Days of Thunder (8/9) Movie CLIP - Drive Through It (1990) HD

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We are under way, and the daytona 500 is on.
We're 56 laps into this 200-lap event,
And russ wheeler is in the lead.
47:01... The leader's 45:90.
You're running last.
What's going on, cole?
Are you all right?
Just past the halfway mark, and wheeler still leads.
There's a crash at turn three,
And some oil at the bottom of the track.
Cars are sliding down from the top. Watch yourself.
You better go high.
Pick a line you can drive through.
Cole, are you all right?
Answer me, please.
Go around those wrecks.
You can drive through it.
I know it. I know it in my heart.
I'm through it, harry!
Ha ha! I'm out of here!
Cole's moved up to ninth.
He's coming on strong.
Russ wheeler in car number 18
Continues to lead the way,
But the man on the move is cole trickle.