Dance Moms - Season 2 Episode 3 - Brooke's Turning Point - Todrick Hall Recap

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TODRICK HALL: Hey, everybody.
This is Todrick.
And this is my really good friend, Matthew Johnson.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: What's up y'all?
TODRICK HALL: He was on X Factor.
He's amazing.
You need to follow him on Twitter.
TODRICK HALL: Anyway, I just decided that I would introduce
someone new to the world of Dance Moms.
What did you think of the show?
MATTHEW JOHNSON: It was a fiasco.
TODRICK HALL: Abby Lee, what'd you say she sounded like?
MATTHEW JOHNSON: She sounds like Marge Simpson.
TODRICK HALL: She does sound like Marge Simpson.
First of all, Maddie and Chloe, for the first time in a
while, are going head to head.
This week, randomly, Brooke is at the top of the pyramid.
And we were like--
MATTHEW JOHNSON: How did that happen?
We were just going to go with it until Brooke decided she
didn't want to be a part of the routine this week, because
this weekend is cheerleading tryouts.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: Abby Lee was not having that.
TODRICK HALL: Abby Lee was not having that.
TODRICK HALL: She let her have it.
She was like, you can go home!
You can go home!
You can go home!
We're not doing it!
The episode was already great, but I just kept hoping and
praying and trying to explain to him who Cathy was.
And who Candy Apples were.
And I was like, I wish you could see her.
And lo and behold, they get on the bus, and they get a phone
call that Cathy is showing up to the competition.
(SINGING) Alleluia!
She brings these kids to do this mermaids number, and it
was all right.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: It was not good.
TODRICK HALL: It wasn't good.
OK, I was just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.
TODRICK HALL: Vivi was in the middle, just looking like a
straight up shrub, just a anemone at the
bottom of the ocean.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: She was like--
TODRICK HALL: Mackenzie won first place in her category.
But Chloe won first place over Maddie.
I don't think--
MATTHEW JOHNSON: How the heck did that happen?
TODRICK HALL: Maddie, if you're watching
this, you won, baby.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: We love you, Maddie.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: You killed it.
TODRICK HALL: Yes you did.
In the end, Candy Apples did try to beat Abby Lee's studio,
but they won as usual.
Everybody lived happily ever after until there was a
humongous fight that broke out in the dressing room.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: Which was my favorite part.
TODRICK HALL: Between Chloe's mom and Cathy.
And Cathy was like, Whoville called.
They want their nose back.
What did she say?
MATTHEW JOHNSON: Freaking hilarious.
TODRICK HALL: You disco ball!
TODRICK HALL: Disco ball!
Overall, it was a great show.
This is Todrick.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: And this is Matthew.
TODRICK HALL: And you're watching (SINGING) FYI.

TODRICK HALL: Oh yeah, Brooke made the cheerleading team.
MATTHEW JOHNSON: And I'm glad she made it.