Dhuruva Natchathiram (Pole Star) - Tamil Short Film HD

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(Cell phone ringing)
Sorry sorry forgot to put it on silent
Shiva come and take your milk
I gotta go grandma is calling me
What is it?
Has everyone come? - Hmmm
You could have woken me up
You were sound asleep,
so your daughter-in-law asked me not to wake you up...
What is Padhu doing?
Padhu hasn't come.
Another project has come up so he had to postpone his trip.
Ekta had come
She asked Shiva to stay here and just left
Why couldn't he just say this through the webcam as usual?
If Padhu could, he would have come
Why else would our daughter-in-law leave Shiva in this house and go?
You are so gullible
This old man had been waiting for his son to turn up
To shut him up he has sent the old man his grandson
Grandma can I keep my bags in this room?
No, when his father comes he can open that room,
tell him to go upstairs
Let's go upstairs
Grandma why does Grandpa always look angry
Ha ha that's nothing my child,
Old people are angry all the time
Hey, has Padhu said when he is going to come?
No he hasn't said
It's been 8 years since he has come
Look at this Shiva and his hair, spiked like a pig
When did he come here?
I didn't want him to lie down alone
Grandpa I thought you might be scared,
So cute!! Bahhh lie down and go to sleep
Inside the lion's fortress, what work does a cat have?
You aren't a lion to claim the throne
There is no place inside my fortress Nor is there a person to accompany me
Nor does the lion wish to rule a deserted kingdom?
Inside the lion's fortress, what work does a cat have?
You aren't a lion to claim the throne
Grandma I am going to play cricket, do you have Tang?
Oh yes we do
There is a big tank next to the Shiva Temple, do you want to go?
Grandma not tank, Tang... Tang fruitjuice
Oh I don't know about any Tang or Pang,
I will ask your grandpa.
There is something called tang, some fruitjuice can you buy it?
Why does he need juice in the morning?
Apparently they drink that usually in America...
In the same America they abandon their father, do you know that?
Will you stop your complaining?
When that boy was sitting quietly at home,
who was the one that told him do his M. S in America, do his PhD in Africa?
Gosh, it is sometimes hard to figure out between the child and the adult!
Ehh Shiva you are out man, leave, don't irritate in the morning,
I won't leave
Who was the one that asked him to join this game;
he knows squat about cricket. - Who said so huh?
Ask the keeper - You guys are a bunch of cheaters.
Ehh why are you talking in English?
Ehh he is irritating us too much, I will smash your head.
Get lost man - Eh what?
Eh what? - Eh what do you think you are doing?
Get lost
Just because you are born in America you can't do what ever you want
What's your problem dude? - Out, you are out, get lost
Ehhh ehhh wait, what happened?
He is out Uncle he was caught behind, he isn't admitting to it!
Yes uncle plumb out! - No Grandpa, they are lying!
Ok who is the umpire?
We don't have an umpire
You are playing without an umpire? Silly boys, go away
Hello, why don't you come and umpire then?
Me? You think I don't have anything better to do? Go away
Then you are out... - Grandpa please be the umpire
For me Grandpa please
I will be the umpire, come
Dude you are so getting out in the next ball...
Last ball man two runs to win... come on come on!!
Bowled!!! Super!!!
No ball
How was it a no ball? - It was! Period!
Run run run Throw the ball throw the ball
Ehh Shiva super dude!
Did you see my sixer?
Ya how do you feel about that?
It was really tough to hit that sixer you know
I enjoyed a lot man
Did you see that?
Dad I have been accepted in Princeton University
Go its perfectly fine,
If you don't visit America now when will you ever get the opportunity again?
Padhu wake up
Don't wake him up dear - Then?
He was studying till 2 in the morning,
let him sleep for a little while more
I will be back before you know it
Ruku I miss Padhu a lot.
Who opened the room?
He looks exactly like our Padhu!
Padhu's birthday photo!
Padhu has come
Welcome - Hi dad how are you
I am fine,
You have become lean
Really? - Sit, sit
I had gone out to get him some Tang
Why are you troubling your Grandpa?
Oh it's nothing!
Dad today afternoon I have to go for my visa renewal,
it will be done by evening
I will have to leave to the U. S in an early morning flight tomorrow
So soon?
My work schedule is a bit tight so...
Why don't you stay for 2 or 3 days and go?
Dad the only reason the gave me this holiday was because of my visa renewal
So... Dad come on cheer up
I have all the time in the world for you
We will eat lunch together
We can chat for two whole hours
Padhu - Ok
Come and check on the sugar for this desert...
Where am I going to go?
Amazing mom, I love you so much;
nothing like home made milk sweet... - I made itjust like every other time
Paddy - What happened Ekta?
Paddy come here for a minute - Ya one sec
What happened?
What happened to you? You aren't eating at all.
Paddy I can't find the passport
What do you mean?
Oh no, they can't find the passport it seems
I looked but it's just not there
How can you say that the passport is gone so easily?
Are you crazy are you mad Search inside properly
Stop shouting at me
It is not about shouting Ekta it is not about shouting just search inside
What happened to you?
What are you doing here?
Why are you sitting near the well?
Grandpa what is more important? Passport or dad?
Eh what are you doing? Give me the passports!
Tell me grandpa Passport or dad?
Dad... right?
If the new passports come in a week I will be very grateful
It will finish within a week? Ok
Ok thank you so much
No No. No problem at all I can be here for a week
Mom the passports will be here in a week
Oh then what, you can stay here happily for a week!
In fact, you can make an offering to our deity in Pittsburg
Grandpa this time you better not cheat with a no ball
Then all your balls are no balls from now on!
Ok fine, I am telling grand mom now itself that you smoke...
Ehh wait wait
From now on no ball is no ball, all ball good balls
Grandpa no English only Tamil - Yes Yes
Grandpa!! - No No No...