Yahoo! Trends With Pamela Woon 10/29/2010 ABC World News Now

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PAMELA: Hey, Rob, Vinita.
Good morning.
So, it's the home stretch of the election season,
and the OC behind me-- the Operation Center--
is buzzing with searches.
And the Ask America campaign on the issues--
also getting a landslide of questions.
Top of the ticket-- Proposition 19 here in California
that would legalize marijuana.
Searches up an amazing 9,425%.
And the big California governor's race--
Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown?
Well, the gloves are off, it's gone nasty,
and the nation is watching and searching.
Numbers up 248% this week on Jerry; 932% for Meg.
Now, Senate races also generating searches
well beyond state lines.
Up 88% on the Harry Reid/Sharon Angle race in Nevada,
and spiking across the board for Senate races
in California, Alaska, Washington state.
But here's an interesting trend--
actually a down trend-- Delaware.
Now, users seem to be over
the Christine O'Donnell/ Chris Coons race.
Coons is way ahead in these final days.
Now, the Fall Classic is upon us,
and the Texas Rangers against my beloved San Francisco Giants.
Now, some were hoping for a New York/Philly series,
thinking that no one would watch this one.
But, at least online, this match-up is a home run.
Searches are triple what they were last year.
A hot topic is quirky Giants closer Brian Wilson
and his dyed black beard
now donned by Giants fans everywhere.
Searches for "Brian Wilson's beard" are up 161%.
The NBA season has tipped off,
and Lebron James is king of the search engine.
His Nike ad is huge right now; numbers are soaring on Lebron.
And speaking of commercials, Yahoo has never seen ads
trending as high as they have this past week,
bigger than even past Super Bowls.
Now, the E-Trade talking baby ads-- search is up 224% there.
And those Geico spots about the wood-chucking woodchucks
and the little piggie who went "Whee, whee, whee"
all the way home-- up 113%.
All right, Rob, Vinita--
so, with all the mud-slinging going on
with these campaigns, maybe we can't help but laugh
at these silly commercials, right?