Primal Fear (8/9) Movie CLIP - Playing Rough (1996) HD

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You loved him like a father.
Even though he made you and your girlfriend
Perform demeaning sexual acts
For his own gratification.
No, you don't understand.
H-he-- there was no other way
For him to cast out his own demons.
He needed it.
He needed to get off, aaron!
That's what he needed you for--
To perform like a circus animal.
That was your function in his life.
Mr. Stampler, I'm going to ask you straight,
Because I am tired,
And I've had all I can take of this sordidness.
I want to go home and wash my hands
And forget all about you and archbishop rushman.
Did the archbishop force you
And your girlfriend and others
To perform sexual acts while he watched,
Yes or no?
No--y-yes, he did, but...
Yes. Yes, he forced you.
He forced you
By threatening expulsion from savior house
And a life on the street
With no heat, no water and no food.
He put you in front of a camera,
He made you take off your clothes,
And you don't think that's another side,
Another face of a man we thought we knew?
If someone did that to me,
I'd kill him. I wouldn't hesitate.
I would stab him 78 times with a knife.
I would chop off his fingers.
I would slash his throat open.
I would carve numbers into his chest.
I'd gouge out his eyes, I swear to god.
But that's me.
No further questions, your honor.
Excuse me? Where the hell are you going?
You look at me when I'm talking to you, bitch!
Judge: Mr. Stampler!
Fuck you, lady! Come here!
Bailiff! Order!
You want to play rough? Let's play rough.
Come on. Back off!
Hey, back off!
Roy, take it easy!
Keep coming, asshole! I'll break her fucking neck!
Roy, come here.
Fuck you. I'm walking out of here real slow.
No! No!