24 hours on craigslist

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(unknown machine noise) (typing) Woman: I've been using Craigslist since 1995
When it was just an emailing list.
Woman: I started searching craigslist...
Man: Craigslist dot org. Another man: It's just classifieds from the
newspaper, on the internet
Man: Bare to the bones and functional.
Older woman: We type it in. (typing)
Young man: A lot of people ask me how does Craig make money?
I don't know he's not charging me! I don't know who he is charging?
(piano) Man: I guess the only people that gotta pay on there
is like employers looking for employees.
Woman: I live in Japan, Okinowa, Japan.
And I've been kind of living vicarously through Craigslist.
Man: When I first decided to move to San Francisco, I didn't know, you know
where to look for an apartment or job
and little did I know it was all in one website.
Man: I mean there is a job I got this morning.
Woman: And I get all these repsonses of people saying,
okay well I can do it for this price or this price....
Woman: We got this lovely couch
Man: So we got this... Man: Office furniture.
Woman: A Stroller
(music) Man: I found this hundred dollar toaster for fifteen bucks
and gave it my friends for Christmas.
Woman: Housing. I definetly look in housing.
Woman: This magnificent apartment that you see around you.
Woman: You know it's a free ad. Man: Personal ad segment of craigslist.
Man: I actually met my wife in a bizzare way through craigslist.
Man: If you you are a three foot elf
who likes to ride elephants you know...
on top of a garbage truck at two in the morning,
you are gonna find a social group for that.
Man: I didn't realize they had personals Woman: I'm sure he is...
Man: You better be careful what ya out there.
Man: It's really shocking, wild stuff, real.. it's brutal.
Man: Flakey factor in craigslist.
Woman: I don't know where the segment is, I can't find it.
Woman: Oh you are making a movie about craigslist. Well...
(mulitple voices talking)
Woman: What's it going to be about?
How do you make a movie about Craigslist?
Man: Straighten your back, what are doing? Man: I have a hunch, I realize.
Man: Do you think that, there really is a Craig?
I imagine this room full of super computers.
Some of them are gray, they're a little bit modeled
And they are all in this huge room, darkened.
and there's this whirring sound. And then there's a little monitor in the corner..
Like one of those cheap Apple two e monitors just green and black.
And pasted on the side of the monitor is this
name tag that say's Craig.

I don't see it.
Come on, just use your imagination. -No.

I don't know, because I never seen
any uh..artist depiction...
or even a physcial description of Craig, so i'm not sure.
Like I said, my feeling is, he doesn't really exsist.
If there was no...if there was no Craig, one would have to be invented
I definitely believe that.
LIttle Debbie Cakes, no such thing no such thing.
and little Debbie really is, she's pretty good size woman.
Not a small woman. I understand she's got her own zipcode.
I don't know that for a fact, but...
it's what I've heard
and the...about Craigslist, there was Craig?
Who started started off small, made a bigger...
I heard there was a new one, a Mark's List? Somebody's trying to rip it off.
You know, I was playing on the internet a lot, craigslist and a bunch of other sites
um..where you know a primary form entertainment.
You're hurtful to people, you're manipulative and hurtful.

His friend smells so bad....he smells so bad. -But not to me, not to me.
You're gonna let him live in my room, he's an animal, an animal. -He's great to me.
Actually, I was thinking, if if I don't get this... -Put your head on my breast.
If I don't get this sublet, get this sublet.. (shouting) If I don't get this sublet.
I'm gonna, gonna rent it out to one of the people doing personals on
on craiglist and let them use it as a love hotel. -come here.
Ow. -too much, too much.
Okay relax, relax.
Do you have any other?
Do you want some milk? No. No milk.
Man: Thank you.

Hello and I placed the ad on craigslist, to free up some space in my garage
by getting rid of a couple of my wife's six strollers.
We only have a one car garage, and it can't hold six strollers.
I have reasons for every single one of these.
This was my first one...
because it was sturdy, it was bright, it was pretty.
So that worked out well, but unfortunately my daughter hated being in a stroller.
(music sting) (typing)
So I chose this one, the Pre-kah.
(typing) (comical sax jazz music)
House of doors!
Yes in deedy!
I ended up with two hundred fifty pairs of army surplus women's pants.
(chain noise)
(boat sounds)
You guys didn't think you were going to be out having a good day on the boat.
Did you?-Woo hoo!
So, I thought if she saw me pushing. She wouldn't be as scared.
But that really didn't work out.
I have some older excess furniture, ready to be liberated to it's next owner.

Fog lamps.

Cases of buffing wheels.

Come on in.
You too have this much fun, on a boat bought right from craigslist.

I'm hoping to uh, to allow the furniture to uh,
move on to it's next destination.
So, finally I put a posting on craigslist, saying hey...
these are too good to be in the dumpster someone must have a use for them.
Alright, we're gonna have to look over, we're gonna have to climb a ladder
and look over a wall.
And someone called up and offered me, a bag of home cooked cookies for them.
Without a boat, it's just plain boring. So don't forget...
Get this boat, open up your frickin horizons and enjoy life.
and...I got the cookies and she got the pants.

I'm gonna put a ladder here, so you can see where the scooters are.
It is a little bit on the ridiculous side.
For a double decker, it is very small and compact.
And the double strollers take up even more space than, than you can imagine.
Come on Craig, I dare you to buy my boat.
So this isn't your typical bay area residence.
A man and his doors.
The scooters are right over here.
(in audible)
That helps.
See em! See the scooters over there.
How much? - A hundred bucks.

So, we bought this one, just a couple of days ago.
So, I'm hoping this is the end of my stroller search.
They no longer suit my ah, deep purple blackberry furniture needs.
Every single person on that fishing boat, is jealous right now.
Wishing they were on this boat. Why? Because they're fishing with people
they don't know. On this boat, you just bring your friends. Bring your friends!
Bring a cooler of beer, enjoy yourself. You know...
I don't even want to sell it now!
You came to a garage sale, and didn't bring any money.
I also have seven car seats, but that's a different story.
(music ends) (laughter)
I prefer this side of my face. -Man: There you go.
We posted a sublet, I'm leaving for New York in two weeks.
So, I thought I would make a little bit extra money on the half month that
Not going to be here. Three hundred dollars.
You gonna charge three hundred dollars. - Is that too much? What?
I don't..I wouldn't know, I wouldn't know, but...
Your leaving from the twentieth? - Yeah, it's, it's like twenty days.
How's that twenty days? - That's a super deal, they get dsl.
Right on.
(drum beat) (typing)
Well, let me show you around the house.
I'm looking for somebody that ideally has another animal.
Cause it's fun to have more animals to live with.
I, you know, placed an ad, saying that I'm a drummer and...
if, if you think that you have a place that I could set up my kit.
and practice it and live...
Sadie can we come in your house? Are you going to be nice...
this is Sadie's house.
Everyone uses it, everyone in here, um make sure that we keep it
nice and tidy.
We tidy up after ourselves, it makes it easier that way we can't have a
peep, people pointing fingers after each other saying it's your turn now.
and that sort of thing.
(growling dog) (in audible) No!
This is not your house.
I don't know, the smell of cat piss, and cat piss on my drums.. You know.
You can probably catch a whiff of it.
This one got sprayed a few times, um...
I have some cymbal bags that got sprayed.
Like a territorial thing.
So, this, you now this, kinda reeks of cat piss.
You have a lot of stuff? - I have a lot of stuff!
You um, caught me in the middle of doing a little washing up.
Terms of washing up is ahhh, we...
do it as and when required.
(dog's barking) (laughing)

Knock it off.
Why do think's he moving out? - Huh? I don't know, I have no idea why?
Why he's really moving out? But ah...
(dogs growling-barking)

You forgot the dog? - I don't if I heard anything about the dog?
Oh, the dog, uh...dog.
Dog. - Dog.

