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She has become and unlikely Overnight sensation
Even Simon Cowell Was Struck dumb
By her singing voice Last Saturday On Britains Got Talent
Millions of people watched 47 year old Susan boyle From West Lothian
Turn the table on the judges And since then MILLIONS more Have watched it again on the Internet
We have been to meet Susan To see how she's dealing With her new found fame
Susan Boyle appeared on our screens this weekend At first the judges and the audience
Seemed to doubt her ability But they quickly changed their tune
I dreamed a dream In time gone by ( Cheering And Applause )
When hope was high And life was worth living ( You didn't expect that did you? NO )
At home in Blackburn today Just like any normal day
Now the chores are interrupted with calls from around the world
There are rumours of agents Interested in discussing contracts
I entered the competition because I wanted to be noticed And have a chance with my singing
Buti it was really fantastic when i walked on I found it very nerve-racking to begin with
But once i settle down and I began to sing And the audience accepted me more I relaxed and began to enjoy it
I dream a dream in time gone by
The youngest on nine children Susan Boyle comes from a musical family
She's a keen churchgoer And is well known locally on The Karaoke circuit
It began when i was 12 When singing in choirs Then singing in school concerts
Then after that when i got older I was singing in clubs
There are three more rounds Until the final next month
But she is already a favourite With the bookmakers
To beat the 75,000 other applicants To the competition Keen to win the first prize
A star is born!
On Friday she was known To only friends and family
That will change for sure After she appeared on Britains Got Talent
12 Million viewers were mesmerized with the amazing voice of Susan Boyle from Blackburn
I dreamed a dream In time gone by
When hope was high And life was worth living ( You didn't expect that did you? NO )
I dreamed that love Would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young And unafraid
And dreams were made And used and wasted
There was no ransom To be paid
No song unsung No wine untasted
And Susan Boyle is with us today In the five thirty studio Welcome to the programme Susan
Thank you, What a time its Been for you Susan?
On Friday you were unknown To the British nation Now you are an Internet sensation
Two and a half million Have watched that clip so far How do you feel?
Gobsmacked! Absolutely Gobsmacked!
Whats it been like on the streets of Blackburn? Everybody is wanting my autograph I'm telling you its really surreal
How did you go into this? Because your a shy person What made you push yourself for this?
Basically I wanted to fulfll A wish to my mother
That i wanted to do something With my life and not only that I think i had a little bit more to offer
So what had you done previously? Previously i have been in choirs I have been in school productions, Karaoke
You name it I was in it And the people that heard you sing at Karaoke
Had they said "You have got to go on Britains Got Talent?"
They did mention it once or twice And I said to them "Well i will have a go it and see how far i get
Lets just have a look At what the judges had to say About your performance
Without a doubt that Is the biggest surprise I have had In my three years on the show
When you stood there With that cheeky grin And said "I want to be like Elaine Paige"
And everyone was laughing at you No-One is laughing now! That was STUNNING!
An incredible performance (APPLAUSE)
The judges loved you The audience loved you
Were you confident that When you stepped out on that stage You would get a good reaction?
I didn't know what kind of reaction I was going to get if I am honest But you just get on with it
As your performance progressed Everybody started stand up Could you actually see that past the lights?
I Couldn't no I had my eyes closed Half the time
Did you get a chance to chat The judges afterwards? No I Didn't, No
You Don't do that anyway Its unprofessional
How far do you think You can go with this Susan?
Through to the bitter end But I will do something Wee baby steps
Well absolutely brilliant We really want our viewers get behind you I'm sure everybody watching thought you were jaw dropping
Piers Morgan wasn't that nice About Scottish Talent He said there was not a lot going on
You proved him wrong We need the five thirty show viewers To get right behind you
People of Scotland to get right behind you To make sure you go all the way
And you would like that to happen? I would yes Thank you very much
Susan we wish you the very best You have and amazing voice And your mum would be very proud of you
Good to see you on the programme Thank you very much