Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Test Impact On Treatment Options

Uploaded by drjayharness on 26.04.2012

Dr. Steven Shak>>> The Oncotype DX breast cancer test plays a critical role in treatment
decision making in breast cancer.
At the time of a new diagnosis fortunately today, most women will get an excellent long-term
survival. However, it is important to know about the underlying biology of the individual
tumor in order to determine the right treatment for each individual patient.
Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share with you important information that I believe
that every newly diagnosed patient with breast cancer needs to know.
Susan Denver: I am a breast cancer survivor.
Katherine Stockton: I am a breast cancer survivor.
Coree: I am a breast cancer survivor.
Susan Denver: And I want every woman to know…
Katherine Stockton: …about personalized breast cancer treatment…
Susan Denver: …and the Genomic Test.
Coree: A test that helps guide a woman and her doctor…
Katherine Stockton: …to the best treatment options for her.
Susan Denver: Pass it on!