Bye. (dog moan)
And uh, yes, well, welcome to our to my humble abode.

I moved in, and we became real friends, real good friends.
Almost lovers.

But no. I'm just kidding. That wasn't real.

Um, and I...
I just couldn't resist Sarah's posting.
Um.. - We didn't not meet through a personal ad.
I just want to tell you that.
How you doing? - How you doing? Yes, yes it's nice
to have camera's on you. -Yeah, Yeah, I..
I had actually posted on the women seeking women first
like my last serious relationship was with a woman.
I in one way or another meet my, my wife Patty, through Craigslist.
In that a friend, a mutual friend in the ski house.
Ah, brought Patty up one weekend and six years later, we're living here
and married. -Yes, we are.
So, we corresponded one or twice, then I guess I gave you my number.
We exchanged photos too. -Yeah, photos, the usual, the usual stuff.
I really wanted to find somebody was interested in practicing Judaism.
A lot of my social circle has developed.
Through a posting on Craigslist several years ago, where I joined a Ski house.
I remember one of our first dates, ah, was on a Friday night.
Which is the Jewish sabbath, and um...
Growing up we always lit the candles and bless the wine and Hala.
I had actually kinda got in the habit of doing it, by myself, but..
There's, I mean Judaism is so much about community and so,
it was always a little bit lonely.
Ta dah! - Yeah, like that fancy vase?
Yeah -Okay, thought you might.
Well, it's not going to break or anything. -So, I don't know, do you have other questions?
We're not sure when we met. It was either in
morning of Valentine's day, or the evening, because...
I met all these people in the Ski house, outside in a blizzard...
and everyone had their face masks on, and so, I don't know if I met Peter then.
Or later in the day.
And, I actually invited him to join me for that portion of my evening which
was actually kind of a big step for me, because I had been out with a
other people on Friday, but I didn't want to like share my sabbath with them yet, but
Um... -That was our third date.
We were snowed in, and we had eat
whatever little bits of food people brought. I had brought cookies,
somebody brought wine, Peter had cheese and bread.
So, there were about ten of us, who were stuck inside, and it was great
we all got to know each other.
But, you know, sometimes you can be real intimate. You live with somebody
for a long time. You know things happen and you don't know why.
(typing) Man: My name is Simar. I have two postings.
One was a personal. -Woman: Can you read it to us?
Okay. The skinny is
that I am, euphemistically put, an inexperienced man.
I'd find out that these women had kinda of stretch the truth on certain things.
They just weren't as outgoing as they said they were.
Um, in some cases they weren't as thin as they said they were.
The title of my ad was, is there one good looking, or
attractive man on Craigslist.
Man: And it's very tough, you know to meet people in this city, in fact
(laughing) I think most people over age of thirty seven are either killed
transported out of the city limits, or confined to their houses.
Because, I mean, I'm fifty. So, ah, for me to try to find somebody
Ah, ah, to meet for long term relationship I think is ah...
going to be a tough one.
I can meet, maybe five woman, maybe on a lucky night.

Man: I can already explained why I bloomed so late. Bottom line, no sex.
As I put in there, let me be the judge and jury you know, send me a picture
don't be shy. A lot of people sent it and said
okay, tough cookie. Take your best shot.
Woman: I get responses from people who say they very attractive and good looking.
And they send me their pictures, and I don't really, I don't have very specific tastes
about how men should look. But they're hard for me to look at.
I do know that I'm funny, well dressed, intelligent, personable.,
sensitive and reasonably attractive.
I said that I was looking for somebody, that was ah, ah, petite or slender, because
I'm not obivously, I'm not a, ah, ah, big man.
You know, so I listed my stats as well. Ah, so that it wouldn't be so
painful for those women who are you know...
It wasn't as superficial as it sounded.
I had no clue what to do, I lost my Dow,
I was a plastic bag in a gail storm. I was no longer the man with the je ne sais quoi.
I was just another fool, who couldn't handle a woman.
I had one casual encounter, that was
something straight out of Penthouse Forum.

What I need, is to go out with something who clearly tells me two things.
That she likes me enough to have sex with me, and
That she lets me know when to do it.
She said, well okay, I'm ready for my massage, she got up and walked
out of the room. Came back in, buck naked.
It's all really in your hands. Take charge. I'll take care of the rest.

I give her the massage, and eight hours later I went to work.

Actually finding the one person that you think you want to settle with,
just doesn't happen.
Because basically, you're always asking yourself, is she the right one,
is she the one, or is that the one, maybe over there.
I got one response in this one, which ah, wasn't really surprising.
Ah, but it was a very sweet response. It was somebody that was ten years
older than me. And this person was very down to earth
and said I really liked what you said, that made me feel good.
You know, I emailed her back, and I wished her best of luck in her search.
She wrote back, well, we're still kinda of a emailing each other I guess.
I don't know, um, I don't know if we're actually going to meet.
-So that was a good connection that you made through craigslist?
Yeah, but it was the only time I got to see her, cause, uh, just as I was leaving
I asked her about a picture that was on the table.
She's like, oh, that's my husband. So, that was it.
No one really settles down, no one really wants to, you know, start a family
or buy a house. It's, it's a lot of renting
and lot of spending money frivilously, which is really fun, and um
a lot of dating.

