Okkadu (2003) w/Eng subs

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That's mine.
Leave them!
Hey! There's no way this side. - We are stuck.
Cowards! Don't worry about them.
What's happening here?
This area has become troublesome area.
We're discussing ''together'' how to control it.
ls it the way to discuss?
Who beat you? ls it he?
No problem, tell me.
ls it him?
Come on, tell me.- No, sir.
That is...
He slipped and fell down.- Where?
Sir, that is...
Who fell down? Was it you or him? - He only.
Where?- Here only.
Where?- Am l not saying him only?
l fell down here only.
Playing games & little skirmishes are quite common.
lf you cross your limits.
l'll forget that l was once a youngster like you.
Forget it sir!
Shut up!
Today, we are going away.
Let's decide it in the game of Kabaddi tomorrow.
What can they do in a Kabaddi match?
By the way, match is scheduled tomorrow, isn't it?
l think, it's better to start practicing in the ground.
Writing exams again?
l've to write again in September.
Stop looking at me and look into your books.
You'll definitely pass.
Look into your books.
Do you've any sense?
lf l did, would l've been born as your brother?
Can't you ever walk into the house properly?
This's my room, my will & wish.
Why're you dancing with a group of monkeys?
Are you calling us as monkeys? We'll.....
Oh God! Will you scratch me? l'm just a human.
Asha, will you take care of your brother or shall we?
What will you do?
We'll pluck out your eye balls.
We'll bite you.
Will you take out lice from my hairs also?
Get lost!
What's all this dolls here? What's going on here?
ls it your room or mine?
This is not your room. This is my room.
Dad has told me to use it.
What will you use it?
You're so young! Do you want a separate room for yourself?
As night falls, you'll go next to mother. Go out...go out!
We are not little girls! Look, how big we are...
Oh, Asha, l had brought something for you.
What's it, brother?
Take it... take it..
Stop! We had stopped eating it, when we were young.
lf you want lick it yourself.
Come, let's dance.
That means, you'll not go out. That's all, isn't it?
l'll be very free in my room.
Very free!
Looks like, he'll get down to his birthday suit.
Mother, look, what brother is doing there?
Did you see, how he made my friends to leave this place?
l was hearing everything.
Can't you help me by cutting onions?
Oh God, lt'll give tears. l'll not cut it.
lf you don't practice now,
You'll shed tears in your ln-law's place in future.
Did you see how he's talking to me, mother?
Are you accepting now that you're a little girl?
Lick this Lollipop!
Oh mother! Why do you do all this work?
l'm your son as well as your daughter.
Give it to me, l'll cut it for you. Give me.
Learn it from him.
So, l'll be the remaining balance for you finally.
Mother, balance made me to remember....
What's your Bank balance?
Rs.73,000!- lf you take out Rs.4000 from it?
Did you see?
My mother is a great mathematician.
You're great in apple polishing.
So, mother! You're now going to give me Rs.4000.
When did l say that?
You had only said if you take 4000 from 73,000, it'll be 69,000.
Why do you want Rs.4000?
l thought of giving you Rs.500 from it.
You said it just now, mother.
Would you please put your autograph here?
Oh, have you brought the cheque also?
Keep an account of the expenses. - l'm buying a ledger also.
Shall we now continue with preparations of crisps?
Mother, you move away, l'll prepare it.
Come... come.. come quickly. Lollipop... hot.. crisps are...
Hot crisps! Would you like to try?
How many times do l've to warn you not to get into trouble?
Who involved in it unnecessarily?
Do you know about the operations of that Soda gang?
We are here for that!
Who are you to take Law into your hands? Tell me!
lf you still can't hold yourself,
Pass lPS first and then show your poweres.
Jobs can't be secured only by studying well.
lt can be secured in sports quota also.
Atleast, are you sincere in that?
You're spending most of the time in street brawls.
Are you showing any interest to go to the ground?
You go on scold him like this only.
Someday, he'll become a great man. - When?
When will that day come?
Old millennium gave way to the new millennium.
Home made crisps are excellent.
ls it really that good?
Do you've to praise so much?
l'll praise any job done good.
Your mother prepared it nicely, so l complimented her.
l had prepared it.
lf you don't get any job...
Are you thinking of making a living out of this?
Superb idea, daddy.
Go and study.
l pity you, mother.- Why?
We went to the bank day before yesterday.
You went, so what?
Laughing and cracking jokes.
With whom?
Who else, mother.
Who's that girl?- Which girl?
Will you give me the crisps?
Don't act too smart?
What happened in the bank?
We withdrew cash. - Oh! ls it the cashier?
How much did you give?
l withdrew the cash.
Have crisps, father.
You can eat later. First, tell me about her.
l've a match tomorrow. l've to practice for that.
You dress up & go out to do this stuff?
lt's not that?- Then, what?
l must know who she's by today. - Listen to me, Vasundhara.
What happened was...
ln today's semi final of State Kabaddi Championship.
Charminar and Golconda teams are contesting.
Charminar team's captain Ajay has started the raid.
He's trying to touch the bonus line.
Golconda team's captain Feroze is on raid.
He has kicked & secured four points.
Charminar team's member has started his raid.
He has kicked & moving towards the left corner.
He has scored four points.
He's raiding well.
And he has touched Anit Agarwal.
Ajay is on raid.
And gave a back kick & has scored three points.
He didn't touch me. - l touched you.
l did.
Don't lie.
Ajay has started the raid. And is raiding the defenders.
The defenders have caught hold of Ajay.
Ajay is trying hard to touch the line.
This Kabaddi semi-final match which turned out to be a thriller.
Both teams have scored 1 7 points each.
