Os Barbixas - Improvável - Frases (Bruno Motta, Marco Gonçalves e Daniel Tauszig)

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It's "Whose Line", Marcão and Andy will play, come here.
Each one gets two sentences and put them in their pockets.
They don't know what you made up, and even so they must
read them and make it all have sense.
Mr. Florenço and Mrs. Nádila, do you mind giving us the first suggestion?
Daniel Tauszig, a theme for this nice couple, Mr. Florenço and Mrs. Nádila.
What did you think of?
Margarine ad!
'Margarine ad' is the theme for "Whose Line", starting now!
Close the window, it's cold!
Doesn't this beautiful day inspires you?
I don't know, I'm not sleeping very well. I had nightmares again.
- Oh dear, really? - I don't know what could cheer up my morning.
I made a really nice cake, I'll get it for you!
Honey, you always try to impress me! I don't know if this time...
- What a wonderful smell! - This cake is really good!
And even better with her!
Who is she? You bought it!
- Yes, I did! - My God, let me try some!
Director, do I have to eat this crap?
Of course you have! Cut! Cut!
You swallow this shit, man!
Aren't you getting fucking paid?
Sorry, sir... I said...
You could have used... The competition's margerine is better!
And that day, when my line was...
No malice!
'No malice is not on the script, man! It's not!
Fuck, let's try again, and look at the goddamn camera!
- Sorry. - Attention, we're back, you're getting in...
You're doing great.
We're back, let's sell this yellow shit.
- The cake... - Quiet! Action!
- Director, can we start at the cake take? - Cut this shit again!
What is it? What do you have to say?
We're doing the whole scene again...
Sorry! He's a poor actor, mr. director.
Let me say... I'm a renowned actress.
I can't stand this! Let me tell you this...
There was a bush in the way.
I totally understood what you mean.
Hey buddy... You're fired. Cameraman, get his place.
- Me? - Yeah, you'll do this shit.
Go. You'll be the cameraman.
- Do you know the shit you have to say? - Sure, sure!
You gotta eat this yellow stuff and you're married to her. Okay?
- How are you? - How you're doing?
- Do it right! - Yeah, right...
- Attention... - The motherfucker who got my place...
- Action! - I'll kill that bastard!
- What a beautiful, sunny day! - Sunny my ass!
- That is nice. - Nice my ass! Fuck you!
I'll get something that will cheer you up, baby!
Get a dick! Motherfucker!
- A cake! - Tasty!
I'll get this shit out of focus...
This shit will only be funny on YouTube!
- And even better with her! - With your goddamn mother!
- Director, I'm hearing all... - Cut! Cut!
Someone's talking while we shoot, I can hear!
I'll complain with the union, you hear me?
Union? You don't even have a SAG card! Tell them you don't have it!
Look at them! They're paying to be here and you're not in the SAG!
Look in their eyes... Raise you hand if you didn't use student pass!
To them! Go!
What do you have to say to them?
The power is out!
Easy, easy!
- I'll trash this set! - Just don't touch Flora, please...
- Don't? - I owe my career to this wonderful margarine...
- The camera is not even on! - I know, that's real love!
I had a lot to say about this scene,
- but let's hear first a message from Flora... - Cut, man! What are you thinking?
- A message! - Nobody wants this shit,
when it's over, everybody opens some other website!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.