Here we are golfing, and talking about Craigslist and all the wonderful things
and I, ah, I even met somebody that ah, wants to go golfing.
Say hello (in audible) -Hi.
You get people with vaules, that are not out to rip people off.
And this has been most of my experience
that it's really good people, that are
all aware, that there is stuff out there, to be wary of, and that almost gives them
sort of a hypersenstivity to that. And they go to the other extreme.
And really try to bring a code of ethics, to their behaviors.
You know, involved around the internet, and I'm finding a lot of that.
You guys got bigger stuff.
Me, fifty one years old, looks fifty two.
Six two, one seventy, looks one fifty.
White guy. Half bald, and near sighted.
Emotionally immature and impotent.
Recovering alcoholic and chain smoker.
Very opinion, opioniated on topics I know nothing about. Never votes.
Lives with mother and spinster aunt.
What's this guy do? -He keeps us, he keeps us in line.
Alright, can you start pulling the weeds out of lawn. If your gonna just stand there.
I want you to go to work.
Can't cook or clean. Blame everything on post traumatic stress syndrome.
Complete racist and bigot.
Favorite food is Wonder bread with Miracle Whip.
And chronic complainer.
Never lifts the seat up.
Likes to sit on porch and yell at kids who step on to my lawn.
Hey, you kids get off my lawn. Like that.
See that part over there, they can go on that.
Cause, that's not my lawn.
Why does that guy even come? Does he get paid?
Man: He gets paid the big bucks.
Ah, no, no, cause he's not doing anything.
Man: Sometimes he does something. -When?
Is he like a Navigator or something? -(in audible)
You, at least sixty years old, any height. Race unimportant.
As long as it's the same as me. At least two hundred and seventy pounds.
Should have current welfare and or social security income.
Widow with inherited money okay.
Colostomy okay, but change your own diapers.
Proficiency in nagging required. Must be able to find fault with anything.
Yeah, people thought that was ah...
was less than serious. I was really looking for her.
And ah, response for this was great...
Got a lot of ah, lot of pictures of semi-clad woman, and ah...
naked woman. But they were all like twenty.
Some were even, eighteen, nineteen. That really wasn't was I after.
And they were small. They were like one ten.
Two hundred and seventy pounds. Means two hundred seventy pounds.
And that's going to be the hard part, going through them, and ah, ah
figuring who the lucky lady is going to be.
Cause, I'm, I'm really not very intelligent.
And it's probably from that post traumatic stress syndrome.
If you guys had read my ad, you'd known that.
My first wife died, um, about...
fifteen years ago. She ate poison mushrooms.
Met another woman, and got married almost immediately.
Then, like, two months after we got married she died...
of poison mushrooms. It's like man, I'm having bad luck with these mushrooms.
And, I got married again, and about a
year after I was married, my third wife died.
Excuse me? Man-How she die?
Oh, fractured skull. She wouldn't eat the mushrooms.
Thank you, thank you very much. I'll be here all week.
Typing out a little blue sentence on Craigslist, can suddenly
you know get you much more attention then you ever could of
you know conceivably gotten, you know, ten, fifteen years ago.
Well, my Craigslist experience, is I came from
Ann Arbor, Michigan, and moved to San Francisco, and on Craigslist I got
a job, interview before I came, and I got the job within a day.
Man: Hi, David. -Hi, Jennifer, nice to meet. Hi, nice to meet you.
(soft music) I've been a photographer since high school.
I found a food stylist on Craigslist.
We're doing a photoshoot at Travinia.
The food stylist needs to be comfortable with making the food look this good.
Or, this good, or..
(sexy jazz music) Before, I've become a butler. I have um...
I have service as a child, I've traveled world.
I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.
with honors.
(hard rock music) ( I use to be titanic)
( I use to be king)
Here's the kitchen, I'm the Chef (in audible)
Metal Chef.

It's my tip jar.
(sexy jazz music) The tradition of, of, of, of, of, butling if you will.
It's, it's, it's a class, a special mini
micro class, called the butler class.
And, the butlers, in English turn of the century.
Were superior to all the rest of the help.
(hard rock music)
I tried to make it, ah, appealing...
People come up to me and say hey, ah, give me a criminally insane with cheese.
Every title here is a Slayer song.
I have a risotto, with ah, toasted pine nuts, smoked tomatoes, and red peppers.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna do ah...
Soy chicken satays, instead of uh rosemary.
(soft music) Man: Where you from?
Is it already coming out? -Yeah, actually it's coming out for a second.
I'm from Houston. Yeah.
But, you know, I started, I started out shooting social events for, yeah..
ah, like the Town and Country thing.
It's like Forbes and...
Food, in Houston! (laughing)
There's not really whole lot of food in Texas.
You can only shoot, enchiladas so many times.

I mean I love em.
But, you know, it is what it is.
(hard rock music) Well, I want on tour, with Pissing Razors
(hard rock music) back in April.
I travel on the RV, or on a, usually
It's been an RV all time, that I've gone out
(in audible)
I just cook, three, four, five meals a day. For the bands.
And, I do high protein, low carb.
(sexy jazz music) I brought them a dessert. I made a little
sculpted that look like a scene of a sunset with a plum.
And these different sauces and yogurt.
(hard rock music) Cookies at two am. You know...
coming off the stage drunk wanting cookies.
You know. Chef, make us cookies. You know, so.
This is life, at a death metal club, with fine cuisine.
(soft music) We took food, we took some natural, earthy shots.
And some dessert shots, this is the wine shot.
I haven't noticed the riff raff, in, on Craigslist.
Um, I've used it for job postings and I've used it for
finding an apartment, so I haven't noticed
whole lot of riff raff on it.
(sexy jazz music) Belinda Carlise came by, she came by
Prince came by, but I started to make him
smaller portion, cause he looks so tiny.
He's got this like ex-football players, these big black guys
like six eight, and Prince is this wimpy hairless little man.
It was really funny.
And if they're not quality people, it's pretty, pretty obvious.
When you grow up Italian in New York, if you're the one who sweeps the barbershop
and that barbershop is so well swept, at the end of the day, all your friends,
pat you on the back, and they go, this barbershop has never looked so good.
You're proud of the work you've done. And it doesn't really matter what the job was.
It's, what matters is the intentions you go into it with.
So, you know, rubbing naked people with oil who are strangers,
can be just as, you know, important and fulfilling a job as
you know, going to Africa and doing peace corp work. Mother Theresa.
It all depends on what your going into it with.
(typing) (knock on door)
(voices) (band warming up)
Hi, I'm Leah.
Man: Hi. Come on in.

So this is the music room.
Man: Michael? -Mark.
Man: Mark. -Come in and come on up.
So, I put a post up calling for who want to make revolutionary music with me.
(rock music) I wanted to put together a band that is
musically, stylisically, akin to
the power guitar driven bands of the seventies
like, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Heart, etcetera
Music that sort of inspires people to do something with their lives.
That's um, that they love and
that is kind of contributing to making the world a better place.
Obviously, there's a lot of problems right now.
Um, I think that we need to start making some real changes.
But the catch is, although I'm going to singing, I'm going to be singing
as Mark Seargent, I'm going to be singing as Ethel Merman.
(heavy rock music)
Wig land!

Now, there is an air conditioning unit in it. Um, I think it is probably street legal
in most states, (in audible)
Ethel hasn't done that yet, there you go!
(acoustic music)
♪ Here comes you ♪
♪ to rock my world ♪

♪I feel your fire ♪
♪ I feel your good ♪

♪ I can taste the love ♪

♪ You draw me in ♪

♪ is now the time ♪

♪ should we begin ♪

♪ for I cannot keep guessing ♪
♪ what your feeling ♪
♪ won't you please tell me ♪
♪ what you need

♪ should we fall in love tonight ♪
♪ or let this one ♪
♪ fly by ♪

(music ends) You know, It's one of the reasons why I actually started
learning how to use the computer.
Cause you know, it's like, wow, I can make postings on Craigslist for free!
I making a short digital video project, only have a budget of twenty dollars
thirty two cents.
I would love anyone who wants to help me out by donating any of the props listed below.
(50's style rock)
I needed the props for a short film that I'm doing called
Eskimo three point one four.
I needed props that a hermaphodite
I'm the hermaphodite, but not really just for the short film.
Might be able to use false lashes, makeup.
Costuming, stuff like that.
Okay do it, smash it.

Do it again, keep going.

The only thing you need to make movies, is a camera.
Whether you borrow or purchase it, or don't steal it cause
thats wrong, but, just get a camera, and you can, you can,
make anything with it.
You have a great idea, then take out your camera that you didn't steal and you know
just go ahead and start filming, cause that's that's all we're doing.
(rock music) We're gonna put it in the papers and be famous.
I just felt like I had this affinity with her, because she loved to sing, she loved to entertain.
Um, and she was just fun!
Touch up our shiny noses.
Man: Good right there.
Man: This, good right there, hold that.