Golconda Team's Vivek has started the raid. He's doing well.
Captain Ajay has started to raid.
The only player left in Golconda team is captain Feroz.
He is about to start the raid.
He's going determined to win this game!
Charminar team which has won the semi-final.
Will play in the final match at Kurnool on 5th.
Let me help you. - lt's alright. l can manage.
Ajay, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.
All higher officials of my department are coming there.
They're in the recruitment board too.
You must play well & turn their attention towards you.
She wanted you to become my senior officer.
You must make her dream come true.
Have it.
Take this money.
So, you didn't withdraw cash for me.
Did you go to bank again?
When you come inside, l'll teach you a lesson.
You go.
There're snacks in this box. Eat.
l don't want any snacks.
l don't know how to spend this Rs.100.
l brought it from Lakshmi's (Goddess of money) place.
Why do you compel him? Give it to me.
You keep quiet. This is for him.
Take a look.
These snacks?
Why didn't you tell me?
l like this very much.
lt's time to leave. Bye.
Hey, where's my suitcase?
lt's in safe hands. - l'm here to lift it for you.
Have all our boys got down? Let's go.
Where's Kumar? - Perhaps, he won't come back.
He has trapped a girl during the journey.
There he comes.
What happened? Okay?
Ajay, superb chick. - Has she fallen into your trap?
Here's her address.
Keep watching. - He's lucky.
Boy, this is Kurnool. Be careful.
Let's go boys. - lt's mine.
He's here.
Didn't l tell you, this is Kurnool.
This is very common here.
Let's go....
What's it?
Feeling shy?
The exams are nearing.
l don't know how am l going to prepare? - Yes.
Swapna, let's go home. - What happened?
Quick. Let's go.
Has something happened to my father?
Obul Reddy has killed your brother.
Don't cry. Have some water.
Have you informed Suresh? - l did.
He respects him very much.
They studied together till 10th std.
Everything must be performed as per our customs.
Has the washerman come?- Yes, he has. - Make it fast?
Hey, your brother has come.
Get up....get up.
You wanted your brother and sister to study well.
There he is. Look at him.
Your engineer brother has come. Get up.
Get up.
Look at your brother...
He should've lit my pyre.
But the fate has made me to lit his pyre.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me, l say.
This is knwon as Martial Art ''Varmakala''.
lf l hit you on your nerves. You must scream like hell.
You bloody bugger!
Hi! Nephew.
Why're your eyes so red like chillie?
Did you cry on your brothers' death?
Or are you angry with me?
l can understand your sorrows.
Get buttermilk for my nephew.
Add a hint of lime. lt'll cool his body.
What did l do?
l didn't ask for palaces.
l invited him.
He spat on my face in public.
Am l a piglet? l'm son of Rayalaseema pride.
l chased him & killed him.
Come and have butter milk.
Very good.
Mother, let's go this way.
What's this?
lt's in the size of a Onion.
lt must be bigger size that can blast even Allagadda to pieces.
Hey, should she have to teach you everything?
Make big bombs.
Mother, let's go.
Greetings, madam.
Greetings, madam.
Bulli, come on...move.
Hey, make it fast.
All of you get in.
Greetings...Please sit down.
Hey, come here.
This is for your, elder brother-in-law.
This is for your, younger brother-in-law.
Forgive me.
Uncle, where's Swapna?
Sit down....sit down.
l killed 20 people by planting a bomb in a car.
When l knew that our enemies were travelling by bus.
l burnt the bus.
Land deal problems, property problems. Problems at the time of elections,
There're about 30-40 cases filed on me.
But, no witnesses for any crime.
Who can dare to testify against me?
You should've heard about my manliness.
lf l wish, l had neither left a widow nor a new born baby's mother.
l've touched almost all women, whom l like in this area.
But, had l ever touched you?
l didn't.
Do you know, why?
l was waiting for you to mature.
You come into my dreams.
You make me cry & laugh.
You're my queen.
You're the queen of my house & fort.
lf anyone tries to stop our marriage. He'll die.
Hey kid, she is a little girl. She's feeling shy.
l'm an elderly person, l'm here. l'll talk to them.
Look, Dasaratharama Reddy.
We must come out from our sorrows.
Can you get back your sons by crying?
My son says he loves your daughter.
He wants to marry her.
Since we belong to the same caste, l agreed.
Your son told my son is 15 yrs. older and marriage can't be performed.
Can he put such a question to my son?
lsn't there 15 years age difference between me & my husband?
Didn't we have children or didn't l give birth to them?
Look, it's said that, in the house where a death has occurred,
An auspicious function should be performed .
lf marriage is conducted,
My son will be both son & son-in-law to this house.
We'll fix the alliance.
lf you've any relatives, invite them.
Come on, my son.
l'll marry Obul Reddy, father.
Don't stop me.
Let me do this atleast now.
lf l had done this earlier,
My brothers would've been alive.
We've lost our 2 sons.
Are you telling us this as good news?
Father, you've not accepted many things in life.
My elder brother wanted to study.
Didn't you stop his studies for the sake of us?
Didn't my mother quit the job to stay close to her children?
You did these things against your liking.
What's wrong in marrying, though l don't like it?
To get rid of fear & sorrows.
There's no way other than this, father.
lnstead of that it's better we die. - Mother.
l can't hand you over to that scoundrel.
lf you want us to be happy, do as l say.
l withdrew this money from my P.F for your marriage.
l've also got your certificates.
Take them & go for away from us.
But, where father?
Look, how many letters your uncle had written from America for you?
He has written that you're studying well and...
You're the cleverest of all and he wanted us to send you there.
Since, l didn't like to send you so far away.
l had hidden these letters from you in the bureau.
