THE LION KING - Paris - A Makeup Supervisor's Perspective

Uploaded by DisneyOnBroadway on 07.07.2009

Let me tell you a wonderful story, as eloquently told by wise men.
Theater make-up is very different from television or film make-up.
People must be able to see it from the very back of the arena,
that's why we purposely exaggerate the actors' features.
This is the make-up room, an hour before the show.
Each role requires 45 minutes of make-up.
The make-up is very colorful, very elaborate,
which is necessary to give the actors an animal look.
The director's work is based on the animal/human duality
that we must transcribe on the actors' faces.
The character of Scar has one of the most complicated make-ups
because it's asymmetric.
A single eyebrow is disproportionately raised to indicate his cruelty.