How to Be a Good Listener : Good Listeners: Remembering

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

Hey, we're still talking about being a good listener. Now, what we've done so far is we
have gotten rid of all the noise. We've taken in the information that the sender, or the
speaker has sent us. We've processed it and organized it. Filed it away in certain categories
and now we have to remember it. Its real important that most bits of information that people
tell you, that you remember. Either for short term or for long term. Now this is especially
important if you are a student or maybe in your particular job, and you have to remember
things. Ok, so this is the point and time where you file them away and you try to remember
specific things about them to remember them. And what I'm talking about here, are what
are some key names and main points. If I'm talking to you, and talking to you, and talking
to you about listening, what might the main points be so far? Well the main point so far
is get rid of noise, try to block out everything and understand the speakers message. And now
remember the main points. And that's exactly what you do to be a good listener.