Go...go to your uncle's place.
Let's live with a hope that you're atleast alive.- Father.
How can l leave you...
l've taken this decision after a deep thought.
There's no other way go.
Every morning, Sun enters into every one's life.
But that scoundrel will enter our lives.
Go...go...- No. Father.
Don't say a word.
lf everything goes well, we'll come there.
What're you doing there? - Unload the goods.
Swapna, stop. ls anyone here?
What's this?
Why're you running away like this?
What'll happen to me?
l dreamt that we got married & your brothers are reborn as our sons.
Come...Why've you hung down your heads?
Do you feel shy to look into my eyes?
Then, look into my heart.
lt's true.
Hereafter, don't cry. Come.
Thank you.
Mother, brother is on line from Kurnool.
Will you talk to our mother?
There is not much time left. The match will start in few minutes.
lnform mother that l'll leave by evening, okay? - Okay...Okay.
l'm buying lollipops for you. l won't forget.
He has hit Obul Reddy at Konda Reddy bridge in broad day light.
Who's he?
He's definitely not from Kurnool.
They're here. His henchman are here, they'll.
Where do you want to go?
Don't know.
They're coming.
Hey, search in the bushes.
Search in the farm. - Make ripples in the water.
They're over there. Catch them.
Search them here....
Don't risk your life for me. Go away.
They're demons. They'll kill you.
l'll consider it as my fate.
Go away.
lt's not manliness to run before the war is over.
l came to your place to play Kabaddi.
But now, l've come to know that.
l should play here and not on the ground.
Who're you?
lt's wrong...it's wrong.
You rob 1 crore from me. l can earn it again.
Take 10 kg gold. l'll buy it again.
How can you take my heart?
Hey, She's my heart....Life...Wife ...My darling.
l love...
lf Swapna...
lf Swapna is lightning, l'm the thunder.
lf Swapna is festival design, l'm the flower on it.
Like an ox stamping the flower.
Will you dare to stamp my heart?
How dare you hit me at Konda Reddy Burge centre in Kurnool?
l won't kill you normally.
l'll shred you to pieces & consecrate our love with your blood.
Cut any part of his body which you want.
Go back...go back.
l don't know whether the life of the black magician is in the parrot or not.
l know that your life is in her.
As your life is important to you, my life is more important to me.
l can't bear if Swapna gets hurt.
Ask anything you want. l'll give you.
Hey, come here.
Come here...- He has come.
Remove your dhoti. Remove it.
Hey remove it...he has removed it...
Leave her. He has removed it. - Spread it.
Throw all your sickles over here. Throw them all.
Throw them all... They've thrown them all.
Pack them...
l've packed them. Leave her...Blood...Leave her.
Hey, You come here...come here.
Come here, he has come.
Throw this into that Gypsy.
Except that, deflate all other vehicles.
Go, take away. Go...& deflate all vehicles, deflate.
They've thrown the sickles.
They've deflated all vehicles.
Leave her...leave her.
You go & sit in the Gypsy.
Take the knife...Take it...
Get in.
Where else should l phone up?
He's neither in relatives' house nor in friends' house.
lt's okay. Get down.
l told him that if he wins this match.
His life will change. Did he listen to us?
He didn't go to the match at all.
Where's your son? We thought of honouring his talent...
We thought of giving him a chance to...
That's my father.
lt's about me.
Oh God! Since he was going to play kabaddi.
l gave him money for pocket expenses.
That's my mother. She is very good. Wash your face.
You've made him fit for nothing by giving money.
lf we are lenient, he'll complaint about others.
You believe whatever he says and support him.
Do you know what he had told to that girl in the bank?
lt seems he said ''my father is unable to forget you''
She called me up & expressed her grief.
She said ''sorry sir, l can't cheat my husband''
Not just one headache...
For him to win the match.
l even went to temple & prayed for him.
Look Vasundhara, don't stop me today.
Yes daddy. Don't spare him today. He has become a big headache for me.
No one will react so silly in one's career related matter.
She's my sister. Very dangerous.
Let me see what excuse, he'll give.
Let him give any excuse. l'll not forgive him.
ls anything more important than his career?
Let him come. He's finished today.
Do you want it?
l'll go & show my face to them. You be here itself.
Beat me...Beat me...
lf any one comes back from a tournament without playing.
Any father will get angry, not only you.
Beat me, father! Beat me black & blue.
You didn't beat me, when l threw away my S.S.L.C marks list.
You didn't beat me when l faked fever & didn't attend intermediate exams.
Before mother asks if you had done it earlier, would he have become like this.
Beat me, father. Beat me!
Stop this overacting.
Why are you hurt?
Giving up the match. Did you unnecessarily get involved in some trouble?
No! l had practiced little too much.
Practicing for a never playing match.
lt's not time to joke, Asha.
Really, fathers have great expectations from their sons.
Father who never visits temple would've prayed for me.
How's that? You're repeating father's words perfectly.
Only a son can understand a father's heart.
How can a daughter understand it?
They grow up under him for 18 years.
After that they'll marry and go to their ln-law's place.
That's what you do, don't you?
Why're you getting angry on me after not playing a match?
Am l a fool to come back without playing the match?
l knew after reaching Kurnool that this will decide my Nationals fate
But l told you to tell this to father, when l wished you on your birthday.
Didn't you tell him?
When did you tell me?
You might have forgotten in your birthday party.
Okay, let bygones be bygones.
Father, this time l'll definitely win National Cup.
l promise on Asha.
l don't have faith in you. Don't promise on me.
l promise on you.- No son!
You promised to get state rank in 10th class on Grandma.