(music end)
My background, actually since I was a little kid, I've been doing musical theater.
My mom, has a dance studio in western New York, so...
it was hard to avoid the dance aspect.
Primarly the response I've gotten has been from wedding couples.
People getting married, who are looking for um
a little assistance with which foot to start with
and how to float around the dance floor.
(soft piano)
I just try to show them, that if they can walk, they can dance.
And that is how I start out every lesson.
Two, good, three.

Everytime, I've opened a door to go into someone's house.
The people I have met, have been the nicest people.
They're a great couple, ah...
They're getting married, in, gosh, two and half weeks.

I was probably ten years old when Dirty Dancing came out.
And, I wanted to make sure that one day I too, would be able to dance like Jennifer Grey.
And, when Dan and I got engaged.
The very first thing I thought of was, we must choreograph the first dance
and have it be perfect.
I don't like the way we're moving the hand, I wanna, I wanna
Let's okay, let's try it.
And his name was Patrick, sort of like Patrick Swayze.
So, of course, I thought, oh my God that's meant to be. It's fate!

Man: That's right Craigslist is filming a documentary, so be aware.
Smile, if you want to be on camera, if you don't

Two, good.
Man: Run for the hills.
(rock music)

♪ dream of Genie, Genie ♪
♪ in audible ♪
♪ dream of Genie, Genie ♪
♪ did I rub your bottom down wrong ♪

♪ broken down on ♪
♪ aboard your street ♪
♪ I thought I could get through to you ♪
♪ if I walked your way ♪
♪ walked your way ♪
♪ dream of Genie, Genie ♪
♪ did you see inside too long ♪
♪ did you on the steps of bourbon street ♪
♪ and pour your hate to when I won ♪
♪ a broken down by ♪
♪ orion wine ♪
♪ I thought I could get through to you ♪
♪ if I walked your way ♪ ♪ walked your way ♪
♪ dream of Genie, Genie ♪
♪ would you like gin, today ♪
♪ dream of Genie, Genie ♪
♪ won't you sit down here ♪ ♪ sit down here ♪
♪ right next to me ♪ ♪ right next to me ♪
♪ kiss my pain ♪ Man: Ladies, have your wanted a husband
without a permanent bothersome attachment.
Rent a husband is for you.
Do you need someone around the house to do things, your girlfriends
make their husbands do?
Take out the trash, clean the bathroom, do the yard work, fix something.
Maybe you just need someone to cook dinner while you pick up the kids,
(typing) We deliver complete temporary husband services.
Companionship, cooking, cleaning, yardwork, driving, massage, light maintenance.
entertaining, child care, technical advice, even listening.
Prices very reasonable.
Man: Rent a husband in his natural habitat.
There's an email from this guy, and he said like, well do you work for men?
Because since my ad was rent a husband
it is primarly aimed at women.
But, I said sure, I guess why not.
Well, this is a garden sorta, kinda before we started, except it was a lot higher
over in this area here.
And it had been, about two years since I've touched the garden.
I mean my whole goal, if this business really took off, would be not
be the rent a husband. But, to be the rented husband pimp, or whatever
you want to say. So, the guy who sends out rent a husbands to do the jobs.

Man: How's this rented husband doing?
He's doing a pretty good job, it was good deal on my part.
Man: Here's a probing question
You have a client and your doing garden work, companionship
and suddenly she wants more. Would you go there?
I'm currently single, so if I'm attracted I go there. Yeah.
I do. (laughing)
Man: Have you figured out the rates for that yet.
um, rates for that, are very negotiable.
That's ah,
Definitely, barter and exchange is good on that one.
(accordion music) What's the strangest Craigslist story
that you ever heard.

Wow, that's a good one.
Oh, yeah, there was one guy, who posted on there awhile ago.
Who said he had a prosthetic beer gut for sale.
Because, he wanted to look cool when move to college, so he got a
beer gut implant. But, then he realized it wasn't as cool out here
as he thought. So, he said he had it surgically removed, and he was selling
for like thirty dollars.
There was a fellow who offered to trade
a dead racoon for, I think it was a dvd set of
the first season of the Sopranos.
It's hard for me because in a way, my life is so strange
I'm wondering if
It's hard, I am wondering if seeing Ethel
advertising for a band, that somebody is that is the strangeset thing they ever seen.
I don't know. (laughing)
I'm the strangest thing I've ever seen on Craigslist.

(music end)
Oh, you want me to tell you the ultimate Craigslist story.
Man: Yeah -Alright.
So, back in nineteen ninety seven
my wife and I, we were in Greece.
We ran into this woman on a walk one day that was just painting the scenery.
There I was in Greece in the beautiful countryside, doing a painting of a castle.
When these two people come walking up to me and they were like looking
over my shoulder and they are watching me paint.
and we start having a conversation, it turns out, they're from San Francisco
I'm from San Francisco.
The question came up how did you get here.
She said, have you ever heard of Craigslist?
And we said, yeah, we definitely heard of Craigslist.
We're very familar with Craigslist. And she said, oh, well, well,
about two months there was this, there was this post for this couple.
Who were selling everything they own to travel to around the world.
That's something that really touches me\and that's what I want to do.
And then she said, what the hell am I waiting for, and so
she said, I got the tickets and here I am.
The hair on the back of our neck went up and we were just freaked out
We said, well we're that couple.

Turns out they were the couple, that had posted they're entire
selling everything so they could travel around the world.

(typing) Man: Next weekend we're going to be filming
a commercial where we do a parody on some famous L.A. reality stars.
and still need this toy poodle, so if you have a black toy poodle
preferably he's on prozac
and loves, very horny, loves to like do it to stuffed animals.
That's our dog.

Man: What do you think of all this?
I think it's pretty unusual.
They are several animal talent agencies in Los Angeles.
But, dealing with this SAG poodle this weekend.
Which is too much, and pretty costly,
and Joe came up with the suggestion of trying Craigslist.
And the poodle that we needed for the shoot is
outside in the green room, on the grass.
Man: Tapitio, come here.
(jazz music) You gonna have to get makeup and wardrobe.
You gonna have to go into wardrobe and make up yeah.
So, this Shelby, the crabby flabby tabby and she has
diabetes unfortunately, she's about thirteen was a little
overweight a little too long.
All of her life, we've been struggling, you know
I don't what you think, three years or more? - At least, diet food.
Diet food, we had to tell the neighbors to stop feeding her.
You know, it's just like a human being, she's, animals are more prone to diabetes.
When they get overweight.
Um, I don't know, it's.
Living with Shelby, is like living with a much beloved
elderly, incontinent aunt.
You know, that's just how it feels, you know, you are caring for her, but
you know people say, why are you spending the money on the cat, and why are you
you know, going through this daily routine, that is such a drag, and
all I can say is we love here, yeah we do. -Yeah.

Our dog Hollis, had to be put down, she, ah,
was getting old, and lost the use of her backend
of her legs, and so we had to put her to sleep.
And so we put an ad in for a small dog for the family and
Now, it's here. -Yeah, it's very cool.
I've had Beavus, for seven and half years now
I got him when he was nine weeks old.
Can you give me a kiss.
If I think something weird that I want to try to get him to do, I can usually get him
to do it within a couple of minutes.
You want to tell me a story. No talk to me.
Tell me about your day, talk to me. Really, then what happened.
Oh, you don't say.

