Stuffed Turkey Roll Recipe - Great Little Ideas

Uploaded by 2010GLI on 08.11.2011

Hello there, I’m Jo and here is a great little idea for you using Paxo sage and onion stuffing
I’m going to show you how to make stuffed turkey roll.
For this you are going to need all the ingredients you would have for Christmas dinner but you are going to make it and toll it up into one tidy self-contained parcel.
So here on my foil I have got some streaky bacon and I have got two turkey escalope
Onto that I’m going to pop my stuffing,
So I’m pouring the water into the stuffing mix, half the amount of water that the instructions suggest.
I’m just going to mix this up,
And a, just let that bulk up a little bit,
once it’s ready I’m going to smear this stuffing mix onto my escalope,
So let’s take a couple of spoons out for this,
that goes on like so
and spread this around,
on top of that lovely stuffing, we are going to pop some cranberry sauce
so a little bit of that in the middle
again spread it around,
and now we are going to roll the whole thing up,
so take your silver foil, be careful not to roll the foil into the turkey,
and gradually tease this in until you are rolling the whole thing into a sausage shape
pop the foil down in the middle
roll it into a parcel and seal the ends like so,
that is it, we are going to pop this into the oven now 200oC
for around 20 to 25 minutes,
now that is going to come out
and you are going to want to take the foil off,
and inside you will find this rolled tidy looking parcel
slice it down the middle, like so
and there you have your very own personal Christmas dinner.