Poor Grandma!
That is... Grandma was little hasty.
l promise on you father.
Mother, father, l'm dying in hunger. Oh mother, serve me food.
What happened to my puris?
Which Puri? Amrish Puri or Om Puri?
Eating Puris!
You might've eaten it.
No, you might've eaten it.
Look at my plate. My Puris are here only.
What might have happened to my Puris?
You're cheating me.
Mother look, brother has taken away my Puris.
Why do you want to eat Puri? Eat rice!
What happened to my Puris?
Thieves have stolen it.
Why're you behaving like a child?
Just now, you eat it, father.
Mother, serve him curd rice.
l'm finished with my meals.
Take Puris... lt'll taste good. My mother is a good cook.
Drink water. - Not me.
Who's that?
Who's that? - lt's me, father.
Shall l bring water?
l'll come myself.
Take water!
l'll go inside & drink.
Why am l hearing 2 hiccups?
l hurt my vocal cords in practice!
lf anyone practices too much,
He's likely to hurt his spinal cord.
How could you hurt your vocal cord?
Yes, isn't it?
That's father.... Laddu strangled my neck.
Swapna, no need to worry anymore.
l'll make all arrangements for you to go to America.
l'll apply for your Passport or Visa tomorrow.
As your parents had wished,
You can go to your Uncle in America and study well.
Don't worry anymore, sleep well.
Hey, you big boy!
Have you come here to attend a function?
lnstead of beheading the man who had hit your brother,
And throw his head at your brother's feet.
What's the use of you being a Home Minister?
You've 10 cars, Police & Security following you. Yuck!
Who dared to hit my brother?
l don't know.
Where'll he be?
Don't know!
Do you know in which direction he went?
Towards Hyderabad.
l'll make Police search from Ramoji film city to Ranga Reddy Dist. border.
l'll bring her & conduct your marriage.
That's manliness.
Now, you've proved that you're my son.
Son, consider that you're married to her.
First, his death. Then, my marriage.
Hey! You've stamped on the tail of a snake.
That Obul Reddy is no ordinary man.
Obul Reddy means...?
By any chance, he isn't Siva Reddy's brother, is he?
Siva Reddy? Who's he?
Your father's boss, the Home Minister.
The entire state is under his thumbs.
lt's impossible to escape from him.
Anyway, you've sent away that girl, haven't you?
lf you're careful for few days, that's enough.
How am l to send her?
Don't you want a passport & Visa for it?
That means...That girl is still.... where is she?
l've hidden her in the wardrobe of my room.
ln your home?
You're father is a strict disciplinarian.
lt's like you're hanging between the devil and the deep sea.
How could you hide her in your house?
l thought! lt's the safest place for the present.
lt's very difficult to send her to foreign in present situation.
Getting passport & Visa isn't so easy.
Getting passport easily isn't difficult for us.
lnstruct us what is to be done at which time.
Though, we had lost the Kurnool match.
...We must win this game.
You had put entire Hyderabad to shame.
How could you come back here shamelessly?
Who're you to sneer at us?
You carry on.
You should've shown your prowess on the ground.
These boys are back streets heroes, they're zeros on the ground.
Why do you want to enter National Level Competitions?
Why can't you be just street dogs?
Don't jeer at us like girls, if you've guts, let's decide it.
Why're you stopping me? They're making fun of us.
Not now.
What happened to you? Are you yourself?
Am l not saying, not now?
Should we keep quiet then?
You all are not just unfit to play, even to fight also.
May be they had got castrated in Kurnool.
They're sneering & jeering at us & we're taking all like eunuchs.
More than losing the game, their words are making me furious.
Don't you know about my not temper.
Till that girl leaves lndian shores for America,
At any cost we mustn't turn attraction towards us.
Save all this temper and use it when the occasion arises.
Great Acid Batch!
Don't ever cross swords with Soda batch again.
What happened to them, buddy?
They never used to tolerate even a word of fun.
Do you think something really had happened in Kurnool?
Something must've happened in Kurnool.
l've alerted all city border check posts.
l've put on traffic police also on duty.
He can't escape from our trap.
We've handed over the case to the best officers in the Department.
What are you all doing?
ls your Police Department sleeping?
Or is it working?
He's sleeping & accusing the department.
Check every lane and bylane of Hyderabad.
l'm not able to beat to see to my brother,
Someone has eloped with my brother's future wife.- Not eloped, but kidnapped.
l don't know how you'll do it.
ln 24 hours, find the girl & finish him off.
Take it, change to this dress.
What happened to the girl's passport?
l don't want to hear all that crap manage it yourself.
l'll call you later.
l had kept my dress on the bed here, where's it?
What dress?
l had kept it here only.
Why do l find you always in my room?
Can't you use the bathroom of mother's bedroom?
lt was yellow dress. l had kept it here only.
You're stressing on yellow dress.
Did you promise anyone that you'll come in that dress?
Hey, you keep quiet.
This's my wardrobe. How many times do l've to tell you not to touch it?
Okay, l shouldn't touch it. That's all, isn't it?
Why did you shout like that?
To scare you.
Got scared, didn't you?
You went little over board.
Did you see? My dress.
lt's here only.
Have this juice.
ls your practicing going on well? - lt's going on well, mother.
Finish your juice and give me the glass.
l'll bring the glass...You go out. - You finish it first.
You go out, l'll bring it.
What's it, mother?
Move away.- What?
Come on, move l say.
Move...don't block my view.
What's it, mother?
Something is missing from this doll.
lt's a doll, isn't it? May be it's lifeless.
This is missing from it.- Mother!
Vermilion? l'll keep it. Give it to me.
Look, how beautiful it's now.
