Nail art : Water Marble Swirl design (Spirale)

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 16.04.2010

Hello! I'll explain how to make a spiral water marble
So it's the like the simple water marble except that I'm going to do the patterns in the water
It is much harder because you have to find the right nail varnishes that make the outer layers do not dry
With the simple water marble you can use the center to make this drawing but here it is not possible.
I chose my three colors, I recall the principle: take a pot with cold water or warm and we put drops of varnish to make concentric circles.
Then I'll take my dotting tool and I'll draw a spiral in the water
From the outside inward, the reverse does not work
Then I blow on the water to stabilize the ground and I take my nail with a white base to bring out the colors that I dipped into it.
I blow on the water and with a stick and I remove the excess of varnish, always keeping his nail in water
Then I bring it out and now you have your spiral pattern!
Now you just have to find the varnish that work! Good luck!