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Hi, guys.
I'm David with DanceOn, and I'm bringing your weekly recap
of So You Think You Can Dance, Season 9.
This week was bound to be great.
Cat Deeley's sunburn has turned into a tan, and they
got a real guest judge with Adam Shankman.
So here we go.
Here are my top three dances-- first I have Sonya Tayeh's
contemporary piece for Amelia and Will.
I really feel like something has changed with Amelia.
I think that all it took was for her to get with
choreographers who really stripped her down.
And there's no more fakeness.
And I'm enjoying seeing her as a person.
So if she keeps getting the choreographers that strip her
down of all of her weird, quirky habits, she is just
allowed to be a beautiful dancer.
Also, Will makes a really great partner for her.
He's very reliable.
And I enjoyed the fact that this piece was to a classical
piece with no lyrics.
It's very nice to see a contemporary piece that can
still convey emotions without having any actual spoken
lyrics in the song.
So yay Sonja Tayeh.
The second piece that I liked was Sonja Tayeh again, and it
was for Matthew and Audrey.
I really enjoyed seeing darker sides of both of these really
adorable people.
Audrey's legs are amazing.
And she was very wacky.
The judge's commented on her little wacky
walk, and I loved that.
Also if you noticed, I think that they put make-up all over
Matthew's body because his abs were definitely outlined in
foundation, which I thought was hilarious.
The last in my top three was Tiffany and George's foxtrot.
I think Tiffany was a star here.
It totally set her above.
She literally kicked her face.
If you watch it back, her leg actually hits her forehead.
It was too much.
She was going crazy.
I didn't really even get to see George because I was
focusing so much on her, but he was probably fine.
I know that these top three were the exact same three
pairs from last week.
And honestly, I just chose unbiasedly the three routines
that I thought were the best.
So I guess it shows that these three couples really have it
down so far.
As far as the other dancers go, I'm just going to plow
through them.
The Lindsay and Cole teeth routine was nice.
Cole is such a professional.
He's very polished and clean.
Lindsay was very sexy, and I love her legs.
But I would prefer to have a little bit more face.
She actually reminds me a little bit of Lauren Froderman
near the beginning of season seven when she was younger and
before she grew.
And she got the exact same criticism--
that she's being a little too showy and not connecting with
her partner as much.
Nick and Amber's Argentinian tango was miles above the
waltz last week.
I think that Amber really sold it.
She was amazing.
Nick, I didn't really buy as the seducer, really.
Christopher Scott's routine for Dareian
and Janelle was fun.
I think that Dareian was a superstar in it.
He just has that sort of spark, and every movement was
very sharp and what not.
Janelle was sort of faded, and the judges commented on that.
I thought that she took the criticism very professionally.
She didn't argue with them or anything.
She just smiled, so it was nice to see her
being a good sport.
I hope that she does better next week.
I'm a little worried her though.
The Brandon and Janaya park bench dance was OK.
I wasn't feeling it that much.
The last 10 seconds were exciting with the little
climbing up him and the somersault.
That was fun.
I didn't really care for the shoe throwing.
I thought that was a little bit distracting, and then it
was just sitting there on stage.
This routine did remind me, however, of Lauren Froderman's
first dance for the Top 20.
It was a Mandy Moore piece.
And it was with Ade, and she was sitting on
the couch with him.
Between this routine and Lindsay, this episode had me
going back to Lauren Froderman a lot.
I think I just miss her.
She was such a good dancer.
The jive with Eliana and Cyrus was OK.
I honestly feel like Eliana must be just questioning why
the hell do I have this partner?
I mean, I like Cyrus but come on.
It's like she's dragging him across the stage.
And the judges can see that.
And the judges really baby him.
They really tend to baby the underdog who isn't trained.
I mean, Jose, season seven-- you know what I'm saying?
Alexa and Daniel's bathtub dance sort of frustrated me.
I just feel like Alexa lost the spark.
She wasn't extending her legs completely.
She wasn't really going for it.
I feel like the Top 20 introduction was her peak, and
then ever since then, the other girls have sort of
overshadowed her, which makes me sad.
It might have been just the nerve of competing or
something, but I was really disappointed
with her in this routine.
And lastly, Chehon and Witney's
Bollywood routine was fun.
I mean, Chehon looked like he was finally having fun.
The did look a little bit tired near the final
cross of the stage.
Their arms were super sloppy, and they weren't together.
Witney is--
I mean, she's great.
They're both so charismatic at this point, so it was very
nice to see them having fun.
I thought it was really funny how they
announced the bottom three.
There was no music.
They just stood in the line and called them out.
They just plowed through them.
I was very surprised that Alexa went home.
After all of my talking about them pegging her as a star,
giving her screen time.
I was very shocked.
I mean, it makes sense with how she's been declining, and
there was no way they were going to get rid of Whitney.
I mean, they love her, and she has miles to go.
And they got rid of my two least favorite guys, Nick and
Daniel, in one swoop.
So I was very happy about that.
Obviously they're weren't going to get rid of Chehon.
My prediction for the two that will be sent home next week--
because I think it's just boy and one girl--
I think that Brandon and Janelle will probably go home.
Or at least that's how I see it.
I think that those should be the two.
Let me know who you think will go home next week.
Also let me know your favorite dancers,
favorite routines, whatever.
Let me know if you agree or disagree.
I'm discussing in the comments,
and I reply and whatnot.
So let me know that.
I will see guys next week.