Cheaper Car Insurance! - Bitsy's Quick Tips

Uploaded by MHAdviceChannel on 26.04.2012

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\f0\fs30 \cf0 Hi everyone, I\'92m Bitsy Jennings from The Frugalicious Show, and this is Bitsy\'92s
Quick Tips. I\'92ve got some tips for lowering your car insurance bill. Did you know taking
an online defensive driving course can lower your premiums? I took one through Costco dot
com - and got a 10% discount because of my membership - the class was only $33 and only
took a few hours to complete. Now I save $100 per year because of it - for the next three
years! Check out the link below, and call your insurance provider to ask about their
policy on defensive driving classes, and while you\'92ve got them on the phone - ask about
other discounts too! For instance If you\'92ve recently gotten married, make sure to mention
it because married drivers qualify for a discount - sometimes up to 10%! You\'92ll never know
if you don\'92t ask!}