★ Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 - New B/W 2 Animated Trailer Short HD! (Subbed)

Uploaded by ZephyrSonic on 17.05.2012

N: Show me just what kind of path you and your Pokémon aspire to...!
Rival: Alright, go receive your Pokémon!
Player: Yeah!
Rival: You are...
Bianca: Ah...
Bianca: Glad we could meet up!
Bianca: Ta-da! The Pokémon that will become your partner is right inside here!
Akuroma: It was Team Plasma who once said it.
Akuroma: They realized the potential of Pokémon and claimed it was best to free them from humans.
Akuroma: I however...disagree
Elesa: Welcome to the stage!
Elesa: My beloved Pokémon and your Pokémon...
Elesa: Let us compete...
Elesa: To decide who's shine is the real deal!
Team Plasma Grunt: Hahahaha..!
Team Plasma Grunt: I praise you for making it this far...
Team Plasma Grunt: But there are this many of us....
Team Plasma Grunt: So hurry up and surrender.
Rival: I'll say this...
Rival: I'm gonna rage now.
Cheren: Geez... Using their numbers against us...
Cheren: What a real pain.
Rival: I'm gonna finish this fast...
Rival: So lend me a hand.
Player: Yeah!
Team Plasma Grunt: Habunake, Bite!
Player: Windie, You use Bite too!
Rival: Daikenki, Ice Beam!
Player: Wait!
Player: Lucario, Aura Sphere!
Shadow Triad: We'll achieve our goal no matter what methods we have to use!