Nexus One: The Story - Episode 1: Concept & Design

Uploaded by GoogleNexusOne on 02.02.2010

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>> Android itself began two years ago,
and since then it's really begun to marry the software world with the hardware world.
Android on its own is just software,
but by working closely with our partners,
what we can do is create an integrated hardware and software experience
which for the market establishes
what the latest and most advanced capabilities of a phone are.
The Nexus One in my mind really does that.
The Nexus One really brings together a lot of the great innovations
in both hardware and software
and sets that high water mark.
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>> A lot of what ends up defining the personality of the phone is the CMF.
The final finish we ended up using is called soft touch,
because it has this almost suede like feel.
It sits very comfortably in your hand but has just enough grip.
We knew from past product releases that many customers prefer a large display.
At 3.7 inches the screen is very conducive to uses for long periods of time.
>> Early on in the design process,
audience was brought in by HTC to integrate our noise suppression technology
to elevate that quality of voice communication on the Nexus One.
We had precious experience working with HTC on various project
and that proved really valuable in integrating our two microphone
advanced voice processor chip solution into the phone.
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>> The two microphones working with a voice processor
mimic the functions of the human hearing system,
measuring loudness and timing to identify sounds.
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The audience chip in the phone takes all the sound in the two mics
and isolates your voice signal while cancelling out background noise.
like the noisy street and nearby conversations for example.
The result is clear voice for the person on the other end of the line,
as well as the ability to take or make calls regardless of surrounding noise.
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>> We added three dock connectors on the bottom of the device
which connect with three pins that sit in the optional dock,
By working closely with Google,
we were able to implement a design that can fully take advantage
of the latest advances the enbridge software has to offer,
>> The Nexus One is really the latest step in bringing
that sort of close marriage of hardware and software together.
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