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Say please.
I'm smart and sexy, so why did I buy a rabbit?
I'm twenty four year old asian girl
I enjoy traveling, roadtripping, music, wandering around the city, cooking, baking, golfing.
Basketball, reading, movies...
I'm also finacially and emotionally stable. Which some people aren't.
Man: Bunny is ready?
Okay, so bunny is ready.
(laughing) This is bunny.
Man: Whoa. Well, pretty cool huh? It's a little intimidating.
A little pink, yeah, so, do you want a demonstration?
(sexy disco music) Alright, so.

We're on full throttle. My favorite, that's what I like.
That's, that's, magic. That's where the magic happens.
If anybody really knows me. They know that, I love Britney Spears.
I make no qualms about it. So, (clears throat)
I have a couple posters of Britney. And the first one
I got, is Britney in three different stages of dance, I guess.
No, I get twelve months of Britney. And what little five two asian girl doesn't
want to be a blond little white girl.

(music end) (typing)

And up, you can cross over your knee, that's right.
Left, right, and left, and a little farther.
(in audible)
This is my kids, and um, as many women know, you know
it's quite hard to get back in shape, once you have a little baby, because all your time is
taken, so I was getting in shape with my baby, and I happen to be a personal
trainer. Ah, so I came up with a program where you sing
and dance, and the baby is all thrilled and excited and claps.
She is just the excercise nazi basically, she whips these moms
baby bodies back in to shape. I mean they run around the mall, ah,
whiz by you and you have to definitely
watch out for them.
It actually, I don't really look at the advertising or
the shops when I train. Except sometimes we stop in front of Victoria's Secret,
and look at all those gorgeous beauties there and I say,
Okay, do five squats and you'll look like that.
Uh, uh, uh, and lift weights and be so, so hard
that...everytime I think about Jean, to go work out, you think
about work.

You don't want nobody to think about work, you want to have somebody come here to have fun.
Right? It's not about the macho thing. Oh, what doing here, you want to fight.
There's nothing like that. You gonna come over here, and you gonna over to my gym
to have fun.
You know for the longest time when I was a teenager,
I hated, my arms.
I hated like, I hated how strong I was.
I hated that I was big, I felt like I wasn't petite,
and feminine looking.
The event that I'm planning, is a comedy mixed with fashion.
I found out about this fashion from Craigslist. -Man: Really?
Now the athletic body style is sort more in fashion.
At the time it was not. Until I started doing wrestling.
It was, wow, I'm not fat, I'm strong.
And being strong, I can really do this.
It's about people being, not so vain.
You know about what they do. You know, just because your into fashion and
and, things that are sort of an artistic outlet doesn't mean that you have to be
totally self centric.

Realizing, that your body is more
than just looks.
So, I look like this, I have red hair and blue eyes.
Mostly you got, you know people, in there like, in there bikinis or whatever.
It's actually kind of fun, (clears throat) it wasn't as horrible as I thought would be.
But, I'm kinda doing it in the more higher class level, really.
I mean not to sound too full of myself or anything.
You know the beauty that comes with, with your body is
how you can use it. That's what I'm trying to convey with this
school, especially to women.
So I posted an ad of, saying something along the lines of passable
pre-op transexual escort available for outcalls.
And um, for the time spent with me, a donation
to my sex change surgery fund would be quite appropriate.
Sexual reassignment surgery for a male to female transexuals
is a cosmetic and major abdominal surgery
which, um, basically removes certain portions
of my anatomy and changes some of the others around
and when the surgery is over, I will have a vagina.

Which is something that is very important to me I'll be a lot happier.
Well, right now, I'm really excited about it, but, um
after a while, it will be just something I did.
Woman: So, I'm just going for it you know. It's time.
Seeking gay guy for possible co-parenting to Uncle arrangement.
That's kind of the spectrum I'm interested in.
Thirty four year old, single, bi-sexual woman seeks a different kind of relationship
still to be defined.
I am a stable, health care provider, seeking someone who shares
similar interests and goals, and would like to have a child.
No sex involved.
I am most interested in a co-parenting arrangement, and open to
interested fascinating uncle types.
I've been thinking about doing this,
single mom by choice thing. I've been really seriously contemplating
it for the past six months.

Man: We're here. -Hi.
Come on in. Done with romance and love, looking for a gay husband.
I just graduated college and there aren't any jobs right now and
I have one, but when you, graduate college you expect to making
more money, and I thought I'd be making more, and so, I need
another more income. -Woman: What did you study in school.
I just graduated with a degree in anthropolgy.
Man: How does your mother feel about? Have you talked her?

She's very supportive, I mean, she wants a grandchild, she doesn't have one.
She's getting older, and I'm getting older.
And, like it needs to happen sooner than later.
I think I'm the ideal age, because it's like.
I don't want to get married until I'm thirty. So, there's seven years right there
to where, I know I'm not getting married.
I'm going to be thirty five soon, and fertility is a really huge
issue my age, and I really don't anticipate
finding a new relationship that's gonna super fast happen,
and then we're gonna decide to have a kid together.
And you know, that's takes like three years at least, for something like that to happen.
I don't feel like I'm being selfish, because the relationship is
mutually beneficial, I mean they're getting what they want, and I'm getting what I want.
And, I feel like it would work.

I think the other really important thing to recognize, is that, it will probably be
different from what I imagine it being.

Which is life.
(depressing tone)
Hi there. Man: Hi.
Come on in. -Man: Grace?
I moved here a year ago, and it's a really great space.
We had a great living situation. There were three of us here and
we were all great friends. Um, two weeks ago though (clears throat)
my roommate got killed in a car accident, so, I'm looking
much sooner than I thought for a second roommate.
I found this place on craigslist a year ago, it was only, um, it was only
appropriate that I go back to Craigslist to look for, um, more
people to fill the space.
It's tough, because everytime somebody comes by, I have to tell the story.
I have to tell it again, and, and I don't mean to
shock people, I don't mean, I don't know if people are going to be wondering if there's
spirits in the house, or what not. I mean who knows what people what think.

Intimated by the fact that I might've been good friends with this person, I'm going to be carrying all this baggage.
What kind of roommate might I be? So, there's all that I'm thinking in my head about what
the ramifications of that are, but, um, it'll work out.

She left at seven thirty, um, was driving across
the Golden Gate bridge. And she was on the left hand side
and if you know the bridge, there's nothing in the median, but those little
plastic poles.
From what I understand (clears throat), the people going north
um, somebody hit somebody from behind, they lost control and their car
crossed over that plastic median, and hit her head on.
As she was going to the party, as she was about to meet her friends,
as she was about to go meet her, um, the person
that she was seeing, that she was really close, was playing a show that night.
So, all these people where expecting her, and she never showed up.
Everyone that knewher, she touched their lives and
I think she was truly happy. She was thirty three, yeah.

Thirty three.

(slow music)
Woman: I've had a great life, I've done a lot ofdifferent things, I've traveled a lot, I have
a great career. I feel really settled in many ways in my life.
Man: Last, you know, couple years, I focused on myself.
Man: Few things that I really like do and I'm good at, and that's how I've managed
to you know, to stay relatively happy and afloat all
these years.

(strange bells, music)

Man: For a good portion of my life, I've been trying to understand what religions are all about.

