HOW TO: Add subtitles to YouTube videos!

Uploaded by bluecandylover on 14.09.2008

Hi all.
This is my blog, to explain to everyone how you can add subtitles to your YouTube videos.
So basically, this does not require alot of work
You can do it after you've made your video and uploaded it.
So. If you've already got your video uploaded onto YouTube
and you wanted to add some subtitles, don't worry
it's a simple procedure and it's not gonna take too much hard work for you to do.
Basically, you need to download a peice of software unless your very clever
and know how to code it using notepad and everything.
But for us, basic YouTubers I recommend you use a program called DivxLand Media Subtitler
Which is freeware software, and it's in the description bar at the side where you can download it
and it's freeware, it's not bloatware and wont slow down your computer or anything.
So it's not too bad.
So once you've recorded your video, I recommend you to
Open your video with this program called DivxLand Media Subtitler
And load up Notepad (Windows users, sorry other system users).
Thats the best way doing it.
And each time you want a new part to come up you write it on a new line.
But if it's a multible lined, subtitle to get one a new line
you can use the line which I will show you on the subtitles for this video (above)
Right, you type out, on this Notepad your subtitles with the new subtitle going on a new line.
Then you open it, By going to File >> Open Text or Subtitle
and you find the subtitle which is what every you named it .txt
and you open it. When you've opened it,
you'll see on the side all your subtitles.
So, you click play, on your video.
And you click apply and hold it in for when you want it
the subtitle to show and how long.
So, if your saying "hi", you'll probably say it for 1 second
and you hold it down for 1 second.
Or however long you said "Hi" for, as you could of said it for like 5 seconds if it's a really slow "hi" of course.
Once you've finished that that sentence or word, you let go and when ever you say a new sentence
you for how long you want that to show the text.
Hope I can show you this a bit better.
When I've finished editing, because it might sound a bit awkward.
This is my audition for 7Waysoflife.
Okay lets get down to the ASL part.
I am 19.
Well I'm... do I look female? Hm?
No! I'm male.
And I am from Newcastle, In the United Kingdom.
Uhm Uhm Uhm
About me, What can I bring?
One thing I have noticed about the 7waysoflife is I think personally, it's lacking a bit of europeaness!?!
when you've finished.
You click File >> Save As
and you save it as a SubRip (SRT)
and erm that usually the first one that comes on the list, so
thats the one YouTube accepts
and thats the one I recommend as well.
So once you clicked "OK" it will ask you to save the file somewhere on your computer.
You can save it anywhere as long as you know where you saved it of course.
And then you go onto your YouTube and click on the video you want to subtitle and click edit and click Captions And Subtitles.
and it will give you a chance to upload it.
and you can click English, add another name (or language) if you want to.
This is good if you can speak multible languages and want
to upload a subtitle in a different langauge so more people
can watch it OR, basically if you want to do what
I am doing, if you want to subtitle some of your videos
so that some people who are hard of hearing or deaf, can probably hopefully
enjoy the videos aswell.
Yup so I am gonna finish this now And try and edit this together so that it will be easier to understand
and hopefully subtitle this too.
Hopefully you will enjoy this video and hopefully subtitle your own
video so more people have access and watch your videos
Because imagine if you were deaf or hard of hearing and you you wanted to watch YouTube videos are you relied on
lip read, not always reliable.
But thats my recommendation for what you can use it for
theres other things like music videos, as long as you
own the copyright of course.
But this is my video and I'm over and out.