You must get such a beautiful wife.
Let's try it...Okay...Come ..Come...hold this glass.
l've brought a new cell phone.
l must hear your voice first in this SlM card.
That's why, leaving out Savithri, l've called you first.
l'll tell you my number, please take down.
Who're you all?
Come to the matter.
Oh! Are you a Sugar Patient?
No, jaggery patient, l may've anything. Why're you worried? Come to the point.
Matter is...his cousins' passport. - We'll send it by post.
That means, you'll not hand it over personally.- No.
Money is lying on the table, is it yours?
No, it's yours! Take it and put into your pockets.
Otherwise, police will come and take it.
500 kgs Laddus... 800 kgs Jilebis...
Will you take your sweet shop outside?
l'm expecting a call.
You come here.
You wait, man.
Then, you'll not give the passport personally.
Giving passport personally is against rules.
For God's sake.
Phone is very good.
What was his cell number?
What darling? Hey Tony!
lt's me, Shiva.
Where're you, man?
Look Shiva, my name is Subramanyam.
This isn't Tony's phone number, this is my phone.
This is not Tony's.
Tony's number must be having some other number.
Cut the line.
You call him.
Tony, trouble has erupted in old city.
Come quickly, bloody rascal we're waiting for you.
Hey man! My name is Subramanyam. l'm a passport officer, not Tony.
Someone had just called like this only. lnform them also.
He has cut the line. Now, it's Laddus' turn.
You call him.
Tony, it's me Feroze.
Hey, while coming home, bring 8 kgs of chicken.
Hey listen, if possible get a kilo of mutton also.
What's all this non-sense about chicken & mutton, bloody fools?
My name is Subramanyam. l'm a passport officer. Cut the call.
l'll now give the finishing touch.
Watch out.
l'm Tony speaking, did l get any phone calls?
Tony! Am l your personal telephone operator?
l'm a Passport Officer.
l bought a new cell phone.
One calls & says l'm Shiva.
Another calls up me to old city.
Another calls up and asks me to bring chicken & mutton.
Why're you torturing me like this?
lt isn't you who's torturing me? ...This cell phone.
This is torturing me.
lf l didn't have a cell phone.
Where's your passport? - lt's here only.
Take it...take all passports.
Here it is.
Your darlings' phone call.
Passport work is over. Now, it's time to get Visa.
Police have seized the Gypsy in which you brought Swapna from Kurnool.
What're we going to do now?
What're you boys doing here?
Seeing a crowd here... Curiosity brought us here.
What's there to see here? Go & practice your game.
Till now, we were practicing.
Don't just make empty promises about winning cups.
You must win & show it. Go & practice till you win the cup.
Sir, sniffer dogs are on the way.
Sniffer dogs mean...lt'll find smell, follow you to your home.
lf your father's comes to know this?
Swapna, it isn't safe to be here any more.
l think, we'll get caught. Come, let's go away from here.
Who's that Swapna?
Swapna? Who's Swapna?
Will you tell me about her? Or shall l tell father?
l beg of you, please don't tell anyone. - Okay, what's the matter?
Asha, who else do l've other than you?
Whether its elder or younger sister, its you only, isn't it?
Come to the point, brother. Who's this Swapna?
That is....
l'll follow all your orders.
lf you want occupy this room also.
Save me from this crisis.
You both go to the terrace immediately.
lf anyone comes in, l'll manage.
l think kidnapper is very clever. He has taken all precautions.
Sniffer dogs' efforts have also turned futile.
l feel he has left the Gypsy here to mislead us.
But, still don't give up your hopes.
lf you need, request Task Force's support also.
You never go home through right path, that saved you the day.
Buddy, dogs failed to find anything. - No clues were found.
The girl is safe, isn't she?
Didn't l warn you earlier your father is a dictator?
Not to keep that girl in your house.
We've been saved because police were mislead.
By the way, where's that girl?
Where're they?
Look there, come quickly.
Then, l'll take Swapna with me & finish the Visa work.
You keep track of National Games' proceedings.
Okay, buddy.
Didn't l tell you my brother had brought a girl from Kurnool?
This is that girl.
The dress she's wearing also mine, you know that?
Come, shake hands with her.
What's this? Do you think the girl is a doll?
Says how cute!
Why did you bring all your gang?
ls there anyone yet to know, have you finished telling the entire town?
You shut up.
Swapna, you don't worry we all are with you.
You come to school with us. - To school?
No need to be patient any more. Laddu.- Yes, buddy.
Take and buy them ice-creams, chocolates, Lollipops & Laddus also.
Come...Come girls...what do you want? Cadbury or Lollipop?
Don't you sell King Fishers and Bagpipers?
Okay, buy them that.
Come, Swapna.
Asha, come here.
Come...- l'll not come.
Stop, l say.
Hey brother, catch her.
Sister, stop.
Brother, run fast.
Mad fellows. - Brother, catch her.
Brother catch her. - Brother, catch me.
What might have happened?
May be she has remembered her own folks.
What shall we do, brother?
What day is today?
How can you know days & date?
Today, its Friday.
So, don't cry today.
lf you want, cry tomorrow.
Looks like you had cried yesterday also.
But, don't cry today.
Turn back and see.
So today, it's your birthday.
Blow it.
Lollipop, what're you watching? Offer her cake.
For whom did you bring this?
Sir, we must start the consecration also.
You take bath and come, sir.
You'll be dead next moment.
Now, he's in Love meditation.
He'll not take bath. You consecrate it with milk.
Milk...Milk... Consecrate it with Milk.
Yes, it's me Dhoondy.
Yes, what you heard is true. lt's that girls' idol only.
