Developing healthcare assistants into nurses

Uploaded by TheOpenUniversity on 15.05.2009

Within the NHS, there is a large number of healthcare assistants
who are superb care-givers.
They have all the essential skills
but they have nowhere to go to develop that
to be able to give more.
It gives people he chance.
It doesn't judge them on their past academics, successes,
or non-successes.
When I was offered a place on the course,
I was so excited.
I really wanted to be a nurse
but I couldn't find the best way of doing it,
being in the situation I was with children, a mortgage.
But I don't think I would have trained
had the Open University not been accessible.
Throughout the four years I've been training,
they've given me so much support
and I even got nominated for the Nurse of the Year Award.
The are two different ways that nurses can train
to become qualified nurses enriches our nursing profession.
The academic support is there,
the emotional support is there,
the psychological support is there
and they're always at the end of a phone.
I would sum up the course programme in three words,
which are exciting, challenging and rewarding.
Because we receive the course material at home,
we study and then every two months, we have a little teaching session.
When you have HCR background, then you know what you're doing.
You know the environment, you know what you're expected to do.
I'm feeling very excited to be a nurse.
I'm waiting for my course result and I can't wait!
I would say to any HCR who's thinking of becoming a nurse,
to go out there, look at the programme.
At the end of four years, they will be a registered nurse
and they will come out with the same qualifications
and they will join the nursing profession.
Really hearty congratulations
and well done for doing the course and qualifying.
Thank you.
I'd like to say to the Open University
a big thank you for trying out this course
because I knew it was pretty new when I started it.
To see them develop from a healthcare assistant into a nurse
when I see them on in the wards in their nurse's uniform,
I feel so proud.