HOW TO: Setting up and using Ipredator on Windows 7

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Hey guys, so today I'm going to show you how to set up a Ipredator on your windows
seven pc. For those you who do not know what Ipredator is
it's a vpn service created by
the creators of the pirate bay
it costs around fifteen euros every three months
and that equates to around twenty two dollars us
so let's get started
okay in order to use Ipredator
you're going to want to go to your internet browser
open up the Ipredator website which is i
and you're going to want to create an account
and like i said the cost is about fifteen euros every three months if you're
in europe and around twenty two US dollars every three months if you're in
and after you sign up
we can get started in setting up
your internet connection through your network settings
now that you've set up your username and password on the Ipredator website 0:01:03.840,0:01:06.190you're going to want to hit start 0:01:06.190,0:01:08.460now click on control panel
and go to network and internet
click on network and sharing center
and then click on the set up a new connection or network 0:01:19.840,0:01:22.560hit connect to a work place
and then use my internet connection
under internet address you're going to put in Ipredators internet
addresses. In this case it's pptp.
destination name you're going to name Ipredator
i'm going to name mine ipredator2 just because i already have my connection
established and i want to
be able to tell the difference between the two
and hit don't connect now
here you're going to put your username and password that you created on the 0:01:57.710,0:02:03.840ipredator website
hit remember this password if you want to
and keep the domain box blank
click create
now it's going to ask you if you want to connect now and0:02:16.599,0:02:20.130 do not click that because you haven't set up your 0:02:20.130,0:02:21.599adapter settings yet
so click close
okay and now you're going to want to go to change adapter settings
and find your ipredator
right-click on it and click properties 0:02:37.529,0:02:40.219and this will bring up the properties box
make sure that the hostname or ip address of the destination 0:02:44.330,0:02:49.019is ipredators address. If it's not you can just re-enter it now
and when you're done with that
click on options
uncheck include windows logon domain
and under re-dialling options you can set the redial attempts to
and the time between redial attempts to one second 0:03:04.919,0:03:06.079,0:03:11.199 next click on ppp settings and make sure that enable LCP extensions
is checked
and then move on to security 0:03:15.619,0:03:21.469under the type of vpm you're going to want to click on the
point-to-point tunneling protocol
and click on maximum strength encryption 0:03:28.139,0:03:33.129you're going to want to uncheck challenge handshake authenticication
and click on networking
under here you're gonna uncheck everything except for the ipv4
connection. Ipredator currently doesn't
support ipv6 0:03:48.629,0:03:52.919but on their website it says in late two thousand twelve
they're supposedly going to allow people to use it
next move on to the sharing tab
and make sure that 0:04:02.519,0:04:04.699 the box that says 0:04:04.699,0:04:08.149that you can allow other network users to connect is unchecked
and now press ok
now that we finished editing our adapter settings for our ipredator connection
we can go down to the start bar
go over to your little network icon
and under dialup and vpn there should be an ipredator
connection type
you should click on that and click connect
and when the screen comes up it's going to show your username and password which
are already answered
because we've done that earlier in the video
if it's not, you can enter it now and if you want to save the username and password to 0:04:44.759,0:04:48.310only yourself you can click on this right here
and once you've done that just hit connect
and this might take from ten to thirty-seconds depending on your
internet connection and as you can see i've connected successfully
and in order to double-check that you can go down to the start bar and click on your network
and it shows right here that i am connected to my Ipredator
after we've successfully connected we can
open up our web browser
go to
in this case were not only going to use it to see how fast connection speed
but as you can see it's showing that our IP is located
in sweden
so let's start the test and see how the connection is
okay so this is showing that our ping is a hundred seventy six milli0:06:13.769,0:06:16.860 seconds which is obviously not very good
but that's to be expected when you're accessing an overseas server
it shows the internet speed - or the internet download speed, sorry
is eight point eight four mega bits per seconds, which isn't extremely bad and our upload speed is
point nine one megabits per second
this is pretty good
in the case that
by ipredator only runs off of one location
and one location server
so all the traffic from everyone accessing this vpn is running through a single
and so
with that in mind these internet speeds are actually pretty good 0:06:57.909,0:07:02.080al right guys thanks for watching my video and if you like, be sure to hit the like bar
down on the bottom right
and my next video should be
showing how to use ipredator with
the Vuze bit torrent client
so thanks again and i'll talk to you guys later .