Fisher-Price Giveaway Extravaganza!

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bjbj Hey, this is Jim from, we re doing what we love to do best, we re
giving away toys! This is all from Fisher-Price, it s the Fisher-Price Giveaway Extravaganza!
That s right, we have some of the newest and hottest Fisher-Price toys and we re giving
them away to you March 19 through 24. What do we have? We have the Dive & Swim Mermaid
Dora. That s right, Dora the Explorer and once you put her in the water she does the
backstroke. That s right, I m not going to win any races. Also you have the See Yourself
Camera. I like to take pictures and my favorite thing to take pictures of is myself, and you
can do that with the See Yourself Camera and I can do it over and over because it holds
up to a thousand images. Imagine a thousand pictures of me. You also have the Wheelies
Speed n Sound Racetrack. And that includes two of my favorite characters, Lightning McQueen
and Mater. And you also have the Doodle Bear Babies, here they are. You have the little
babies. They come as a little bunny and a little kitty and a little puppy. Also the
Stow n Go Garage. And the car wash acts as a carrying handle so you can carry it around.
And last but not least the Smart Tablet, which you need three double-A batteries in order
to make it work. So this is March 19-24. You got to come to and you can
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