My Shining Girl Ep 5-3 (English Subs)

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Even if she is direction challenged, how does she not know how to find her way home?!
Insisting we lead her into the house!
Why don't you rest a bit. Going right away isn't good.
Why are you so sensitive today?
Yong Woo bought you a good meal, right?
What did you eat?
You said to eat sashimi!
And still your natural behavior is to nitpick!
Recently, his activities have been very smooth and profitable.
Ji-hyun, you may not know,
but the only reason Yong Woo called you to come was because of his birthday.
Although, you should have already forgotten his birthday.
Really going crazy… Sure!
I knew today was Yong Woo's birthday.
However you don't also know that I remembered his birthday
But I'm also not breaking fingers looking forward to his birthday
Just like 356 814 1200 is still his password!
Just like to that day, my brain automatically responds to it!
It's just a habit!
You don't understand the most frightening of your habits.
Ah! Really going crazy! You told me what do to!
Every time it's No Yong Woo's birthday I'll just go crash into a telephone pole and faint, how's that?
Why do you always provoke people for no reason?!
Young-hee, should we help bring together Ji-hyun and Yong Woo?
With both our efforts, those two people should be able to make good progress!
Kkotnim, that was a bit too much.
I also don't understand myself, why I do these things.
She told me to take No Yong Woo's gift back.
Kkotnim, she is inherently unable to put down the children.
No matter whether I remember the birthday or not, she'll always be looking.
You shouldn't be doing what you're doing.
What? Helping bring gifts?
You can refuse to do it.
There may not have been a reason to do it, but there was also no reason to refuse.
What did you eat with No Yong Woo?
We ate ramen, because there are no worse things being sold.
That's having a reason!
Wanting to let No Yong Woo, on the day of his birthday, eat ramen or worse!
Before, we would have eaten ramen on his birthday.
I told him to live life long and thin.
Where are ramen noodles long?
Most break or are bitten off when soft and well-cooked.
Did you want to cause him to hurry up and die?
I'm really going insane because of Kkotnim,
Why did they divorce?
Who hurriedly insisted she divorce?
The grounds for divorce were very sufficient.
Even if it's not within you to be able to feel,
it was you that inflicted the situation.
During the two years of Kkotnim's married life,
Jeon Ji-hyun's lingering in itself became a habit.
I'm not God. And since it ended so quietly, they should thank me!
Neither of them understand thanking me.
Although it's difficult for Kkotnim,
You should know it's no better for No Yong Woo.
I'm really enjoying today's many aspects.
Cut! We'll take a 5 minute break.
I never thought you would like such a place.
A hyung I know has been asking me to come since the opening.
But I've never had anyone to come with.
There was no one?
Is that really true?
I said it too straightforward. Sorry.
What are you always so sorry about?
Wait a minute. It's the studio. I have to take this call, I'll be back in a minute.
Did you come here by yourself?
Yes. And I don't want any hinderances. So leave quickly.
Eating by themselves, a person can eat deliciously. Let's eat together.
I have someone I came with. He can't see this kind of appearance. Leave.
Didn't you and your husband come together? Why are you so nervous?
Do you want to play for a while longer? May I leave first?
I'm also a bit tired.
Is that the only thing?
Continue to play.
You can call me later.
So, now we can play together.
Stop dreaming.
What are you doing? You said you would leave, so quickly, leave.
Yes, I should go.
Why did you come out so fast?
An injury to appetite
Let's go eat dinner. I'm hungry.
Let's go.
Wait a minute. Eat this one.
I didn't take a bite of that one.
Do you want to come to my house?
Believe it or not,
But this is the first time I've invited a man to come over.
But don't be in too much of a hurry,
I hate having men rushing.
What if I am too uncomfortable to go by myself?
Can I take Lee PD to come with me?
You and him are not quite warmed up to each other.
Regardless of whether one person or two people come,
You, yourself, choose.
Seo Young-hee will give men the right to choose.
It's still really fresh, isn't it.
It'll be fun. I'm looking forward to it.
If he was going to reject me, he should have contacted me earlier.
It's Jeon Ji-hyun.
Right now I'm in in front of the gates at your house. Can I come in?
It must have been boring, waiting so long.
He certainly is worthy of his field.
Even doing things in that manner of speaking is different.
Please sit down.
This is not a simple project, so it had to be prepared very carefully.
The production team and I spent a lot of time thinking about it.
Not a simple project,
Not one that just anyone can do
Only Jeon Ji-hyun can do the project!
It will not be a simple task.
Simple things aren't fun.
You will need a lot of patience, worry, and reflection.
But I can very confidently tell Jeon Ji-hyun this;
This work will gain worldwide attention.
If it's not impolite, can I open up the box and see what's inside?
Kangmin's doing what?!
What is this?
My piece.
But relying on those can't solely account for Kangmin's true appearance
In here
Will you listen?
Uh… I'll listen, although...
Hearing next time is also okay.
But, why am listening?
Because it is my story
My life, My way!
Seems as if at last it's time I should produce a book.