You heard about temple built for Amitabh in Kolkota & Kushbu in Tamil Nadu.
Obul Reddy is praying that girl like a Goddess.
Offerings? ls it Lord Sathyanarayana's prayer to offer offerings?
Don't spread this news. l'll cut the line now.
What's this sir, he's wasting 100 ltrs of Milk, 50 ltrs honey & 50 ltrs ghee.
He can give it to a poor man like me, can't he?
lf you go and give him this idea.
He'll drain out all your blood & consecrate the idol with it.
The problem isn't that.
The entire State is eagerly waiting, when he'll take bath.
Elder son.
Have you finished your meeting in A.C. Rooms?
How many more days will you keep on searching that girl?
He's going madder with every day passing.
l feel he'll turn into a stone praying madly.
This is turning to be a futile exercise.
Shall l get Lorry loads from Jammalamadugu & Allagadda?
They'll go on behead people, till they find that boy.
l'm giving you just one more day.
Find her, bloody fool! You follow me.
Did you hear that?
lf the matter goes to her, this will be the style.
You don't know about my mother.
C.M had offered me Ministry of Home after meeting her.
She'll do what she says, be careful. - You take this sir.
That girl's photo is in this, take it.
Oh! What's bad dream!
Who's this girl? Looks like new to this area.
This was the girl who was dancing with Ajay 2 days earlier.
Why is she coming out at this hour?
ls this girl having any connection with Ajay's change of heart?
Let's ask her.
What is Kurnool's code?
That side.
What's it? What're you doing here?
We came out for a tea.- Finished your tea, isn't it? Go...Go home.
Where's your home? - Near by only.
Come, l'll drop you. - No problem, l'll go myself.
My house is also nearby only. Come, l'll drop you and go.
You go now and come back early morning.
l never saw you in this street.
We've come here recently.
Uncle, l'll go.
This area isn't that safe, no problem. l'll drop you at home.
This is my house.- This one?
Yes. l'll go now, uncle.
l had come up to here. Come, l'll hand over you to your people & go.
This boy?
Would you please give me some water?
Looks like he's a sticky fellow. He's not leaving me.
Please come in.
Please come in.... Please sit down.
Please, give him company.
You keep talking to each other, l'll get water for you.
She's...his younger sister.
Correct uncle! Hey, greet uncle.
Greetings, uncle.
l'll get water for you.
Who's this girl? - lt seems she's his fiancee.
lt seems she's her sister-in-law.
What're you to her, then? - Mother-in-law.
What's all this meeting prospective bride at night?
Stop feeling shy.
She's beautiful even when l see her with sleepy eyes.
What've you studied?
Do you know to sing & dance? You might be knowing it all.
My mother-in-law talks very funnily.
What's all this meeting prospective bride?
Marriage is nearing
What's all this?
Have you fixed the marriage without informing me?
They had informed me also, just now.
Hello, why isn't the groom saying anything?
Sir, will you marry here or in your father-in-law's place?
Why do you want to know all that?
l mean, why do you want to know it now?
Poor uncle, l think he has plenty of leisure time.
He's sticking around here without going to his home.
He asked for water... lf l give...he'll go...
Give me your hand.
Can't you help me without standing & watching fun?
Not me.....help him.
You had to face unnecessarily problems in your home also for me.
lt's quite common to me. You don't worry about it.
Looks like National games are also fast approaching.
You don't seem to be practicing also.
For the present, l don't have one goal, but two goals.
To send you to America and win the cup.
Where am l to hide you?
l must hide you secretly like Sorcerer hiding Princess in a one pillar palace.
Come here.
Oh God! l'm getting crazy ideas. - What ideas?
Do you feel like presenting the crescent moon to me?
l feel like scratching my back with it.
Don't know what magical effect you've created on me?
lt's good....what next?
Just a minute...
Do you feel cold?- No.
Give me your chunni.
Give me, l'm feeling cold.
Magic? Did l do?
Don't know what magical effect, you've created on me?
Oh Heart! tell me the truth.
Suddenly, l feel asleep.
Song is over?
Looks like day is breaking in.
By the way, l forgot to tell you, your visa is ready.
Your flight is scheduled at tomorrow afternoon.
Yes sir, we saw her.
The man you're searching Ajay is non other than S.P. Vijay Verma's son.
He lives in old city area.
Yes sir, very near to Charminar.
l think he'll now take bath.
Hey, search everywhere. He'll be somewhere here only.
Come out.
Do you know in whose house you're creating trouble?
Don't ask me that question. Ask your son, he'll answer.
He'll say father, l've eloped with his fiancee, he might've come for her.
l don't have any interest in anything other than a girl's body.
For the first time, in my life, l fell in love.
l've become mad for her. She has mesmerized me.
l can't see anything else.
l can see only that girl and your son, who eloped with her.
l'll see his end.
Brother, there's a secret way out from the room.
Hey, this area is very good.
On one side, l feel like eating a sweet betel leaf from my lover Swapna.
Another side, l feel like behead your son and hang it on the Charminar.
DCP, you might have seen communal clashes here.
Beheading people of our caste.
You might've not seen rivers of flood flowing into Thungabhadra river.
l'm giving you one more day's time.
lf you don't hand over your son and my fiancee, l'll kill...
What're you watching?
These father & son are cheats. Beware of them.
He has eloped with my lover.
You'll get punished for their mistake.
l'll not beat anyone. l'll kill.
Come on, boys.
Are tickets reserved? - Yes.
Reporting time is exactly at 3.20 P.M.
Ajay, situation is very serious.
Obul Reddy has warned your father to hand over you & Swapna in 24 hrs.
Buddy, your father called us to Police station & interrogated.
