"UAV Shooting Spree" - The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter - Episode 7

Uploaded by MachinimaPrime on 11.10.2012

I'm FPS Russia, and this is UAV Shooting Spree.
Welcome to The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter.
Protect friendly airspace by targeting enemy UAVs
and blasting them from the sky with a Remington 870 shotgun.
Fastest time wins.
This is the Remington 870 tactical shotgun.
It's a high-capacity, 12-gauge pump shotgun
and it's going to be perfect for what we're doing today.
If it's going away from you, you're gonna be shooting underneath.
Now, he's got to make a big circle to come back around.
So if you don't hit it on the first pass
I'd recommend you reach down and grab another shell.
So, just so you know how it feels, grab this shell.
Push in all the way until it clicks.
There you go. It's as easy as that.
Let the games begin.
All right, here. Reload.
All right, get ready. Here it comes.
Nice and easy. Too far behind.
All right, try moving out by two to three in front of it. Ok.
I just try to visualize it like I always do, and I just started missing and missing and missing.
Aw, he's giving it to them.
He gave you that one, boy.
I was obviously a little disappointed with our performance.
But as a team, it's not just his shooting, it's also on me.
It's yours for the taking now, all right?
Now look, if they did that bad, bro, you can't get worse than that.
We'll track it from here.
You're gonna aim just a little bit in front of it, ok?
I see the plane coming in
I got two shots off that I really wasn't happy with
And I can tell I was shooting behind it and below it a little bit.
I let it a little bit more, and...
That's what I'm talking about. Yeah, baby!
I knew it was gonna be a good one. @#% yeah.
You can't ask more from someone who's never shot
and then you go out and shoot a moving target.
For Sam to go out and do that, and learn how to lead a target
and especially a moving one in the air, you're asking a lot.
And he did very, very well today.
You waited, you were patient. @#% on your sights.
I you told you low on the first one, perfect.
We're looking right now at Steve and Hector.
Hector has learned head over heels. I mean, he's doing really, really well.
So hopefully their luck ends.
Our luck keeps getting better.
No one's really put up a good time yet.
They're getting it eventually
But nobody's gotten it on that first pass with the first couple of shots.
So I'm counting on you. I know you've shot a little bit before
You know, when you were younger with a shotgun.
So no different, this is a lot easier than shooting a bird or something like that.
Besides that, good luck.
I'm feeling the pressure.
FPS Russia just bet the Blue Team $10 and the Green Team $4
that I would get it and win the challenge.
I want you in here.
If you're shooting, you don't want this in your way, and you can shoot from over there.
Ok, get ready. Raise it up a little bit. Here it comes fast.
Once I picked up the shotgun and I looked down the sight, I knew that that was the shot.
Oh wait, it's gonna... go. Go.
Yeah! Set it down. Safe. Safe. Good job. Yeah!
I was just so excited, you know.
I know my coach here was definitely excited that I hit it on the first shot.
And I definitely made him proud on this one, I hope.
This guy did an amazing job. First shot.
I'm proud of him. He came through with the first shot.
And what we talked about in our plan of action, he put to use.
Not gonna lie. Little man put up one hell of a time.
So you're going to have to be quick on this.
All you, baby. Ready?
Aim, anticipate, take it out, dog. You're good.
I ain't even worried about it. Did you put it on?
You'll figure it out once you get up there.
Come on, Yellow.
I'm missing the shots, so I'm feeling really frustrated.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and I'm really trying to fix myself.
But I don't know what I need to do in order to do that.
Take it.
Man, for him to be a first time shooter, shooting at a moving plane
Obviously, that's very difficult.
You hit the target, that's all that matters. Good job.
I just want to let you know, now that this is all over
You won me $10 from this guy, and $4 from one of... yes, from you! $4 from you.
That's all I had on me.
That's all he has on him.
Well, I'm glad to make you $14 richer.
I'll cut you in for half.
So I think went great today.
Everyone hit their targets, some faster than others
But the most important thing is, everyone hit their targets.
Justin really impressed me today. I'm really happy with him.
So I'm going to throw it over to Sark, send these guys to the Battle Zone.
But I hope you guys enjoyed, and as always, have nice day.
Next, in the Battle Zone
I'm not a keyboard guy.
I don't understand all these damn buttons.
How do we arm bomb?
Plus 300!
I can't hear anything, dude.
You gotta, like, say that louder, dude.
All I'm hearing is crying.