talking about...
100% Game.
100% Game?
I...ah! I've for-
You wouldn't have forgotten it, would you?
You were just there going the [Taiwanese: Now is] WHAT TIME?
No problem. We can review it with everyone right now, okay?
All the students, clap with me.
Clap with me.
Now get ready to recite with me.
[Taiwanese: Now is] WHAT TIME? Come on!
[Taiwanese: Now is] WHAT TIME?
Hey! CANNOT [Taiwanese: bring cigarettes!] Come on!
CANNOT [Taiwanese: bring cigarettes!]
GO TO [Taiwanese: eat chicken rice!]
GO TO [Taiwanese: eat chicken rice!]
Does everyone know how to play?
"Does everyone know how to play?"
That's not it! No!
You're not suppose to repeat what I say!
I mean, it is okay?
Do you know how to play now too?
GO TO [Taiwanese: eat chicken rice]
GO TO [Taiwanese: eat chicken rice]
Right, do you know what that means?
To eat a really famous chicken rice meal.
What's the next one?
[Taiwanese: Now is] WHAT TIME?
What time is it now?
Right now it's...
What time?
RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW IS...what time?
He just randomly translates it.
[Taiwanese: Now is] WHAT TIME?
He translates the Taiwanese into Madarin.
What's the next one?
CANNOT [Taiwanese: bring cigarettes]
You can't bring cigarettes.
You can't bring cigarettes.
-You can't bring cigarettes. -You can't smoke.
Let's welcome the first fan.
I'll help you hold it, okay?
She's supported you for a long time.
What are you doing?
No, I'm just practicing.
Alright, please come over here.
Me and her?