Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Find a Celebrity for Your Cause

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hello, my name is Rita Tateel. You know a great celebrity spokesperson must have three
things. They must have credibility, capability and motivation. In this segment we're going
to talk about credibility. Credibility with the subject. Not just because they were paid
the right amount of money. For example perhaps they have credibility because they were personally
connected to a particular cause of issue. Like Micheal J. Fox and Parkinson's research
or Denzel Washington and the Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America. Why is Denzel involved with
them? Because when he was a child he was helped by that organization. Maybe there's a creditable
connect because the celebrity uses a particular product or brand themselves and their happy
about it. Like for example take Bob Dole. Well a lot of people know that he put Viagra
on the map. Well he's damn happy about it too. There's another reason why there might
be a creditable connect and that might have to do with sometimes an actor. When their
studying for a part they maybe doing a lot of research and get very involved in the character
and the issues of that role and as a result they get emotionally tied to an issue or concern.
I'll give you a great example of that. A great example is Tom Hanks when Tom Hanks did the
movie Philadelphia. He got very active with AIDS originations. When he did the film Apollo
13. NASA saw a lot of his attention and when he did the film Saving Private Ryan. He started
to support veterans originations and still does today. So it's very important for you
to understand that sometimes if you research. What role an actor is playing that might be
just the thing that gets them emotionally tied enough to a cause. To help them really
be a creditable spokesperson.