The rainbow bridge illuminates the common grounds in the world's religions
in less than a hundred fifty pages.
Which up until now, the common ground has been very difficult to find.
The most profound teaching that is common
in all the world's religions, that life is a dream.
It changes your, your experience from one where you see yourself separate from
everything else, to one where you actually see yourself
as living in a kinda like a Alice in Wonderland
dreamland, where you in fact are everyone else.
And that, that, anything is possible.

I mean truly anything is possible.
(heavy metal music) (typing)

Looking for a place to live today, I have tattoos like death metal and I, uh,
smoke pot.
I have to be straight and just say, you know, I'm not a junkie here, but
ah, you know, I'm gonna smoke some weed.
And I kinda thought it would be best to put four twenty friendly, so I did just to make
it a little more professional.
Man: There's a lot of people on Craig's, that um, that are searching
for what's known as four twenty.
Four twenty is um, a slang term for marijuana.
Pretty much I was, um, trolling through, um
Craigslist a lot, and searching for people that were searching for four twenty.

I need to do something that I believe in, something that, that I, that I like
something that I want to do. And that point in my life, is when I started
the delivery service.

Several of the patients that are on heavy doses of chemotherapy had asked me to provide
them marijuana, at that point. And um, I
had no problem doing that.
It's carte blanche here in the city, if you wear a shirt like this
or if you wear something that indicates that you're somehow
might be affilated with S.F.P.D. Poeple tend not to mess you.
That tend not to, give you a second glance, and you're able to
do a lot. I think.
It's strange, because you know, my experience with Craigslist has been that, you know I'm trying
to provide a helpful healing service and pay some bills, but I'm
still living in the grey areas, that are not necessarily totally legal.
When I was called about being filmed on this Craigslist posting, um
documentary, I had thought about, well I really just wanted to be
kinda of taped. And part of the reason for that, is that
it belies the whole idea of Craigslist, Craigslist is about anonymity, right?
So, for me to be on a video camera talking about
all my anonymos ads, it's kinda of, well it's a paradox isn't it?
It's kinda of ironic.

He's like the man, he's like the man behind the wizard, you don't want to really know
that there is a man operating, the wizard machine.
The Wizard of Oz, but you know he needs to be there.
It's really strange to see how many people go on, um, on Craigslist
with absolutely like, you know, bizzare requests
and demands, and um, absolute lies and like
just completely fabricate identities, so just that they can
have some sort of contact with people. I think everybody should be able to make
whatever kinda decisions they want to make with their personal lives, but when it's
on the internet, it might as well be TV, and I don't know if people even understand that?
Cause that's where the future is, I think right now with being anonymous
on it and um, uh. I think
I don't think there's anything you can't get online at this point.
You know you're meeting people, and you really don't know who's emailing you.
There's a lot of trust involved.

I don't feel like threatened by him or anything,
even though he seems to know who I am, and I don't know who he is.
He said something like, I'm looking for this guy in a shell car
I want to ride naked next to you in your shell car, so
I guess the shell car brings out the natural in people.
There's this sort of unspoken understanding, you know you don't know any of these people
but you know they're all here, and your all complicit in something.
All of sudden a big mass of people arrived and,
and it was all at once, and fortunately my boyfriend who works here, was here with me
cause I'm on my own otherwise, and they were here for about ten minutes
they consumed a lot of beer, and then left.
We found a piece of paper on one of the tables, that said there was a flash mob
Instructions. Number one, relax until one fifty
seven pm. Number two, at one fifty seven pm
head for the starting point.
The starting point is the main lawn at Mission Delores park.
Number three. If you're near the starting point before two o seven pm,
act casual. Admire a tree or statue, ignore everyone else.
Number four. At precisely two o seven pm, form
giant standing circles. At precisely, two on nine pm
when you are seated, something will happen, you will know instantly how to play along.
It will be the world's biggest pick up game of something.
(fun music)

We're kinda watching. -I thought maybe it's a bomb.
Um, I only comment in Japanese.
So, I don't think, get ready to translate.
I don't know, just hanging out. -We're playing blue dress, blue dress dolly.

At exactly at two seventeen pm, stop playing and run for cover.
At no point are you to utter the words flash mob.

I think there's an Irish pub, that's where we're going.
I felt like I was five years old again.
I haven't played duck, duck, goose in like several years, it was a blast.
Who tells us the time.
Number one. Six twenty three, leave your meeting location and proceed
to the lobby of the Westin Saint Frances hotel. Hide this slip of paper
so it is not visible.
Number two. Six thirty, begin greeting everyone you see in the lobby as if they are
a long lost friend.

Oh, hi!

Six thirty four. Everyone will immediately fall asleep as if a spell has been cast.
Fall to the floor and take a nap, try to look as if you are
actually asleep, curl up, suck your thumb, snore.
Feel free to cuddle, if you know your neighbors, try not to giggle, act like
you are in a deep sleep and cannot be woken up.
Number four. Six thirty six. Get up and stretch as if you just had
a great night sleep. If anyone approaches you, just tell them you suddenly
felt very, very sleepy and needed a nap, but now you feel great.
Number five. Six thirty seven, immediately live the hotel and disperse.
Anyone interested in meeting their fellow mobsters for a post mob beverage
can head to the Union Square sports bar at seven pm.

It's not really just about the images on the screen.
Or on the stage, it's also about the social relationship as a consuquence of the
spectacle. Like everybody staring at the stage, where two people
are staring at each other, while two judges staring at them, and then televisions
close up on the competitors eyes that are staring back at the audience.

I mean all that already a social sculpture, but to put it in the television
medium, have a broadcast to national audience
into their living rooms. I think, that's, that's my goal my pretty much.

Announcer: No smiling, no teeth, no smoking, no drinking, no eating,
no time outs, no sudden movements, no touching, no complaining,
no bobbing, no weaving, no coughing, no sneezing, no drooling
no flowing, no tongue, no yawning, no snorting
no blubbering, no bullshit. After the first two minutes, an announcement
will be made and blinking will be prohibited. The first one
to blink will be disqualified.
Three, two, one. Stare.
(funky industrial music) (clock ticking) (voices)
(people cheering)

(bell ringing) (applause) (cheering)
Man: So, how does it feel to be finalist in this staring contest?
Ah, pretty good, you know, um.
I don't know, my fifteen minutes of fame.
So, we just starting talking about doing a website together.
Around, surrounded around me, and...
we began doing that, and that was the first thing that we
did was a website that was all about me.
We met each other, um, while we were still
married to other people, and we both got
divorced and became...
got into a relationship together and we just...
Darren had been researching adult, um
porn, and the adult industry for
a couple years previous, and
I had thought about, and put up free pictures of myself on the
internet. We went from there and now we've grown and we're shooting
other models, and we're
taking off.
This adult site, has all models that wear glasses in real life.
No fake glasses, and it's a fetish site. And, so
we placed an ad on Craigslist, looking for, Bay Area models that have
and wear glasses.
Um, we used to advertise in newspapers, which cost
a lot of money, and didn't get nearly the response we're getting from Craigslist.
A lot of these girls have modeled before and they're always asked to take their glasses off.
Um, I think a lot of them are surprised, when we ask them to, you know, that we want to shoot
them with their glasses on.
The, the members to our site, are ultra focused
on the glasses, and everything to do with the girl and her glasses.
Everyone wants to be understand, everyone wants to know that they exist. You know,
in the minds of other people.
The first big movie I did was, Raiders of the Lost Arse.
Um, this is the Mummy's hand, that's the special DVD
fisting version.
Nobody put it in my pooper.
Sex pack five, I got to be the UPS guy and make a delivery.
Now don't think because I'm not on the cover of all these, I'm not a star
I didn't want to be on the cover all of these, cause I have a family.
But they figured it all out to soon anyways, so it didn't matter.
Sex pack seven, um, roughing it, camping
um, sunsets, seventies porn, it was
beautiful, ah, and then a four way that happened
we had to shoot it the day, it was, we were supposed to shoot on nine eleven.