Though we hoarsely cried we don't know, he never cared.
Beat us also.
On one side Police & Obul Reddy's men on the other side.
They've swarmed all over the city.
Our area is out of bounds for us.
Leave alone taking her to the Airport.
Even going out of this neighbourhood is also impossible.
l suspect they're watching all our movements.
They've influence in the higher echelons of power.
l don't have any doubts over it. We'll be careful.
Keep these with you.
Leave this place quietly, as strangers.
Give me information about their movements.
We'll meet again in the Airport at 3 PM.
That girl must leave this place, at any cost.
l feel very sad on hearing about leaving us.
We had come closer in a short period of time.
What're you going to study in America?
Don't know! l must decide after reaching there.
When will you come again?
Don't know.
Will you come back?
Don't know.
Can't you continue your studies here only?
What? Are you making her to cry?
When she's going to foreign to study. What's your problem?
Do you want a lollipop?
Not only me, even she's crying.
You see this.
Do you also want a lollipop?
That's your talent. You can make anyone to cry.
What about your talent, then? ls it not to understand anyone?
No, to remain an enigma.
l mean, l'm going way, ain't l? Aren't you feeling sad?
Why should l? lt's a happy news.
l feel very sad.
To leave you, your house, your people & friends.
l'm not able to go away.
Then, l'm also feeling sad. You're going away, aren't you?
There'll be no more chases, tensions and adventures.
But, l'll get the National Cup.
ls it necessary to discuss all this in these tense moments?
Your clothes are in this bag.
l think you didn't eat anything last night also.
There're some eatables also in it. Change quickly & come down.
We must escape from here before the security guards change for duty.
Buddy, phone.
We're in a fix. Police have found your hiding place.
What happened, buddy?
Buddy, there's only one hour for the reporting time.
You take Asha and leave this place immediately.
Surrender yourself!
You've been surrounded by Police. You can't escape from them.
Ajay, you don't have any other option. Surrender.
What day is today?- Friday.
l'm not crying, am l?
Great joke!
What's going to happen here every Friday at 1 .45 PM?
You can watch it in few minutes.
Sit down.
Ajay, police are after you.
Sir, it's time for Muslims to offer prayers, they're going for it.
lt's highly sensitive area.
lf you fire at them and if any untoward incident happens...
Then, go & search them.
Kurnool goons are behind you, watch out!
Ajay, Obul Reddy's men are waiting at Patel Market.
Police is also there.
You take to Pattargatti Road.
Tell me, what's it?
Hold on the line for a moment.
Hold this.
Give me. Give it to me.
Now, tell me.
A van is ready near Begumpet Bus stop.
Don't take the risk of travelling long distance on a bike.
Swapna, come & sit.
Don't get tensed up. You'll go away safely.
How much time do we still have for reporting?
40 minutes.
40 M l N U T E S!
Okay, 40 M l N U T E S. What do you want?
l want to eat that.
Pani pouri? Have you gone crazy? lt's getting late for the flight.
We've 40 minutes, haven't we?
Finish it quickly.
Boy, serve her quickly. - Yes sir.
No, nearby only.
We'll be there in another 15 minutes.
Okay. There's absolutely no tension.
A girl was standing here, where's she?
She finished eating and went that side only.
Where did you go away?
Here only...to shop!
ls it time to shop?
Will you go away without informing me?
Do you know how tensed l had been?
You don't seem have the tension which l've. ls it me or you, who's going?
For you.
You missed a match because of me.
As a remembrance from me, wishing you to win National Cup this time.
Knee Cap.
ls it the time for it?
Okay, come.
Swapna, in few hours from now, you'll be....
You've a feeling of void and a little disappointment, haven't you?
Your face is giving in.
l don't want you to go with that feeling.
So, l've a little surprise for you.
You had accused me of not able to understand a woman's heart, hadn't you?
Look at there.
My child Swapna!
lt isn't good for them to stay here for a long time.
Go and drop them.
Swapna, it's time for your flight.
Swapna, this is your passport.
Take the boarding pass after going inside.
Since, yours is a student visa, there won't be much formalities.
Your certificates & balance money are in this.
Will you buy clothes on reaching there? Okay?
l forgot something.
Oh! l've got it.
l talked to your uncle last night.
They'll come to the Airport to pick you up.
l've written their phone numbers here, okay?
No confusion, isn't it?
Will you call back on reaching there?
Call your father. They'll be relieved to hear you.
Will you travel carefully? You're not a small girl, are you?
Time is up, get inside.
Give me the bike keys.
We must start practice immediately, we'll go to the ground.
Come on, get going.
Swapna, come & sit.
For you only.
l can't go away leaving you.
l'm not able to go.
l want you.
l feel like spending all my life with you.
l can't cheat myself and go away.
lf you're with me, l'll not be afraid of anyone.
l can't say any more.
l want you.
Take him away.
l told you not to get involved in unnecessary trouble.
Did you hear my advice?
At last! What have you achieved?
You reached up to the finals of State level championship.
To help someone you gave up the game and cheated us.
Later, you said you'll play for the Nationals.
What happened?
Tomorrow night it's Finals for National Cup.
And you're here, behind the bars.
Aren't you ashamed?
Aunt, how do l look?
lf l say, l think you'll hold my hand.
You said it right.
l feel you'll cast an evil eye on my son.
Whether you behead anyone or comb your hair.
You're like your father.
Stop feeling handsome. Try to bring that girl to your way.
Shouldn't we make her a bride?
lsn't your marriage at 1 1 P.M. tomorrow night?
To keep her away from committing suicide.
Try to win her heart. Go.
What's this? l thought you'll be crying?
