Ensiferum Studio Diary: Week 2

Uploaded by SpinefarmRec on 26.02.2012

It has time and it grows. You could do the same thing.
Let's check this out. It's a bit thinner.
Yeah, wait a second.
Yeah, in the middle there was something.
It's time for the beer of the week.
Neuschwansteiner is the beer of the week.
It tastes really good.
Look, Rolle! -Rolle!
Janne is working on the drums, and we're off to prove our manliness! -To the hill!
And from the outer ring he takes the lead!
Here we go!
Pete has pribed the dog!
There goes your toboggan!
It drifts nicely in the curves there. -One point to Pete.
Best out of five.
Do you need a push? -Hell yeah I need a push!
This is so...
Uh oh... -Move out of the way perkele!
This is too cool...
Time to turn 360 with this sucker!
It didn't work... I tried to do three-sixty.
Otherwise it was all good. -Not bad at all.
Rock on!
First quarter still to do. -Yeah.
Time to do the 7/8 minor again.
Four tracks left with the bass.
Few more tweaks here and there.
It's going swell.
Time to go to the henhouse.
In our second week at the studio.
I can record the sound of our footsteps while we're at it.
My fingers are freezing. The air is so humid it feels colder.
Is my hairy hat over there? -Indeed it is here.
And recording... One-two-three...
Is it good? -I think so.
This side has a better sound.
We should add that in it!
It'll get that wet sound.
Can anybody do the armpit fart sound?
Go for it!