How to Edit the Menu and an Article Through the Joomla Backend

Uploaded by MrPosran on 25.06.2010

so for this demo I thought it would be a good idea to show you how to edit an article through the back end
of the web site
so first we have to get to the back of the website now click the URL across the top here
and add in the word "administrator"
to the URL hitting enter
and from there it'll load the back end
just type in your login information like normal
hit ok
and that loads you into the back end itself
now in the back end it gives you a lot more control over the web site
then the front end does
from here you can actually adjust the menu
add articles
probably don't want to get involved with components just yet
extensions will allow you to add, install, and change modules and where the show up on the web site
tools will allow you to
you're website probably won't deal with messages
check-in are articles, clean the cache this stuff you don't
want to bother yourself with just yet
actually you probably won't ever have to bother yourself with ever
so going to bring up the web site itself
to show you how make a change to
the menu system itself
under "about us" if you want to change one of these links here
like "child item 2" you want to change the name to "new item"
to do that in the back end here
you would end up going to "menus"
"main menu" that is the one that
covers the one that goes across the top so we will go ahead and select that one
if you notice the menu that they are kinda staggered a little bit
there is "home" "about us"
"for buyers"
they're more aligned to the left
and these are the top menus across the top "home" "about us" "for buyers" "for sellers" "property finder"
the ones that are indented
the real state news child item 2, 3
these are part of the submenu here
so that's real state news, child item 2 so they match up
what we want to do is change "child item 2"
to "new item"
so what we're going to do is
change the title to
and I'm going to go ahead and hit apply here
so changing the title
on the web site and I'll go and and refresh it
that will change the name of the link
so that's "new item" there
this doesn't change where it goes to it just changed the name of the link
so if we click that is still goes to "child item 2"
to change the name of
the URL to
make it match better so the people don't get confused
we'll call it "new item"
you know what I'm going to do here is actually leave a space in
so it's new SPACE item
according to
HTML protocol is frowned upon
what the web sites going to do is actually try to help you out and do new DASH item
so it adds the dash to make it one word
so this time when we refresh the page it'll actually give us an error message because
child DASH item DASH 2.html no longer exist it's now
new DASH item.html
so go ahead and refresh
that's our error message saying 404 article cold not be found
going back to the home page
now since the websites been refreshed
the link has been refreshed as well so the new links now points to "new-item.html"
and the article
shows up properly
article titles is the name of the article that's where the part comes from
and I'm not going to show you how to change article here just yet just to keep it simple
so we're going to go ahead and exit here, we've already saved this I'm just going to close it
now we're gonna change
the article titled to match
the "new item"
so one way to do it would be through the front end editor that we covered in the
first video
you just change the title here
so it would be
and hit save
that would make the change to the article itself here and also to the page title here
just to make them match
if you wanted to
do that through the back end instead of the front end
that is
"under content"
and "article manager"
and that takes to the "article manager" screen
these are all the articles that are on the web site
there are fifty articles per page and three pages worth so there's up to a hundred fifty
articles here
so finding this one article
can sometimes be
a needle in a haystack
especially if you have a lot more articles
one way to narrow it down is to filter it
so with this one we know it's under "about us"
so can filter by
"about us"
and the page loads
all the
other articles will disappear so now it's just the "about us" which is
just one page so it's under fifty
there's still quite a few in here so one thing you can do is
it's called "the new item"
you can actually filter further for just
and it'll match anything that starts with that
so the the new item
you can click that
and it takes you to the article
we decide that we that we would than new item that work is a
proper name so we'll call it the new item article
and you can also change the alias here which normally would affect the URL
except for its pulling the URL from the menu
instead of from the article itself
so in this instance
it's not going to make too much of a difference 'cause it's not a grab this information as
far as this article is concerned the way this web site a structured right now
and there's a possibility that if you restructure the web site
this becomes more important
so it's always good practice
to make the alias and the title match or
makes sense
so from here you can hit apply
now when we refresh the web site
the URL didn't change because it's pulled out from the menu that we already set a few
minutes ago
so when we hit refresh
it'll refresh correctly
just giving the article a new name here
and then also
the new page name across the top
and similar to the editor on the front end you can still make
changes to the
content so you can actually "bold" "italics" "underline"
articles or the
paragraph here
hit apply
wait for it to reload the page
and that change is made here as well
so then we
can also undo the change you through the back end
also through the front end
so if you make a change to the back end you could also make that change through the front
end or undo the change
I'll go ahead
and undo it through the front end
now the changes
is not reflected here
until you
exit the article go back in
it's not in real-time sync
kinda the
nature of the internet
that so
if we underline that
hit apply
hit refresh
that's now underlined
so if we edit it here
and if we remove the underline
and bold it
and hit save
the paragraph will be bolded
and the underlying is gone
since we didn't reload this page here what will happen if we could save here
is it would now over ride the changes you just did here so you have to be kinda careful
especially if multiple people working on the website at the same time
so when we refresh the page here
it's now back to being underline
so one thing that the article
or the website will try to do is when you edit an article it'll lock the article
so that way
only you can edit it
other people will either have to ask you to
either save your information so they can edit it or close it
and unlock the file
that way two people aren't trying to make edits to the same article and end up undoing each other's
edits at the same time
and then from here to
if you are done with this click reset
and then that gives you the full list again
where all your articles reside
so that is how you make changes to the menu system itself
as we did here under a new item change it from "Child Item 2" to "new item"
changing the URL to match new item
and then going into the
content manager
and editing the article
to change the title here
and to make it underline here
and what I'm going to go ahead and do it is undo the changes I made
which is basically
undo the underline
and we'll change it back to article title
hit save
and the article is back to the way it was