But you're eating country chicken.
Why should l cry?
Yes, l can't bear to see you cry, can l?
Will you eat this leg piece for me? - No. l've finished.
What gift do you want for our marriage?
l'll ask my husband & tell you.
Your husband?- Yes, that man only.
One who's smart. Don't you remember him?
That day in Kurnool.
...ln Konda Reddy Burge centre.
Beating you black & blue. One who had taken me.
Forgot him?
ls it?
l left him since he appeared like a young boy.
But, he's now caught.
By now he would've got admitted into some hospital.
Oh Reddy! Why would he be in some hospital?
One who could take me from you in our town.
Can't he come here?
He'll come.
He'll take me along with him. He'll marry me.
You can also come & bless us.
Do you've so much faith in him?
l was with him all these days. Don't l know his capacity?
l planned to have atleast one woman after marriage.
Situation isn't favourable to me.
Hey, come here.
Come here, l'll show you my capacity.
Capacity...Capacity.- Leave me.
He's always like this.
He can't stop himself once he gets into the mood.
You all go to your rooms and close the doors.
You go ahead, son. - Come....Come....
Where're you going away?
You wanted to see my capacity, didn't you?
Come, l'll show you my manliness. - Leave me.
You're thinking its manliness to enjoy a woman against her wish.
That isn't manliness.
A woman must desire a man on her own.
l desire Ajay like that. He's a real man.
lf you've guts.
lf you're really a man.
You win over him & marry me.
Then, l'll accept you as a man.
lf it happens, l'll become your wife.
Before that, if you marry me forcibly like a coward.
Even if you touch me.
lt won't be you, who'll appear before me.
Oh! the bride is feeling shy.
Let her feel, later on there won't be anything to feel shy.
l want him.
A case has been booked on him.
l had complained against him.
l'm withdrawing my complaint.
l want him.
DCP, are you worried about your son?
l'm not worried about my son. l'm worried about you.
What's this? The girl there & your father here.
...Are praising you to the hilt.
Are you such a great man?
That girl had openly challenged me.
She promised to marry me if l win over you.
So, l'm thinking of killing you and marry her.
Do you've a cigarette?
l think, he knows he's going to die.
His last wish, give him a cigarette.
Wow! A great place! Stop the vehicle.
Boys! Take out your weapons.
Come boys.
He had escaped in Kurnool.
Now, take away any part you like from his body.
Did you see classical film 'Patala Bhairavi'?
l had seen it 10 times.
ln that film, Sorcerer plans behead Thota Ramudu.
But Thota Ramudu beheads the Sorcerer. - ls it?
Then, am l the Sorcerer & he the Thota Ramudu?
But, it is impossible here. You're surrounded my men.
lt's my men, who're surrounding them.
Any man wearing a white dress isn't a factionist.
This isn't Kurnool. This's old city.
Cover him up with this.
Tonight, we're winning the National Cup.
Then, what about Swapna?
lf the groom is here. How'll she get married?
What shall we do with him?
Bring him to the Stadium. He'll watch, our match.
ln few moments from now match between Andhra Pradesh & Punjab will begin.
Spectators are welcoming the players with thundering ovation.
lt's brother, man.
You must definitely win the National Cup.
As a remembrance for you.
Andhra Pradesh Team's captain Ajay will take the first bow.
Starting an assault on the opponents on the left side.
He's trying to force his way into by breaking the cordon.
With great acumen, trying to forge ahead.
True! Obul Reddy isn't in the Marriage hall.
Any news?
l've called everyone l know. l'm waiting for reply.
Hey! Ramulamma.- What?
Where's Reddy?
Which Reddy?
That one....Your son.
Bride groom. ...Obul Reddy.
Where's he?
lt's getting late for the marriage.
Priest.- Madam.
Make her recite hymns. - Yes, madam.
Score is Punjab - 28 and Andhra Pradesh - 23
Andhra Pradesh is behind Punjab.
Punjab players have caught him.
They're pushing him behind.
Ajay of Andhra Pradesh is disappointed.
Come here...Come....
You? Where're you calling from?
Madam, Jr.Boss's phone.
Where're you?
Your brother is searching entire town for you.
lt's getting late for the marriage. Come here immediately.
l'm not coming there, you bring her here.
She'll see herself who's a real man.
You haven't gone mad, have you?
Look, everyone have assembled here. lt won't be good.
You come here immediately and marry her.
We'll take care of him later.
Yuck, bloody woman. How could l be born as your son?
The girl who challenged my manliness.
How can l marry her like a eunuch?
Bring her here.
Bloody, l'll show her the manliness of Rayalaseema.
Marriage isn't here....there.
Punjab is safely in winning position with higher points.
To bring victory to Andhra with great support & applause from spectators.
Ajay takes to the field.
Punjab players are persistent to win by catching Ajay.
Ajay, do it.
We must decide between ourselves, who's the real man.
Hey, l'm telling you confidently win over him.
Play a game of Kabaddi with him.
Call DGP on phone & tell him every policeman must be here.
You would be better sleeping, if you're awake, you'll do like this only.
Yes, how can you forget that we're between people?
What's this playing politics?
You'll not be able to do it.
Move...l'll decide it myself. Move...- Mother....
Hey! Foolish Dog Don't bring it.
Oh my God!
Throw it away. Don't bring it.
Throw it away.
Oh my God.
Throw it away.
Hey, take out my weapon.
You've lost your mother and also your brother.
lf you get tensed up, you'll lose your position.
Take it as everything had happened in your sleep.
Oh! l'm getting crazy ideas. - What ideas?
l feel like presenting you that moon.- No...
You're with me, aren't you? That's enough.