And, that shoot got cancelled. That's kinda of a downer.
And um, but because of the needs of the company, we ended up having to shoot
this orgy, the very next day.
And it was interesting, cause when it got reviewed, of course nobody else knew about it.
But, when it got reviewd, everybody was talking about how, the mood of the piece is
very sinister, and builds in intensty by the end to an explosive climax.
And it's because we were shooting after nine eleven, and some of us, myself included still
had friends and realitives missing. Very difficult work.
Cops Gone Bad. Cops Gone Bad One, me the sex
scene of the year this past year, with Chris Steele. Um, that's where I got to be
um, the implied straight jogger, and get to say lines like;
What are you some kinda fucking queer cop or something?

Terms of Endowment. I named it, I get the credit. Terms of Endowment.

My dad liked that title.
I mean I kinda find a joke, I've kinda find it funny, that you know, I can do porno.

But, then at the same time, I was like, well if other people are doing it, why wouldn't I want to be
represented as well.
You know my personality type, you know my body type.
One of my favorites moments on stage, I crawled up on top of the speaker and
started honking like a donkey.

Sometimes I feel like I have, every possible gay cliche on my resume.
Humanly possibly, between porn, drag, tranny
rock and roll band.

Massage, sort of hooker, but not, but, even that grey area is
a gay cliche.

Um, actor, director, writer, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.
Gay culture is really centralized in urban areas.
And, if there is gay culture in smaller towns, or in
middle America, um, it's really hidden.
It's interesting, we're like, this is nascent. This is a very early
preliminary negotiations, and we're still kinda sussing
out this thing, between, ah, co-parenting
versus known donor, and what those dynamics can be.
And it, and, I don't think either of us, have one hundred percent like
this is what I want and absolutely need, you know.
I think, I think what I presented is, is, two ends of a continuim.
Um, where at one end is what, like you just said that we have a
big victorian house, and in one wing, is Diane and her partner
the other is, is myself and my partner, and it's big enough so we're not in each others way.
But, someone is always for the kid. Um, and another
end would be. Here's the sperm, and, ah
I would never not want to not be involved, but
it would be very clear what the pecking order was.
If we develop a relationship and have a child, not a love, sexual relationship
just friends, you know. Um, and then
a new partner shows up for you, there's gonna be dynamics, there's gonna be jealousy.
And who knows what? She could hate men.
I'm half joking, but I'm also half serious. Yeah.

I don't know, what do you think? I mean do you think that middle america would
have a hard time with it.
(Stars and Stripes music)
Young woman: I come from China
(typing) I came here two thousand and one August.

And I love this country, I love San Fransisco, it's a great place.

The extreme repression of um, both
spirituality and mentality from my homeland to me
was um, really part of the inspiration
of this rebellious idea.
And, I've been living in China, and I've been drawing Chinese faces, so
That girls face, turned out to be Chinese. And then I had this enlightment
I thought, oh, that's really cool, I'm going to make her Chinese, because
um, all my story of China, is very long.
In China, they're allowed no individuality.
Um, no self expression.
No, humanity and no truth outspoken. Of course,
no horniness. And, eighteen year olds having sex is
considered absolutely wrong and filthy, and
and, and, bad.
The reason I did this painting, the series of painting was because
when I looked at those frescos, I thought, um
there's something lacking in there, and it's not hundred percent
honest and open and free to me.
I took all the, um, frescos as Sistine Chapel, and I
do a little twist to them.
I just had this idea of putting a guy underneath his skirt, sucking his
cock. And um,
and um.

So, the guys, the other guys sitting around the table, wouldn't even know what was going on.
But, they would wonder, oh why does Jesus have such a happy face
and, and everything.
I was really looking for some girl, that can have kinda of an erotic
connection, with me and her.
We looked at this, um, this um, white girl
She's a very pretty girl, but she was a little bit too skinny.
And, which was a shame, because she looked cute and erotic.
And everything.

One reason why I think San Fransisco is such a great city
is because of homosexuality.
In China, if I didn't come here, I don't even think I would even know
about homosexuality.
As you can, I did that gay painting over there.

I was in an open marriage for years, so I've been playing like this a long time. And I kinda
introduced her into it. And, she's all about it now.

We are looking for either a male or female sub.

Because, I'm training her to be a dominant.
Well, I finally, I just bought my computer, and I was like, oh goody.
You know, so, I put, I was like answering posts, by um, other people.
I said, well you know, I'm gonna do my own post.
So, I did this one, where it was called rubbing myself on Rip Van Winkle
and the person, or the guy
basically has to pretend that he's asleep.
That's it, big z's, drooling on your pill pill, or whatever it takes to convince me that you
are off to la, la, land. Then I will proceed to rub myself silly all over your
warm unsuspecting body, kissing and licking and wrapping myself around you, as
I go, go go!
We actually had a lesbian mom come by, and she wanted
to have the experience, of like, not knowing us, and just
be taken advantage of.
You know we like, basically like, spanked her, and tied her and blindfolded her.
Made her stand in the corner on her tippy toes.
Made her do the dishes. She hated that.
I mean like I said, Craigslist there's everything on there. And you can ask for anything.

I do something that's called flogging for flowers.
And that is, if you get flogged, you get a flower.
But, if you get bare, you get a little teddy bear
that's done up in bondage.
A guy wanted to get pee'd on, you know?
Paulette said, okay I'll pee on you, I don't give a shit, you know.
But, he was kinda wierd.
Or a bunny rabbit, or whatever time of the year it is.
During Easter, I use little ducks and chickies.
No, it's, it's not, pain for money, you know.

It's, it's, pain for pleasure.
It's just a long sterling silver finger nail.
It's also great, for hor devours at parties.
And, I play with safe words, okay. -Yeah.
And she's in control of the degree.
By using those safe words.
It can be really a big boost, in their skill sets.
If they've never done anything, or if they're new. Or, even just to brush up
on some techiniques.
So, you know, I mean, you know as far as
you know, self destructive behavior and abuse goes, I think that will happen no matter
what. But, the internet has really facilitated,
a whole new way of doing it, that's really, really immediate. And it's
you know, it's, I find really depressing and disturbing a lot of the time, but
there are so many people who, are using Craigslist
primarly to self destruct.
Yeah, we've had our run-ins, with people
we're like okay, you know. -Gotta go.
Yeah. We've run into, you know, couples where
they were basically, you know, destroying themselves.
In any way possible, and it's like that if we stay and play with them
we're gonna get sucked in, and I can't, I can't.
I haven't met any nuts, who have been waiting there to strangle me, and stick me in a bath tub
with formaldahyde or anything, you know. If I had, I wouldn't be here having this interview.
You both walk away, just being grateful that, the other person
wasn't like nuts or crazy, or whatever. Cause, there is that element.
And, I'm sure the cops know that.
It's like you have no idea who's on the other side.
It must be a really weird thing to police, because a lot of people are
asking for a lot of really unsafe sex situations.

