Mass Effect 2: Birth of a Renegade, Episode 3 - Omega

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my baby
military bases are worse than a rubber stamp for if they could care less if three civilian
sector compromise on
the production is not intended to the press at this time around
it is the province where many and the
i'd like to know who she is beautiful and quiet
this is going to see what talk about
such as cancer
I don't trust them
we still need to move ahead
I'm liane hansen
and in a sign of the administrative assistant
how many germans this and help him on this occurred and I'm not
it's such an honor to work under UN commanders
I don't know what it was
and this
I won't bother most important voices that were confused great opportunity to do something
that matters
privilege to serve our normal you're here because it's over
don't expect special treatment that all wars get yourself a lot of problems
very what kind of resources are process
was very well funded allies that anyone other than the innocent man is exactly how well
but our resources are limited providing UN rebuilding the normandy was a significant
and a significant rates
we're all having a consortium possible chance
depression tell me how to separate it
I guess that's and after the last season everything there is to know about you
well we should probably know that had extensive genetic modification
not my decision to make the most of it
that's one of the race
it was this man had me
I'm very good at just about anything that you seized it
you certainly don't like for comfort
it's just a fact
my reflexes strength even of us they're all designed to give me an edge you can always
done here
thank you for coming and think officer on Tuesday
I run this year military
do you think this is all a joke
this out
yes sir
you know who I am
we did you take to what you did to determine the systems you're not a social issues and
all he wants to know what brings it just occurred to me that I suggest you go talk to lawyers
not present yourself
what's the big deal with it
going to settle it
from where I was
the issue
talk to you about her and
understanding this a party or not that unexpected
this you
besides of the whole organization
Susan reads the caption of for ourselves and for our own story
as using that word has a slight lead
the company wants it that way
we'll get to it in
our mission is priority
all right
then there
maybe I did
do you really don't agree with
don't worry
it's fair
that's close enough
but he stayed in sarajevo
you Ronald Reagan
tommy has no title and only
please all right
sounds like I mean it's like future
but I think that our kids
you know
he wanted to
whatever whatever
he thinks he's fighting on the side of the
there is no fixed sites
the Soviet bloc
the local workers
that's it
from the left I'm Mike kinsley
they're using privately owned third parties
I'm sure the signing
I'm looking forward in seoul you know where to find it
the solutions are
last I heard he was trying to help late fifties and the Clintons on
it was like warrant
this is like to be here with you as an issue
I like it
if you really need to find him
the shuttle's the quarantine found
no guarantee the election
he'll back
that's not that's not what situation today
there seem to be a lot of fortunate
just say no I don't think any of us
I don't know
public television
no going
it's not with over
my interest even since August ever greater sway take it again outsourcing rock throwing
their weight behind the peace process of thoughts I know
it's christmas sales drug prices are considered by otherwise of default a number of fronts
you know it's their futuristic the things that I'm not giving you see credit cheaper
this for market he's do you like the business of the jazz charts that describe his words
this whole area anymore homosexuals
I've got to get in there to find it
the doctor
it frees you bastard open the clinic and just a few months ago
the sun's going to happen
I hear more and signed a deal with chile
we wish you luck
here is still up the our orders to wait until either the players lose son's killer
didn't do anything
take a good long look at
do I look like a loser
no I'm going
if I find looters all killed
anybody gets in my way
of children see it
of conquerors village in the front row