UFO Footage 29th August 2010

Uploaded by AustralianPhenomena on 29.08.2010

Ah yes we got a moving light!
Thank you for showing me this sign
Ah there it is let me take it of night vision
See if you can get the colour of it. Ah not really
Thank you for showing me this sign guys
Did that just do a turn?
ah great it's turning
Now please tell me how
What Fucking plane and shit turns? that's beautiful
Thanks for showing this sign guys
You watch this it's going to fade out of nowhere
It's going pretty fast to!
It's going past all these stars
I wanna see if I can see it with my eye or not
Nah I wont take my eye off of it cause last time I lost it
It's going so frikken fast!
It's on the other side of the sky right now
It's Starting to fade out now
Jesus Christ it's on the other side of the sky right now. All I can see is this camera but I can feel my body actually turning around
It just passed that star
Oh my god!
Oh when is it going to stop my ar...
I need to turn my body around
I don't want to lose it
Where is it going? I can't see
I'm not looking with the other eye though
I wanna no if I can still see it
With my bare eye
This is not stopping! It's getting brighter by the looks on the
Camera here
Oh yeah I can still see it with my eye
Jesus Christ it's on this side it's going past the house now
Where'd it go
Is that it there?
That was a beautiful sign thank you
Still going
That done a actual turn man!
I'm Gonna stop zooming in on it now cause my arm is really tired
Now That
Is unexplainable please tell me how it appears all the way. look here's the table I was on
All the way over here
Fly's Fly's Fly's where's the Southern Cross?
Goes up the above the southern cross. Turns and goes all the way down over this side
All the way down here
From there
To there
That was Amazing!!