Man: Oh whoops. -Hey.
Man: There's this ladder that goes down to the basement, that kinda reminds me of
Silence of the Lambs. Clarice.

I was actually homeless a year ago, a little more than a year ago.
Man: Really? -I was like homeless, homeless. Fucking, I was
dead drunk bad. -Man: Right.
I was walking along out here, and I looked in the window that I (in audible)
I said, if I can just be there, in this nice warm house.
Man: Really. -Swear to God.
RIght on man, lots of places to tie to people to things to.
If that's what your into.

Man: So, so, you guys are gearing up, for the, for the
sex party, that you guys mentioned on Craigslist?
Ah, so this the chair. (laughing)
This is the center.
I think, actually, looking at it, right above you
although, not very exciting to look at from here, where I sit in my
computer chair.

Bedroom. Coffee, carpet, I don't know, um.
You wanna see this room? -Man: Absolutely.

Like, we kinda thought, it's gonna be more like, um...
it's gonna be like a sex party, it was gonna be crazy.
We're gearing up for that.
If your not cool with talking about, that's your
call man.
Sometimes it's interesting
who out there, is playing different, uh, people.
So, to, sort of probe the water, you know, a lot of people
that would respond to something like that, are actually not people like that at all.
Cruising on Craigslist, somebody will say that, um, there this, this is what they look like.
Blah, blah. And then they'll send the picture finally, and the picture is actually
of the person of they're sending the picture to.

They'll send you, your own picture.
You know, because they're are people who do nothing but like play on Craigslist all day long.

And, you know, and never really try to hook up, so who are these people, I don't know.
Man: Half the time they are not who they say they are.
You know it's more what they want to be, or what they think is attractive to somebody else.
Young Man: My personality when I write, is very different from my personality when I appear
in person.
Woman: All the while, when I was doing these email things, I felt like I was being messed
with, right.
Young Man: The second person was actually like, you're nothing like, you know, you don't behave
like the person who wrote to me, and
I'm like, I never said, I was, you know, going to behave like that.
I'm thinking of getting this chick to like, swap a little tongue with me on this next shoot.

Yeah, just fucking go for it. Just like look at her and say hey, you wanna play up to the camera.
Do a little suck face? See what happens.
All she can say is no right? I think she'll do it.

So, it's a whole game of, of
different ways of presenting yourself, you know.
It's the whole interesting aspect of the internet, which hopefully
will still remain, as they start locking it down
you know, something that's free, and you can be anonymous.
I think that's, that's a cool part to it, so
I don't know.
Who do I imagine?
Do I believe in Craig?
Is there a Craig?
Craig, well!
Who's Craig? I don't know, I don't think it really matters, I mean
I don't really care.
(typing) (strange music) Man: To be able to um, have a
one to one correspondences
almost, instantaneous correspondence, with people, people all over the world.
Is in and of itself, an incredible, it's a, that actually
is a miracle.
Maybe God. You know, that, that...
the faceless sort of thing, that's just
there, you know.
We don't think about it as a miracle, and as it goes on and on, we just think of it as a regular
everyday, part of our life. But, that is extremely profound.
I believe in him.

Or it could be a she, who knows.
(laughter) Woman: You could be Craig.
Diversity is a tremendous gift. That without diversity of thought,
without diversity of, of feelings, and opinions, and cultures
the wide range of, of, of human nature
ah, that our culture would not be as rich.

We're gonna do a reading on, the Craigslist documentary.

Let's see.

This is a, okay, queen of clubs, basically she emulates, um
she's receptive, the epitomy of reception, right, she is so
receptive, that she basically, um, is almost
This guy right kind of interesting, because this is the tower of battle.
He doesn't show up very often.
There actually was a tower, where all the people, did not have any
kind of problem communicating with one another.
Then basically, then, the tower got destroyed.
And then there was all this problem, because people didn't have mechanism
to talk to one another.
Knight of Swords, um, this is a guy who's real
smart, real ambitious, very intellectual.

Very persistent, and driven.
Um, and he had an idea.
This had may have potentially shaken something up here. I don't know what..
(upbeat music) Man: I don't know, maybe he's
fabulous. Who knows, you know, maybe he
is available, I don't know.

This one guy Craig.
He likes to have sex a lot.
I don't think so, I don't think it's a real person.
He is good in bed.
In his past life, he probably watched too much Star Trek, and played D and D.
Craig and bunny, you're a good team.
People said that I looked similar to him actually.
He is very, very, horny.
Is there a Craig? Oh, couldn't give a shit, if there was Craig or not. I don't care.

♪ leaving again ♪

♪ and she don't know why ♪

♪ packs up her things ♪

♪ when her road gets, just a little bit ♪
♪ too strange ♪
♪ she straights her room and she says goodbye ♪
♪ to the ones who stick around ♪
♪ sit and laugh about the life ♪
♪ the rules are never fool ♪
♪ when she feels like one and she goes ♪

I use to, um, transport dead bodies, that was
my second job. So, I use to go in there and wrap the body, and stuff like that.
And the guy who helps me out, his name was Craig.
So he's like let's go, he was really focused then, to wrap the bodies
and let's go, take the bodies away. And I was like,
Craigslist, every time I see Craigslist, I remember him.
I find most of the postings are from guys. Um, women don't post as much.
Um, so women have all the power, and all the control.
Do you hear the cricket?
No, okay. (laughing)
Sorry, I didn't want the cricket like squeaking over the mic.
Man: I thought you were busting into your other personality.

Oh, he caught it, but he wasn't supposed to do it yet.
Hold on, bad dog, you were supposed stay.
Bang. No that was play dead. Don't, no roll over.

A lot of the people, love the great outdoors, are we listing?
The camera? -Man: Just giving us a little angle.
Your doing okay, it's a little dutch angle.
I don't even think, I don't think of this as me.
You know, this is a character.
It's like, you know if I was Sophie's Choice, I wouldn't want to be walking around and
going to dinner, in my concentration camp drag, afterwards.
But that's the kinda queen I ain't.

Would Craig be the type of person that we tie up and probably would let us, yes I think Craig would
Man: Craig would what? -Would let us tie him up and spank him.
Play mind games with him, and he would service us, and
you know, walk out in the street, you know showing nude polaroids of himself.

Sure, I think so. I'm open minded, yes Craig does that. Would do that, he does it in his mind.
He lives vicariously through all these posts.

Ah, the first one year I was in this country, I was very worried
about my english. And then, I posted on Craigslist
um, and I was worried about my english
and surprisingly enough, the people responded
sounded like people who have read a lot less
a lot fewer books than I did, so, um
um. they were, um, they sounded idiotic.
Can I say, that they sounded like idiots.

Mom, if you start watching indie films. You'll learn about
your son.

He is very, very horny, and um
what else, he's trying hard to lose weight, but
it's not a big problem, because girls want to go to bed with him anyway.
And um, he is, um, should I talk about

hard cock. (laughing)
Stop laughing at me.
♪ running to, water and sunrise ♪

(end music)