How to Make Ropa Vieja: Cuban Stew : Cooking Utensils for Ropa Vieja Cuban Stew

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi! My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village and today I'm going to show
you how to make ropa vieja which is a traditional Cuban beef stew. Okay with regard to things
you're going to need to make todays recipe. First things first. Got to have a knife. I
recommend a nice good knife for every day kitchen work and something nice and sharp.
The duller your knife is or the, I guess the harder your knife is to use the more likely
you are to cut yourself as well as the more likely you are to just have a really miserable
time trying to cook. So I recommend a good sharp knife. I also recommend a good high
quality cutting board. This is actually a wood and plastic composite. It's kind of the
new thing that's out there. I'm trying it out for a little while. I'm normally like
a bamboo or like an oat kind of person but I'm going to try this for a little bit. It's
an interesting cutting surface. It's kind of the new thing. You'll see it talked about
a lot on T.V. shows and you'll see it in a lot of the cooking magazines and especially
at the cooking stores. They're pushing these things really hard. My opinion so far, it's
a good cutting board. A little pricey though. So a good bamboo cutting board probably works
just as well but hey I always like to try something new. And also it's cool looking
because it's black. Which is a neat touch. You can also get it in other colors. I've
also got my favorite instrument of all probably. The high temp silicone spatula. I always get
the high temp varieties because they, obviously it's a spatula which is flexible, but I always
get the high temp ones because they don't melt. Which if you leave it in your pot and
you forget about it for 5 minutes you don't turn around and have a big huge goopy mess.
It will still melt but it takes 500 degrees for it to melt which is a lot hotter than
I plan on getting our dish today. Also, something to cook it in. This is a 12 inch straight
sided sauté pan. One of my favorite pans. I really recommend you get one of these. They're
great. You can fry stuff in these. You can sauté in these. The good thing is though
they also accommodate a lid and they also have some depth to them so you can get a little
bit of liquid in there as opposed to regular sauté pans where you can slosh it all out.
So I highly recommend something like this. If you don't have something like this though
we could also use a, like a 5 or 6 quart stock pot, too. But you want to make sure whatever
it is has a lid. Because you'll be doing some simmering with the lid on for a long time
today. And let's see, naturally we've got to have towels or a towel. I typically go
with a darker color. That way they'll last longer because you can't see the stains. And
also a good set of tongs. These are actually high temp silicone tipped tongs. This way
they wont scratch up your, whatever your cookware is. At the same time also they don't conduct
the heat up the metal nearly as badly as the ones that are all metal which we all used
to use and they have a neat little hook here on the end. With that let's get cooking.