DWTS Season 14 Week 6 - Performances and Results - tWitch Dancing with the Stars Recap

Uploaded by DanceOn on 24.04.2012


We're past the halfway point with Dancing with the Stars.
This week was Motown week, and they had awesome live
performances from Smokey Robinson and even The
Let's start with Roshon Fegan.
I've got to give it up to you, you stayed within the style.
But with a partner like Chelsie, you've got to calm
down a little bit.
That kinda hurts my shoulder.
And another low point for me-- and I'm sorry to say it-- but
the Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight, you would think she'd
kill it on Motown night.
But she was moving a little slow.
I'm sorry, grandma.
I know you love Gladys, but it wasn't a good night for her.
Now, one of my favorite performances of the night was
Jaleel and Kym.
They had The Temptations singing in the background,
they had some soulful dancing going on.
I even saw Jaleel drop down and give a
little James Brown action.
Way to recover from last week, man.
Former athletes always do well on Dancing with the Stars, and
Donald Driver is no exception.
He kept that Motown groove and coming back with the nice
plaster for ballroom.
And I really loved how he's grooving out
with the judges, man.
Good stuff.
We found out who went home or Tuesday's results show.
Later, Gladys Knight.
The competition has officially gotten real.
Make sure you tune in next Monday night to see who breaks
away from the pack.