Paying Metro Transit fares

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Once you've planned your trip,
you're ready to hop on.
The cost of your trip depends on the time of day,
type of service you select and with Northstar,
the distance you travel.
Fares for buses and light rail are slightly higher
during rush hour periods in the morning and
late afternoon on weekdays.
Express buses use highways to get from point to point,
and operate most frequently during morning and evening rush hours.
Express buses have a slightly higher fare.
People ages 65 and older and those with a Medicare card
can ride at a reduced fare outside of rush hours.
Deeply discounted fares are available to
customers with disabilities.
Proper identification is required.
Children ages six to twelve
also pay a reduced fare outside of rush hours.
Children age five and under ride free
on all routes, including Northstar.
Disabled veterans can ride buses and trains for free
on all regular route service with a valid veteran’s photo ID card
that has the "service-connected" or SC symbol.
Bus and light rail trips within Downtown Zones
cost fifty cents anytime of the day.
Northstar Line fares are based on the distance of your commute.
A one-way weekday ticket for the longest Northstar ride
between Big Lake and downtown Minneapolis
is seven dollars,
with the fare the lowest between stations.
A one-way weekend fare between Big Lake and
downtown Minneapolis is
five dollars and twenty-five cents.
Customers with disabilities pay a reduced fare
at all times on Northstar,
with a maximum fare of one dollar and seventy-five cents.
People ages 65 and older, children ages six to twelve,
and individuals holding Medicare cards
pay that same reduced fare on weekends.